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  1. In stock here: https://www.very.co.uk/playstation-5-playstation-5-console-with-optional-extras/1600485230.prd
  2. If the same applies for Gloom of Kilforth then I'd be interested in that!
  3. Reminder that today is the final day of this (until 7pm)
  4. Question for anyone who has started: What is the character length for the town (or island) name?
  5. I think the eavesdropping is done out of IRIS mode?
  6. The bundle did show up in Argos again a few weeks ago and has just dropped in price by £20. If you can find stock then this is likely the last chance to pick this up new and at <£55.
  7. Forum favourite Super Hexagon is currently free.
  8. I'd agree. It was rewarding just trying to create something worth posting in this thread and seeing what everyone else did.
  9. Picking up £20 worth of Lego for £10 was enough incentive for me to give this a go. I'm usually an Emmet with Lego and only build sets following the instructions, so this is my first real attempt at a MOC. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to make the most of the limited parts selection and I've become quite attached to this little guy in the time I've spent putting him together.
  10. So, what is the Streetpass functionality in this then? I've only had one Pokemon Streetpass hit since starting and it only seemed to give me some pokemiles from it. Surely there must be more than just that given how much care has been put into the rest of the online features?
  11. Not seen it mentioned here yet, but Nintendo are not releasing the 2DS in Japan. I think this show their faith in it - it really is just a cheap thing for us stingy foreigners.
  12. There's still been no full explanation for the apparent recent spate of xbox accounts being hijacked. However, knowing an email address (even without knowing the gamertag) is half the infomation needed to get full access to an account through xbox.com (with seemingly unlimited guesses at the password ). The email addresses exposed in the VG+ hack are almost certain to belong to gamers and so may be of keen interest to people trying to hack xbox live accounts. As a precaution, I have created a new MS passport account and switched my gamertag over to it. Info here: http://support.xbox.com/en-G
  13. I was having the recent issue with the orange light at front not going off when fully charged, but the new system update this week has fixed that. However, I am not getting a blue light for the Spotpass updates (on the Pokedex). It does go green for Streetpass hits and red when running out of power. Is my blue light broken?
  14. Another shout out for Scribblenauts. My 3 year old son loves messing around on the title screen, creating objects and dropping them on top of each other. A great introduction to letters and words, I started him on CAR and CAT but he can now spell JETPACK by himself. It was fantastic watching him crack up with laughter as he spawned loads of TVs and tried stacking them in a tower. He also enjoys Mario Kart Wii and Lego Batman.
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