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  1. “To avoid further suggestions of impropriety, the investigation has been outsourced to an independent assessor.”
  2. Was Verstappen actually allowed to be alongside before they crossed the line, or does the “must stay behind” rule stop applying when the pedal goes down?
  3. I think he’d need five if either LeClerc or Perez is finishing second in every race, but I may well have got that wrong!
  4. I thought it was supposed to be that way, but couldn’t remember which way they’d clarified it.
  5. The Disney Plus series tend to add up to more “long movie” length. Makes me wonder if most of the stories started life intended for the big screen and then got re-jigged for their new home.
  6. Yeah, I thought it was confirmed the final two seasons were both delayed and rushed because the showrunners wouldn’t give up creative control despite having largely lost interest; they wanted to concentrate on other things, so we waited longer than usual to get shorter series, whilst HBO really wanted those final two series (of seven and six episodes respectively) to be three series with the normal 10 episodes a piece.
  7. I think throughout the family history there’s been a begrudging acknowledgment that it isn’t really a good idea, mixed with “but keeping the Targaryen look is important for the whole We’re Closer To Gods Than Men angle”, with some favouring one side more than the other.
  8. Didn’t notice one, but I think that sort of thing can be used to identify the source of people putting stuff on streaming sites etc; a unique pattern of flashing on every Sky box so they know exactly who’s responsible.
  9. Framed #147 https://framed.wtf I knew I’d seen it from frame one, couldn’t work out what I was looking at!
  10. Wordle 410 X/6* I think I’m out after getting “one of those words”ed two days in a row (but will probably back as usual when the baby wakes up for his feed in the early hours ).
  11. Framed #141 https://framed.wtf
  12. Yeah. Someone still hoping for a shot at a championship one day is going to have a much higher tolerance for shit cars than a guy who’s won four.
  13. I watched this not all that long ago but didn’t realise until frame 6, and even then after looking through a list of the actor’s films I still couldn’t get it!
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