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  1. Thanks, stopped by to sell my peaches
  2. Yeah. When you first started and they were trading out of Nook’s tent, open 24/7, I was pleased they’d lifted the restriction, but then the proper shop opened
  3. I’m thinking I’ll get six months or so out of the big name Disney classics and watching all the Marvel movies again, but after that will probably cancel and just occasionally resubscribe for a month at a time for new Star Wars series. I can’t really see myself getting into too much else.
  4. It looked great to me (sat about 7’ from a 720 43” inch plasma, through an Xbox One). I couldn’t see where extra quality could come from on my set-up. I assume you’re on fancier kit?
  5. If you dig them up with a shovel instead of picking them you can then plant (at least with normal flowers, don’t know if secret island flowers are something different!).
  6. I'm firing up my 3DS game for the first time in about three years. I have a feeling it won't be pretty... Hmm, actually not as bad as I thought! The weed situation is no worse than leaving it for a week or so, only one person has moved out, and my bank account has increased by about 25% thanks to a giant interest payment If I play hard for the rest of the week I can probably pay off my final Tom Nook mortgage before it all starts again on the Switch!
  7. Looks kinda like they only cancelled when they did because their hand was forced; I saw Mercedes announced they were packing up and going home regardless five minutes before the race cancellation was announced.
  8. Less than two and a half hours until practice one, so there must be fans at the track and teams hard at work in the garages already, just in case it is still going ahead.
  9. Calling it off entirely is the right decision really, even if ignoring the health risks and just thinking about the racing. Making it a non-championship race would give all the other teams valuable testing which McLaren wouldn’t get, and would probably also involve a load of gamesmanship not quite resulting in a proper race anyway, with the title contenders not wanting to show their full hand in something which doesn’t count.
  10. I suppose it will go that the FIA will compensate the tracks if they want the race to go ahead, but if they don’t then they’ll refuse to pay out and use “it’s the tracks’s fault it’s cancelled, not ours!” as an excuse to shift blame.
  11. I’d have thought they did change the 2021 rule in response to Merc approaching them with “we’re planning this for next year...”. Seems odd to do so otherwise, and if the other teams were really on the ball they could have picked up that someone had spotted something new there.
  12. I guess those who fancy themselves as championship contenders kind of have to in case it does make a huge difference, but the rest probably won’t bother in case it doesn’t.
  13. The grey areas are what the designers live for. Adrian Newey says new technical regulation day is like Christmas morning as a kid, and he loves nothing more than poring over them to work out the difference between what they’re intended to mean and what they actually say.
  14. One thing I like about booking online for Vue is they tell you the exact time the film finishes on the payment confirmation screen, so you can then use the runtime to workout exactly when it’s going start - instead of being stuck with the usual “Listed as 8pm, which means it could be anything from 8:15 to 8:40 depending on how many advert they’ve managed to get” - and can plan the final pre-show wee accordingly.
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