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  1. I’d think almost everyone knows of Charles Manson and that there were some murders, but not that many people outside America know too much beyond that. Clearly a lot of people don’t know enough to realise what’s going on in the film, even to the extent of realising it’s the Manson Family and not just a group of weird hippies.
  2. I get the impression that the whole Manson family thing is deeply embedded enough into American culture that everyone there knows at least the basics, but it could certainly have done with something of an intro or additional voiceover for international audiences (I was the only one out of the three I went with who actually knew what was going on at the ranch scenes etc, Sharon Tate’s relevance to the film and how it was all set to end).
  3. How does the analysis visor work to scan minerals etc now? I thought it was just hold down the left trigger (on x box) but that no longer seems to work. Haven’t played since October though! edit: never mind, just got it! l and then r!
  4. Right after Hamilton overtook Bottas they said on tv (something along the lines of) “Max’s prayers have been answered thanks to that battle between the Mercedes letting him get away cleanly” and my first thought was that his prayers would definitely have had involved Bottas staying in front, because then he’d have had the chance to disappear off into the distance properly.
  5. It would have been much slower and far more dangerous to do a whole lap (would probably have been penalised for that too). It would be sensible to let the rules differentiate between “drove past it and crashed past it”, but I guess it’s such a rare scenario they never thought about implementing it.
  6. Bottas was going slow as fuck before the crash anyway and letting Max get away, so he already had it won unless Hamilton could get past ASAP.
  7. Especially after they gave the Ferrari a non-punishment for the unsafe release.
  8. I think any decision about a head to head battle which will clearly affect the win (or indeed any spot on the podium) needs to be as close to instant as possible - and certainly before the race ends - so the driver who loses out has a chance to do something about it and the fans know how things stand when the cars cross the line. We can wait until after the race to find out if someone will be dropped from 9th to 10th for an unsafe pit release on the guy running in 14th, but in this situation they should have been deciding within a lap or two about whether or not Max had to give the place back, and if a decision couldn’t be reached that quickly then let it slide. I’d essentially say if something needs to be looked at in great detail rather than being a clear and obvious infringement that makes it a racing incident
  9. So I guess now it will be the Ferrari disappearing as Bottas underperforms just well enough to stop Hamilton getting past to actually make a race of it for victory.
  10. In different circumstances - wet track, mechanical issue or Hamilton pushing him off the track to any degree - “I had no control as I rejoined” would have been a valid excuse, but a pure error on his part in dry conditions meant, as NevixRed said, the answer to what else he could have done is not tried to take the corner too fast and cocked up in the first place.
  11. I don’t think he was in danger if he hadn’t gone off the track, but once he had he only kept the place because he rejoined the track in a manner which gave Lewis the option of “brake or crash”. The question is whether or not “I wasn’t in control of the car as it rejoined” is a valid excuse. The stewards decided not.
  12. That would have still been evasive action being the only thing letting Vettel keep the lead. Perhaps rephrase it as he only kept the place because of the way he came back onto the track, regardless of whether or not he was in full control of the car at the time.
  13. I guess it’s because he only kept the place because he forced Hamilton to take evasive action, regardless of whether or not the car was under his control at the time.
  14. Indeed. He only kept the place cos he cut off Hamilton, but equally there was nothing else he could have done.
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