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  1. I wonder what prompted it now? Seems weird to announce it after years of seemingly doing bugger all anyway, instead of just maintaining the status with the possibility they might do something again sometime. Perhaps they’d been working on something and realised the spark had gone.
  2. I’ve always had a natural aversion to anything super popular, but over the years I’ve learnt that more often than not there’s at least some justification behind so many people liking it.
  3. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Kangaskhan! Finally completed the first part of the Pokédex!
  4. Ok, just watched the original and it turns out I watched a version with the alternative ending edited in. That’s why it seemed the same Thought seemed a bit cheesy at the time!
  5. I only watched it a couple of weeks ago, but can’t remember at all now that differs from the actual ending
  6. MrPogo

    Great CD Revival

    I’m definitely keeping a core collection of favourites, along with all the limited edition and signed stuff, but I’m very stuck on what to do with the rest. I probably should try discogs and very much price to sell, but would rather have a swift bulk solution!
  7. MrPogo

    Great CD Revival

    Currently wondering what to do with my collection, as I just can’t justify the space anymore (boxes and boxes!). I have several thousand that have all been ripped over the years, and I literally never look at the discs. They average about 30p a disc for the stuff Music Magpie will take (which seems to be about a quarter), so I’m pondering just keeping the discs (and maybe booklets and tray liners too) and binning the cases so it takes up a more manageable space, but that almost seems worse than just getting rid entirely!
  8. I certainly assumed he was, and going by Google you seem to be the only person to have even questioned it!
  9. I think it was FIFA 96 on the Megadrive where my brother and I discovered a spot you would always score from. Game breaking against the computer, and meant every match against each other would have a ridiculous double digit final score (probably the case in most football games though!).
  10. It was awesome even before I realised you could switch it on!
  11. Is that as in handing over three at once? Cos I got a colour variation on the same I’d previously bought at Nooks for my third feather. Do I need to be stacking to hand in in bulk?
  12. I was briefly spurred to go catch a load more by that news, but as I’ve never managed to make a perfect snowman I don’t have any recipes to make use them for anyway!
  13. Personal life wise he seems like a twat, but acting wise it’s “seemed alright in Transformers, but I only watched half of it”, “No objections in Indiana Jones, but don’t really remember much about him in it” and “Oh, apparently he was in Constantine, I Robot and Charlie’s Angels, but don’t remember him at all from them”.
  14. MrPogo

    Formula One 2021

    Yeah. Sounds like it would make Saturday a must watch (I rarely bother any more), but with a high chance of diminishing the quality of the race on Sunday. I suppose the risk of Saturday crashes would probably shake up the grid on Sunday more often than you’d get qualifying anomalies though.
  15. MrPogo

    Formula One 2021

    It just seems hard to believe they’d find it so difficult if only talking about a salary, unless one side is absolutely insistent on a massive percentage change from what he was on last year and/or there’s a huge gulf in how long the contract should be.
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