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  1. Saw that shadow in the olympic skateboarding and immediately wanted to reach for my catapult.
  2. Yeah, they want to have a bit of a spread at the Olympics. If you just had the absolute top competitors there’d only be six countries represented, including eight Americans and six Japanese, plus an Aussie, a Brit, a Finn and three Brazilians.
  3. Even the mainstream events tend to half a massive gulf between the medalists and the worst competitors. Things like the 10,000m tend to have about five realistic medal contenders out of a field of about 25, and the slowest are getting lapped and a good two minutes behind the winner. I looked up Melissa Williams and she’s ranked 45th in the world for that event (out of 495) and wins the African continental championships every time she enters (but is then usually 20th of 20 in the world championships, presumably getting in by winning her regional event), so isn’t exactly an Eddie The Eagle or even taking advantage of loopholes. Seems more likely that Africa probably just doesn’t have much of a skateboarding scene and so she’s winning legitimate competitions against very weak fields and racking up world ranking points accordingly.
  4. To the uninitiated the skateboarding commentary really sounds like one of those fake comedy voice overs where someone’s making up random nonsense, like I’ve seen done for the gymnastics and dressage: “Layback front side rock and roll. Backside air. Feeble grind to fakie. Pumping around. Look at that stale fish. Tucking in the tail. More backside air. Oh! Peanut in both directions!” Probably because a good chunk sounds like thinly veiled fart puns.
  5. I guess the main differences are Hamilton cut the corner rather than going wide, and fully gained a place before giving it back rather than just getting his nose in front, but I seem to remember it not actually breaking any rules at the time and them inventing a new “if you go off the track attempting an overtake you’re not allowed to try again until the next lap” to punish him with retrospectively.
  6. What happens if and when a team maxes out their budget? Could we potentially end up with teams fielding only one car in the final race (and with that one car having half the front wing missing and a big hole in the bodywork) because they’re not allowed to spend any more on repairs?
  7. I think fuel violations have always been a DSQ except for in the final race of 2007, where - can’t remember if it was Williams or Sauber - they only gave them a fine so it wouldn’t hand Hamilton the title instead of Kimi several hours after the race.
  8. Presumably Horner’s furious at Max for hitting Schumacher when overtaking up the inside.
  9. Was it 07 where he got stuck in grass or gravel in the chicane they had in the China pitlane entrance for some reason, and have since just tarmacced over because it’s clearly a bad idea to have there?
  10. Bottas has secured the Mercedes seat for next year.
  11. I suppose from a business perspective it’s a “if people will volunteer why on Earth would we pay them?” situation. Someone I used to go to school with has done it a few times. I think they have to volunteer at at least three other events in the year (including track days etc) to “earn” a spot at a big ticket event like F1, and pretty much everyone working at the track is volunteering. I think he did stints in the campsite, in one of the grandstands and somewhere in the paddock in 2019. If you asked him it’s totally worth if for the brief driver interaction provided (I think the highlight was he had a five minute chat with Hamilton on the Thursday, who then greeted him by name on Sunday morning).
  12. The main thrust of his objection seems to be that he wasn’t warned to stop doing it before being disqualified. Evidently he considers a certain amount of cheating to be acceptable, and expects to receive a formal “this is your last chance” notification when that limit is reached, to allow him to stop before facing any consequences.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/58044570 Now that’s delivered the gravity defying sort of stuff I’d been expecting from the skateboarding the other day (unless they got them competing in this layout too and I missed it /hasn’t happened yet?).
  14. They’re like a small kid who’s done something that got a laugh from the grownups, then got carried away and done it again and again until it’s just got super annoying everyone’s now pissed off with them. They saw the majority agreed Lewis was at fault and got off lightly, so kept pushing the narrative to ever increasing extremes until it’s reached the point people are now seeing them as the bad guys.
  15. I think the actual rules are all on the f1 (and/or possibly FIA) website if you search hard enough, but then there also seems to be a lot of “it’s established practice that…” stuff which isn’t actually written down anywhere.
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