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  1. Framed #255 https://framed.wtf I started typing the wrong answer, but realised my error just in time!
  2. I played almost daily from launch until about six weeks ago. Tonight I fired it up again, checked my Mail and then tried to remember which button opened the map. I guessed wrong and discovered it’s possible to pick up your mail box and place it elsewhere. Well I never.
  3. The correct reaction of a principled man is clearly to hang around and play the team game until he has the opportunity to deny Max a hand at a point which really hurts.
  4. If nothing else it’s a stupid move in as much as it could possibly cost him the title next year if Perez decides to repay todays “favour”.
  5. So Max just got his nose ahead of Hamilton’s and Brundle says “so Max is in front”. Then Hamilton gets his nose equally far ahead and Brundle’s take is “and now they’re alongside”.
  6. He’s really struggling to grasp turn one isn’t where the crash happened.
  7. Framed #238 https://framed.wtf Helped that I was there two weeks ago!
  8. I saw something in the Vettel era which calculated the Red Bull brand effectively got about £40 worth of media exposure for every quid they spent on F1, so if you just think of the team as an advertising campaign it delivers such a massive bang for the buck they’d never want to give it up.
  9. Someone on Reddit posted a breakdown in the week. I have a feeling Max can equal Schumacher’s second place on win percentage if he wins the last two races, but could be remembering wrong!
  10. I have seen it but also didn’t realise I’d got it in one, from my random guess based on the city
  11. Is it delayed by an hour?
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