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  1. I’ll have to try it again sometime. I can’t remember if I had the full game or just a demo on the Amiga, but never really got into despite several attempts. Not quite sure if that was a proper abandoning or a reaching the end of the demo and not thinking it was worth a full price purchase though
  2. I’ve got 120 if anyone left it too late and just wants to break even.
  3. On a vaguely related note, I kind of hope this year’s champion really smashes the field, just to try and minimise the inevitable “if they’d had two races at Spa instead of two at Silverstone then the title would have gone to... clearly deliberately scheduled to favour...” stuff resulting from a close finish.
  4. There’s gonna be a definite gap between when Trump announces everything’s back to normal and when cinema levels actually get back to normal.
  5. I don’t know how they work it out, but if it’s on race starts with Kimi on 100 they’re actually giving too high a rating to Lewis and Max (didn’t bother looking at anyone else).
  6. Probably applies to all sports. It’s even been shown to be the case with running, which must have the lowest entry barrier of all: Mo Farah has an identical twin brother who stayed behind in Somalia when Mo went to England to live with their father. You’d assume both had the same potential, but his brother never even tried getting into athletics and ended up a telecoms engineer. There are probably hundreds of other potentially faster people who never even tried and/or didn’t live somewhere with the right coaching setup to maximise their potential.
  7. Unless something really rubs me up the wrong way the first play lasts at least an hour, and I usually don’t so much actively decide to abandon a game as just never bother to go back to it. Sometimes I put a lot more time in though, if a game is widely touted as great; I must have played at least 20 hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 before conceding I’m just not having fun and should stop hoping it will click so I’ll realise what I’m missing.
  8. I rarely solely listen these days, but feel when walking especially I’m listening properly. Looking forward to when we move soon and I’ll have a 25min walk commute each way. I almost always listen to full albums in order, but thanks to an Apple Music subscription each one gets way less time than when I was a teenager and buying a CD was a significant investment.
  9. I know the way the cars look doesn’t mean too much, but if today’s on track action is anything to go by I think Hamilton will have a slight edge over LeClerc
  10. I think there were only about 8 a year in the early days, and I remember reading in Jackie Stewart’s autobiography that when he was a kid the results tended to be something you found out by reading a detailed report in Tuesday’s newspaper for the far away races, so the fans had plenty of time to speculate on what might have happened even after the race was long finished!
  11. @SteveH I’d like to pop over too at some point please if you’re around again
  12. I just got this bugger! Handling very carefully
  13. don’t worry, I read it. Stuff can either be delivered directly into your house storage (so pretty cool), or the Dodo will buy it at the Nook’s drop off box price (which I think is 80% of normal value? So probably not really worth bothering with).
  14. They should be able to pretty much isolate the F1 circus from the outside world; private flights, book out an entire hotel as close to the circuit as possible and no one goes anywhere else etc. I could see most governments going for that.
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