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  1. Seems like the only sensible PR move, although from what I understood (which was literally one post from someone somewhere) Kingspan products made up about 10% of the cladding and were being used in a manner they weren’t designed for having been purchased from an independent retailer, which, if true, means the blame on them sounds akin to blaming Apple because someone bought an iPhone and used it to place the call that ordered some nefarious deed.
  2. I was expecting something more from you Seriously though, he’s clearly moved from anything that could be termed “hard racing” to flat out dirty and it’s been demonstrated more than once that won’t be punished accordingly, so a carbon copy of the Schumacher move that ended up with Max winning the title would definitely see him getting something less than a season disqualification (and Horner still blaming Hamilton).
  3. I think they still can, but at this point I feel Max could probably take out a gun and shoot Hamilton’s engine and just get disqualified from that race and still become champion.
  4. Combined with the knowledge that you can push way past “racing incident” and still essentially get away with it as they’re extremely reluctant to hand out an impactful punishment. If he’s taken a lesson away this weekend it’s that should next week feature a “this pass for the title!” either way he’ll be better off - in championship terms - simply taking them both out than trying anything legitimate.
  5. Didn’t realise about the DRS line coming up. That makes the whole thing even worse as he was clearly trying cheat the spirit of the law by doing another instant reclamation of position.
  6. Max was being as much of a dick as he thought he could get away with, but anyone would have assumed Hamilton knew he was being let past and it was only dangerous because of the FIA cock up in not letting Mercedes know in time to pass on the message.
  7. If they were consistent over the years Max will be getting a 25 seconds penalty for retaking a place immediately after giving it up, but they don’t even manage it race to race these days.
  8. Yeah, they ruled then that you have to leave a full lap before being allowed to overtake again.
  9. Is it much of a disadvantage to now give up a place to a car you already damaged?
  10. He was in front this time though
  11. The biggest problem is all the incidents. He keeps looking like he’s building towards a chance at a move then it gets neutralised again.
  12. Although he was further back at the last restart and has actually managed a few overtakes!
  13. 5 second penalty for the guy a lap down although I suppose there’s not much impactful you could do in that situation!
  14. It’s essentially a purpose built track even though it’s technically streets isn’t it? Don’t know why they have nothing in the way of run off areas.
  15. That was a blatant off the track overtake.
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