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  1. 9pm might be a bit early for me but I'll see what I can do.
  2. We'll that's 4 of us with Vinnie and Hogg. Just need two more.
  3. Nope but I know a few of us are keen to give it a go. Who's up for it tonight?
  4. Ditto. Really struggling to find much fun in it.
  5. I can do tonight. Definitely a few of those anomalies we missed. Wish I had that guy's missile launcher though!
  6. We didn't quite have enough on for the raid last night but I'm sure we can try soon. Three of us had a few goes at the nightfall and improved at each attempt. I reckon we're almost there with it. Good fun working out the tactics though.
  7. Sounds good. Though I'll probably be on mute until gone 10 as usual.
  8. I think by next week we'll have enough peeps for the raid so I'll check later on what days everyone can do.
  9. Happy to join up Jam. We'll run you through the campaign double quick.
  10. Who's up for having a go at the raid this week? I'm around most nights but I was thinking starting Tuesday or Wednesday night from about 10pm. I presume most of us haven't attempted it yet so should be fun/incredibly frustrating. I'm not sure what level you all are but I believe you need to be a minimum of 260 or so to do it, you also need to have unlocked Leviathan by completing the strikes milestone (I think). @sjvinnie @Theholyhogg @Gerry Helmet @Baring @Steely @Luseth @MardiganX
  11. Those exotic quests then, is it worth holding out for as long as possible or am I okay to do them now I'm in the 270's?
  12. Won't take you very long to catch up anyway. Hogg did it in no time at all. I'm happy to start a new character though.
  13. I know there's a fair few FIFA chaps who are playing Destiny 2 at the moment and so I thought we might need our own thread rather than clogging random discussion. Myself, @sjvinnie and @Theholyhogg have teamed up a bit recently and we're all getting near to raid ready. Anyone interested in setting up a regular night or something for nightfall, raids and whatever? I'm at about 270 at the moment and loving my Nameless Midnight scout rifle (although it's getting a bit under-powered now, need to infuse soon).
  14. Fucks sake I was hoping the defending would get better with FIFA18, not worse. Not sure if I can handle another year of watching pricks dancing around with the ball at their feet while my defender is flopping around like a drunk bellend.
  15. No problem Hogg, was fun. I'll be on again tonight if anyone fancies teaming up.
  16. I'm happy to help you out @Theholyhogg I won't be on mic until about 10 but I can tag along like a silent guardian angel.
  17. Oh yeah that might of been useful https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2399133
  18. I'm up to about 210. Grouped up with @sjvinnie a couple of times for random public events and patrols and that's been really fun. Would be great to team up some more for strikes and whatnot. I've also just joined a clan that @Baring and @Steely are in and would recommend you all do the same. It's worth it for the regular clan rewards at the least!
  19. Anyone up for some Destiny tonight? @Luseth @sjvinnie I've only been doing single-player so far and although it's awesome I would like to see what the strike team stuff is all about.
  20. I'm up for some noobs destiny. Will be on from 9.
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