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  1. Yeah I'm game. I think I may have played this before on PC but can't remember any of it.
  2. I'd say yes. There's little to no swearing and I can't remember any sexual references or anything. The first episode is a bit spooky (especially the creepy child) but if your kids are familiar with the HH cast that should help them through. Honestly I'm surprised this wasn't on well before the watershed, my kids love it.
  3. General stores firestormgames.co.uk (use code maydaymeeple for a further 5% off) elementgames.co.uk waylandgames.co.uk northstarfigures.com goblingaming.co.uk TheTrollTrader ebay store 4tk-gaming Gameslore.com magicmadhouse.co.uk board-game.co.uk thirstymeeples.co.uk Specific miniature makers Hasslefree miniatures - lovely collection of sculpts, some unusual stuff too Otherworld miniatures - nice selection of fantasy minis Games Workshop - yeah we all know it already Forge World - you have a second
  4. I've just backed this nice looking battle map book:
  5. I'll probably be getting BF5 when it comes out as I enjoyed the beta. I would get COD for blackout but then there's Red Dead coming up, and I've still got Spider-Man to finish and the Destiny expansions I'm working through. Fuck me there's just too many games these days.
  6. If it was ISSpro'98 I'd clean up. Give me Cameroon with Patrick Mboma upfront and I was unstoppable.
  7. It seems much the same as 18 to me just a tad slower. Still as frustrating when you tackle someone and the ball just knocks straight back to them but hey ho. At least it's nice to be playing with the old crowd again.
  8. I'm not really a fan of Chas n Dave but this is probably their best:
  9. How many people have we got signed up now then? How about a BAP league of 6 teams with around 5 players per team. Teams have to play with a AI controlled ANY so as to level the playing field somewhat. Does that work?
  10. See this is not my experience at all. The defending on pro clubs has not changed and the standing tackle is next to useless. Where's the fun in auto-defending? I used to actively enjoy challenging and tackling on previous versions but on this one it all feels so unresponsive and random. Maybe it's just me.
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