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  1. The Dongle option sounds very interesting
  2. Pew Pew, gotta gun!
  3. I got to play as Luke and smashed an AT-AT in two
  4. Fantastic news Just mention a new F-Zero and i will be a happy bloke.
  5. Best ever memories for me would be the Snes.
  6. i wonder if oshii will direct an epiosde.
  7. It's not to bad doing a system reinstall, not 10 mins either as i have done it 4 times now just messing on.
  8. Should be getting my Vita on wedensday cant wait, getting unchartered with it, not a big fan but should be fun to try out anyway, really want to play ridge racer though
  9. I think the qte are used more with bosses not sure but im loveing the feel and look of this one, capcom doing it right yet again
  10. Hard Reset is a wicked fps, a steal
  11. Anyone know of any independents selling the Vita in the uk please?
  12. mine 2 was anyone contacted by amazon about the cancel.
  13. Iv'g got the long riders on desktop ready to watch 1980 i miss westerns
  14. Looks good, check a rarely shown movie called The Gambler with james caan, awsome flick.
  15. Nice one mate and your off and snapping
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