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  1. Bump! Don’t get too excited, I’m not here with news of Monster Squad 2. This has appeared on Amazon Prime. I’ve just watched it for the first time in 30 years, it’s still a lot of fun. Some of it is troubling now though. The squad essentially bribe the older sister to get her involved using the threat of releasing some nude snaps but the effects and makeup still stand up. It’s also worth checking out the doc Wolfmans Got Nards which shows you how much of a cult following it has around the world.
  2. I know, although I haven’t read it. I do think some of the cover images might make people ‘think’ they have seen a Wandavision comic.
  3. I thought it was based on a comic too. It is a proper Mandela Effect thing going on or are we all thinking of this maybe?
  4. He’s in all versions. Pete Docter was interviewed for the Total Film podcast and he confirmed that they are very much aware of his work, I think his chat show does Ok figures in the US. Probably helps him bag the big name guests as well.
  5. Steve was interviewed on Lorraine this morning, don’t judge me I’m on flexible furlough. He was promoting the book and talking about the new series. I mentioned to my wife that it would be cool if he’d hidden a hare on his bookshelf. We looked more closely and it was there! Amazing. edit. I’m an idiot, I hadn’t watched that unboxing video above. It’s clearly there in the shelf. Good to hear the new series starts filming next week though.
  6. Well done for the bump @gospvg, because despite my fears the praise for this had started to get buried in the Netflix thread. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I saw it and it really is amazing. I’ll have to watch it again now it’s on Netflix. I’ve watched Good Time since, which I was aware of but hadn’t got round to. It’s good but I prefer Uncut Gems, Howard is just a more likeable loathsome character and the larger cast adds to it I think. I still can’t get over the fact that Howard’s wife is the voice of Elsa from Frozen. This is probably for another thread but has there ever been a more inconsistent actor that Sandler? He does this which is arguably film of the year material but then you are reminded, usually by Richard Herring, of The Cobbler.
  7. It’s getting a very limited release from 10th January, for award accreditation purposes really. Curzon will be showing it for a week or two if you have one near you.
  8. Thats better. This description has everything. And it uses less words than the Prime one.
  9. Couldn't find a topic for this already. This deserves better than being buried in the Netflix thread. Saw this today at a pre screen as part of our Christmas party. Yes, very festive I know. I'm not sure Sandler will win the Oscar he seems to so desperately want but he is very good. The film is tense as fuck and I think I'd pick up more from a second watch. The trailer doesn't do it justice and gives nothing away.
  10. What you’ve described there is the art house cinema circuit. It already exists in the form of Curzon, Everyman and to lesser extent Picturehouse. You are very unlikely to get a director taking on the risk and ballache of owning a chain. The art house circuit is a happy medium where they can scale up and make a decent profit but also, in the case of Curzon and Picturehouse, have some control over content as they are both distributors.
  11. Ha, no. I stuck it on Facebook last year. I was very hungover following my Christmas party. Should have just screen grabbed the Prime app screen on my phone, it still has that same shit synopsis.
  12. Let’s all agree that the real crime here is that it doesn’t seem to be on any streaming services now. Perhaps it will pop up back on Amazon Prime in time for Christmas.
  13. I watched it last Christmas when it was on Prime. Still an amazing film. What isn’t amazing is the description used on Prime. Not exactly selling it. I took the photo because I couldn’t believe it. I’m desperate to show this to my son but he’s only just turned six and it will definitely give him nightmares. The story that Phoebe Cates tells about her dad might take some explaining. Well dark.
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