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  1. Ha, no. I stuck it on Facebook last year. I was very hungover following my Christmas party. Should have just screen grabbed the Prime app screen on my phone, it still has that same shit synopsis.
  2. Let’s all agree that the real crime here is that it doesn’t seem to be on any streaming services now. Perhaps it will pop up back on Amazon Prime in time for Christmas.
  3. I watched it last Christmas when it was on Prime. Still an amazing film. What isn’t amazing is the description used on Prime. Not exactly selling it. I took the photo because I couldn’t believe it. I’m desperate to show this to my son but he’s only just turned six and it will definitely give him nightmares. The story that Phoebe Cates tells about her dad might take some explaining. Well dark.
  4. The Haunting of Bill’s House.
  5. I saw this tonight and thought it was great. Its brevity ( 90 minutes including credits) made it feel like a big budget Black Mirror episode with added gore. The social commentary isn’t too heavy handed, it’s genuinely funny in places and it feels very 80’s:
  6. TXK is available. I've just bought it thanks to this thread. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4461-PCSB00494_00-LLAMASOFTTXK0001?emcid=pa-st-165932
  7. Me and the wife love this too. It’s like The Trip crossed with an unscripted episode of the detectorists but the treasure they find gets admired and then returned to the lake for someone else to discover. I have always had a lot of love for Bob but It would be nothing without Paul’s fish knowledge.
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