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  1. TonyPlay


    The Metro are reporting vela is definitely returning... http://metro.co.uk/2014/05/14/arsenal-agree-3million-transfer-to-re-sign-carlos-vela-4727725/?
  2. TonyPlay


    I managed to get 12 rows back from the corner flag area. Same tickets were £45 in the semi, £85 this time
  3. TonyPlay


    Anyone know any good streams of the match? Anyone know any good streams of the match?
  4. TonyPlay


    According to the Guardian PSG have made a higher bid for Ozil
  5. So ideally we need say 4 people to make it worth while?
  6. Would that be the US price before VAT though?
  7. Is the heat really that high? Or is there another reason to use welders gloves?
  8. I have decided to take the plunge and get myself a decent BBQ - my 57cm Weber One Touch Premium should be turning up today ready to use for the weekend I have a Chimney Starter already - anything else you would recommend to pick up for it?
  9. I am going at the beginning of September, so I'll let you know what they serve us up
  10. I have booked in for my dads birthday based on your pictures and report. Thanks for the heads up - would never have thought to try it before
  11. I am going to grab a Chimney Starter fro my Kettle BBQ - are they all pretty much the same? Or is there one i should be looking out for?
  12. Someone has mentioned to me that the small burger at Five Guys is the equivalent to Shake Shacks burger, and that Five Guys standard burger is a double patty, if thats the true the pricing is quite similar between them
  13. TonyPlay


    And Henry used to run down the left wing and cut in and score goals. Yet he was our striker.... The point is Cazorla, our most creative, skilled technical midfielder is played in a position that does'nt use those skills. It means we have no real "wing" play on that side, no interplay between Gibbs and Cazorla as they never overlap, and Cazorla often drifts infield which leaves Gibbs exposed. So why play him on the wing? Why not in the central midfield and let Ox, Gervinho et al play on the wing Ramsey is the prime example of a mis used player as well - atrocious on the wing, fantastic for us in central midfield.
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