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  1. I just installed Batman: Arkham Knight on my PS5. On the dashboard icon, I pressed Start and then navigated to Manage Game Content. I was then presented with a bunch of DLC for Injustice 2. I was able to download them all, despite Injustice 2 not being installed on my PS5. Weird, huh?
  2. I've just plopped down for Tony Hawk's 1+2 and it's official - I can't tell the difference between 60 and 120 FPS.
  3. Explains why it doesn't look any more graphically advanced than the first one.
  4. I'm still adamant that PS5's wild load speeds have opened up the door for a truly amazing Ant Man game. Imagine being able to traverse an open map, but at any time shrink down microscopically to find yourself in a massively enlarged, and what is effectively a totally new, map.
  5. Ah yes - Wolverine's trademark ability to swing between buildings and stick to the sides of buildings. Total cash grab pallette swap if ever I heard one. Seriously, I think they might be in for a bit of a challenge here. Spidey's big hook was the city-traversal mechanics, which they're going to have to jettison for this. It's going to have to be much more of a brawler with much less scope for quick traversal.
  6. That whole video looks like a Garth Marenghi dream sequence. Good music though.
  7. That voiceover is deffo Kraven the Hunter
  8. They can't be ps5 graphics - genuinely photorealistic
  9. Thanks! When do you intend to play? How do I find you?
  10. I think I'm getting into this. I spent a few hours on it last night and intend to play it today. Anyone got a link to a decent tutorial/beginner's tips video?
  11. Pretty unimpressed I'm afraid. The fighting choreography was really good in places.
  12. I have been utterly suffering through the wait for this to hit the golden £20 bite point, if it had come out on PSPlus I would have been positively tumescent with joy.
  13. I think, back then, we were just grateful to be getting a major studio big-budget superhero film at all. It got by on a lot of goodwill.
  14. I'm currently shitting my pants with excitement for this film, and so have taken it upon myself to watch all of the old Sony Spidey films in sequence. The first Raimi one does not hold up well at all.
  15. Here's a cracking deep dive at the entire series of Resident Evil. There are other, more exhaustive ones out there, but I found this one enjoyable.
  16. Del Toro was so bad in this. He sounded like a really bad stand-in voice actor from someone who hadn't seen the previous films at all. Total failure to recall a past character.
  17. This is getting very glowing advance notices. Apparently the action is absolutely top-tier stuff.
  18. They're almost certainly going to use the multiverse schtick to recast Iron Man.
  19. Sony really did one hell of a job in turning the PS3 around. When it launched it was a mess, and the 360 made it look awful by comparison. Today my PS3 is still connected to my TV, and is my go-to machine for all PS1-3 games. The 1st party games for it are absolute fire.
  20. I'm a C++, C#, desktop GUI guy. I also have plenty of experience in software test and game QA.
  21. I It's a tie between this and the The Last Of Us remake they're currently doing.
  22. I wish this was still on PSNow
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