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  1. Just out of this. The best film I've seen in a long time. Basically,The Dora Milaje out of Black Panther used to be a real thing, and this film's about them. Viola Davis is utterly excellent as their General. 100% recommended.
  2. I utterly fucking adored the first Dead Space, but I secretly hope that this gets stomped by Callisto Protocol.
  3. I'm ashamed to say that the critical drinker is from my home town. My idiot cousin worships the ground he walks on.
  4. This looks fucking great. If it comes to PlayStation I'll be buying it immediately.
  5. Just pre-ordered on Amazon. Cheaper than ShopTo or Base.com.
  6. Think I'm about to start this. I absolutely fucking rinsed the PS1 original back when I was a kid.
  7. Richard Jenkins puts in an absolutely heart-breaking effort in this. Wonderful turn.
  8. Evan Peter's voice/accent in this is unsettlingly similar to Joe Pera.
  9. I remember when it was first unveiled, I thought it looked just like those fake renders you used to see of yet-to-be-unveiled consoles. I'm still not used to how hideous it is. The disc slot being where it is makes it impossible to see when the console is horizontal too. If you're looking down at the console and trying to put a disc in, you won't hit that slot first time. An utterly baffling design oversight there, and one that shows that the disc drive was a last -minute and under-thought decision.
  10. If an installed game has been flagged for removal, the time until it's removal should display under its title card when it's selected on the UI. At a month out and then 2 weeks out, you should get notifications in the message tab. That's how I'd design it, at least.
  11. It certainly looks different to the debug displays that I saw during the development of GTA IV, but what stands out is the debug readouts that label the AI NPCs as peds. That might be a generic term that all devs use though.
  12. I really, really enjoyed A Confederacy of Dunces. A lot of what I liked was that it was written pre-internet. Does anyone have any similarly funny and memorable novels?
  13. Despite the frequently ropey CG, I think this is great. I love the light comedy tone, and I love that they're so squarely sticking it to the idiotic haters. I hope that they play As grim-dark as possible, and have the jarring of tones really highlight how needlessly self-serious these things can be.
  14. Looks like the whole game. It's deffo getting a replay. I'd love it if they did similar with 7. I really appreciated the VR gameplay, but the traditionalist in me never got on with 1st person Resi.
  15. Let's be clear - Sony caused the Vita to bomb. It was a bomb of their own making. It could have done a lot better than it did if they hadn't prematurely buried it.
  16. I'm thoroughly enjoying playing this on PSPlus right now. Lovely hit of GOW ahead of Ragnarok coming out in a couple of months.
  17. I was super excited for a Resident Evil or Silent Hill update. Oh well.
  18. It won't happen, but I want them to announce that they're overhauling the awful implementation of the classic titles they're releasing via ps premium. Actually labelling PS1/2 games as such, and getting a PS3 emulator up and running on PS5 would be lovely, thank you. Oh yeah, and actually release some games. We went a month with no games, and haven't seen any new PS2 games to date.
  19. I ended up getting a new braided cable that my cat can't chew through as easily.
  20. The PS2 is, by far, the best looking PlayStation console to date. It still looks excellent, especially in vertical mode.
  21. The PS2 version still holds up, 100%. Trust me. It even looks surprisingly good on the graphics front.
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