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  1. It worked with lowercase! Thanks for the tip! Absolute schoolboy validation error on Sony's part there.
  2. I tried phoning the number they provided but got a Giffgaff message saying I don't have enough credit. I'm not adding bloody credit to my sim for the sake of a daft wee dongle.
  3. I'm getting an error when I enter my unit's number :-(
  4. Am I total dafty for pre-ordering the PS5 Miles Morales? Should I get the PS4 version and get a free upgrade of some sort?
  5. The basement is easily the scariest bit. Just pure dread, staring down that flight of stairs at the door.
  6. I've never played the Amnesia games before, but always been interested. Hearing them described as Lovecraftian has sealed the deal. I went to the PS store, only to find that I can download the collection for free, as it's been on PSPlus! Amazing!
  7. If anyone wants to play a bit of Bridge Crew, my PSN is ManSizeRooster.
  8. I genuinely don't think I'd be able to differentiate between 60fps and anything higher than that.
  9. One of my absolute favoute VR experiences. Anyone fancy a session on it today?
  10. I wonder if the box will come with a handle?!?
  11. Peter Quint's accent is pretty hellish too.
  12. I don't see a logical problem there. He doesn't know what a cat is.
  13. I'm about to start the 7th episode, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Not nearly as scary as the first series, but I'm really enjoying the characters.
  14. That is absolutely wild. There's been multiple instances of a sale discounts not kicking in when going to view your basket, of PSPlus games not posting correctly, and games/DLC having duplicated or mismatched metadata in the past. They then have very clearly had to roll out a quick and dirty patch to get it to play nice. Also, the user database clearly used PSN names as a primary key, which meant changing PSN names was impossible. The eventual fix was clearly a very heavy lift for them, and wasn't as elegantly implemented as it could have been. All of those
  15. In other news, there have been multiple reports that, together, hint that Sony has finally gotten off their arses and implemented a ground-up overhaul of the PSN back-end. Christ knows it's overdue, it's been an absolute bloody shambles since it's inception.
  16. I'm a software engineer by trade, and I've literally just learned about this. I was taught back in the day that 1Kb = 1024 bytes, and that was all I was told.
  17. The load time from main menu to gameplay for TLOU on PS3 gave you enough time to squeeze in an episode of Emmerdale. Golden (load) times.
  18. Just got done throwing my copy of RDR2 glued to a brick into the sea. Cheers guys.
  19. I'm genuinely shitting my pants with excitement to play RDR2 on a PS5 with a big sexy HDR OLED screen. Am I right in assuming that HDR will make the snowy opening look absolutely sublime?
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