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  1. Same as me. The heads go pop fairly regularly, I find.
  2. Also the resistive triggers are cracking, but they really could have done more with the rumble.
  3. I am absolutely loving this so far. I hear that the final area is a bit of a drop-off, but even so the game as a whole is cracking. It even manages to feel fairly Resident Evil in places, despite the 1st-person malarkey.
  4. Ever since they started using RE Engine, Capcom have become utterly obsessed with bolt cutters.
  5. I'm at this bit. Insanely tense. Can't wait to get back into it. Although a bit of it was spoiled by YouTube last night - YouTube seems to be hell-bent on spoiling this game for me right now!
  6. Yeah I ended up turning it off, I was losing a lot of visibility due to the low brightness.
  7. Has anyone else used Digital Foundrys settings tips for LG CX/C1s when playing this game? So far as I can see, the only difference is it makes the screen less bright.
  8. PS5 has adaptive triggers tho
  9. You, sir, are just flat-out wrong. Even 5 is better than this tripe. And that game's racist. The over the top action is meaningless to me. If everything is exploding, then nothing is exploding.
  10. I didn't smile once. It was generic and boring and poorly balanced. I've played through two of the characters and still don't know what the storyline is. That's without taking into account that it's a Resi game. It certainly doesn't feel like one. It shouldn't be one.
  11. I've gone disc-based for £49.85. I'll let it install while I work on Friday.
  12. Aye there are sections of the game that are flat-out broken. I was stuck at Chris's final boss with no ammo for Christ knows how long. The driving sections complete themselves, they require no input from the player.
  13. I thought this was ok when I played it last year. It's infinitely preferable to Resi 6. I couldn't even finish that abomination of a Resi game.
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