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  1. I found this film to be pretty boring tbh. I watched Goodfellas right after, and that was completely masterful.
  2. So approx 29 years ago Nintendo made one of the worst and most fateful decisions of their lifetime.
  3. I'm currently balls-deep into my first play-through of ReMake, and just got Re2Make on sale with a view to tanning it right after. So this coming out soon would be cracking. BTW the original PS1 versions are still great and the remakes don't render them obsolete in the slightest. They have an atmosphere that quite simply can't be touched.
  4. Anyone else think that De Niro's body looks and moves like an old man's, regardless of the age he is in the film? That scene where Really accentuated the problem for me.
  5. I remember one Christmas I asked for a Sega Saturn. My dad exercised his better judgement and got me a PlayStation. I was initially gutted but never looked back, and retrospectively I am thankful to my dad for guiding my way. Just saying.
  6. I'm actually quite impressed that Linux can pump out those kind of graphics now. I remember that for a long time Linux GPU drivers were absolute dog shit compared to the Windows ones. But then didn't Valve have a big push to get the GPU vendors to sort out their Linux drivers...
  7. If you've written your AAA game primarily using Microsoft technology to get it running on Windows and XBox easily, porting it to Linux is NOT an easy or quick job. Maybe your PS4 port would be a starting point, but it still would take a lot of effort to move it over to Linux.
  8. I just heard on a podcast that Stadia actually requires games to be ported to it, as it's running Linux under the hood. I had assumed that it was basically running the Windows ports. So on top of this being a mess from the customer end, it's a mid-to-heavy lift for the developers too.
  9. Removal of the lightbar breaks compatibility with PSVR. Don't know how they'd get around that.
  10. The Black Friday PSN discounts are up, and pretty spectacular - I got Resi 2 and Man of Medan for £32!
  11. Has anyone ordered the vinyl from the Bad Seeds store? Has it shipped yet for anyone?
  12. Are you suggesting that CV lesser than 5 or 6?
  13. My understanding is that Resi 3 was originally meant to be a smaller companion piece to Resi 2, and Code Veronica was meant to be the true sequel to the core franchise. Some business tomfoolery between Sony, Capcom and Sega however meant that The PS game became the core title and the Dreamcast game became a sideline. It's clear which one has more development effort put behind it.
  14. Looks like a Resident Evil 3 remake is on the way I've had a strange relationship with this one. I got the first two Resi's when they came out on PS1, and absolutely rinsed them multiple times. I know them both inside out. For some reason, I never picked up Resi 3, and only played it for the first time about a year ago. It was so strange to play an old-school Resi that I was unfamiliar with. I don't know if it's the nostalgia talking, but I just wasn't as taken with 3 as I was with the first two. Still a good game, mind.
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