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  1. I It's a tie between this and the The Last Of Us remake they're currently doing.
  2. I wish this was still on PSNow
  3. You guys are thinking too hard about this. It's a dumb comic book action movie. I've watched it twice now. Cracking action set-pieces and hard-hitting combat. I think it gets a 8/10 from me.
  4. Ok that was a great payoff. Huge implications for the MCU going forward.
  5. Watched this again on the telly last night. Still absolutely holds up as a great action film. I'm hoping that Taskmaster is more of a designation than an identity, and so the 'real' Taskmaster from the comics is yet to make an appearance.
  6. Watching them all kiss that trophy. #covidiots
  7. Haha seeing them shouting "It's coming to Rome!!!" into the camera
  8. Yeah I did. They're spare ribs, really thick, and I'm not really trimming them a lot, save for the membrane and some chunks of fat. I was scared that the toughness I was encountering was me overdoing them, but after reading a bit more I just think that they're underdone. My grill/smoker isn't a particularly good model for smoking either, it leaks a lot of smoke and therefore heat out of the lid, so I think I'm having to burn quite a lot of charcoal to get the cook done. I've been using the snake method so far, in rows of 2x2 lumps. That seems to keep the kind of temps I need going, but the snake runs out too quickly to keep the ribs cooking. I'll need to add more coals later on in the cook.
  9. I've tried smoking ribs a few times now, but they seem to always be quite tough. Am I right in saying that tough ribs implies them not having cooked for long enough, and if I keep cooking them they'll just keep getting softer and softer, rather than getting tough again? After I smoke them for a few hours, I'm wrapping them in foil with some apple juice for another few hours. Cooking them at between 250-300°F.
  10. Surprised at the Teen Spirit hate. I've been a Nirvana fan all my days, and hate the quiet earnest indie cover of an old pop song thing, but though this was ok. I've seen a few reviews complaining about the casting of young Natasha, but I thought it was excellent. I could deffo see that wee girl growing up to look like Black Widow. I don't think this film is getting enough credit for its fight choreography. Really hard-hitting, weighty stuff. You can really feel some of the blows.
  11. I thought that this was an absolutely excellent film. Cracking action. On a par with Winter Soldier. The fact that it was the first cinema visit for me in 18 months may or not be a factor in how much I enjoyed it.
  12. First one was utterly perfect. Alien meets Event Horizon with a healthy dollop of Lovecraftian horror. The 2nd one made the classic mistake of explaining too much of the universe lore, some things should just be left unexplained I feel. I lasted about half an hour with the 3rd one.
  13. I played the fuck out of this, but never managed to make it to the darkest dungeon. Just a total grind, but what a grind. The presentation is absolutely top-notch, and the intro is a perfect summation of what a stereotypical Lovecraft story is.
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