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  1. Aye, he mentions in that video that he doesn't believe in insurance. Having a collection that size uninsured would give me serious heart palpitations. Seriously though, just imagine being able to browse that place at your leisure, just having a go at literally any game as it took your fancy. Heaven.
  2. This guy's collection has to be seen to be believed: The guy is clearly so dedicated to games. I'd love to have a look around his collection. He's like the Willy Wonka of video games. I see that he currently doesn't have the Guinness world record for the largest collection, but having seen a video of the current owner of that title, I'd say it's self-evident that this guy has a collection that absolutely dwarfs the record holder.
  3. My uncle works for Nintendo in America. His mate at Sony let him have a go of PS5 and he says it's great.
  4. Dee has definitely had work done, and Dennis is looking unpleasantly gaunt.
  5. Apparently David Fincher has released the main cast from their contracts, as he can't see getting back to Mindhunter any time soon. Absolutely bloody gutted. It's basically why I still have a Netflix subscription.
  6. Still think the PS2 is the best-looking PlayStation to date. Especially when stood upright.
  7. A good replacement would be Sam Raimi. He already has considerable chops in both horror and superhero films
  8. Gutted. Was so looking forward to a proper dark Dr Strange film. This film just got worse.
  9. The first episode is absolute gold. Completely nails it. Just watch that one episode and leave it at that.
  10. Still hasn't come close to Vita's 16 million though. Which, I think, says more about Sony's criminal neglect of the Vita more than anything about PSVR. Both are excellent bits of kit worthy of support.
  11. Nope. Had a 360 and PS3 in the gen I mentioned, and I've had a PS4 this gen.
  12. Maybe it won't matter because most devs will probably target running their games at 1440p to leave enough grunt to give lots of bells, whistles and 60fps. The PS3/360 gen was marketed as a true HD/1080p leap, but in actual fact most of the stuff that came out was 720p.
  13. I'm not talking about completely revising the CPU, I'm talking about adding to what is already there - adding cores etc.
  14. What are the chances of Sony switching the GPU/CPU configurations at this stage, to outperform the Series X? I'm not talking about a completely different chip-set, but maybe one from the same family so that compatibility can be maintained, but giving more oomph in terms of horsepower? I remember them doubling up the amount of RAM at the 11th hour with PS4, and they might even have switched from DDR3 to GDDR5 but I'm not totally sure about that. Changing CPU/GPU is a much more risky proposition. Would such a move be realistically possible?
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