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  1. "If it didn't have the stuff in it that makes it good, then it wouldn't be as good"
  2. BC, especially for every previous console, is a very heavy technical lift to pull off, which would provide limited financial payback, sure. But, what if they've been working on it throughout the course of the PS4's lifetime? The fact that they got PS2 games running on PS4 makes me think that's what's happened. They've spread the cost over times that they haven't had as much to do. Porting that work to PS5 shouldn't be too big a job, given the similarities/built-in backwards compat with the PS4 on the hardware side. From an OS perspective, I'm willing to bet that under the hood, a LOT of the PS5's OS will be shared from PS4
  3. I can imagine that they'd be attracted to BC by monetising it - putting the vast majority of all PS's back catalogue up on PSN for purchase, as well as on PSNow.
  4. I must be in the minority that has a launch PS4 that doesn't make much noise at all.
  5. There's juicy rumors that Sony are aiming at full back compat with all previous PS consoles. Just imagine. I'll be happy if that emerges as a decent chunk of each machines catalogue on PSNow, but if they make it disc-based too, then Sony have instantly sold me a PS5.
  6. I played the absolute shit out of TLOU when it came out - it has become my favourite game of all time. I completely ignored the multiplayer. What a mistake! In the last couple of days I've gotten way into it. Fantastic stuff. If there are any MUK sessions on the go, I'd love to join.
  7. Well up until the last minute, PS4 was meant to have 4GB RAM. It was doubled to 8 so late in the day that lot of developers for the launch games didn't know it had happened, and so their games were designed to work with 4GB. We won't know about how much RAM is in the thing until very close to launch.
  8. Disney bought the entirety of Marvel Entertainment for $4.24 billion, so paying that for a single character that they already have the use of is quite clearly just silly fanboy nonsense.
  9. Actually can't stand the muscle car Ghost Rider. Quite apart from not being a biker, he isn't even vaguely scary or demonic in how he acts, and the doesn't seem all that tortured about being possessed by a demon. Totally missing the point of the character.
  10. When you act like a totally moronic fanboy arsehole, can you please do it in a less obviously Scottish way? You're embarrassing the rest of us. Cheers.
  11. My ultimate dream is PS5 being able to play PS1 through 4. I have a feeling however that PS Now is going to get a big push for back compat - making it a repository of most PS games through the history of the platform.
  12. So do you think the director just didn't know about Gary Glitter?
  13. I didn't get that impression at all. Part of the Joker's abilities is that he's unusually able to cause mayhem, so , is totally within the character's MO.
  14. Brilliant film. Any controversy around it is totally unwarranted and totally inaccurate.
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