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  1. My crowning achievement as a gamer.
  2. So Yharnam's easier than that Amygdala? Excellent. Might even manage to get my plat tomorrow!
  3. Finally beat that bastard Amygdala in the chalice dungeon, with the help of two fantastic co-op helpers. Hopefully the rest of the dungeons won't be so difficult, and getting to Yharnam will be relatively straightforward.
  4. Is that the one that halves your HP? That's the one I'm currently working on. Been smashed by the first level boss twice now, even with two people helping me out.
  5. Yharnam. Getting through those chalice dungeons is a fucker of a grind.
  6. I only have one trophy still to be unlocked. Can't wait to be able to say I've platinumed this game.
  7. Anyone fancy helping me on Orphan of Kos just now?
  8. Pirate it, then when the blu ray comes out buy a copy. That way you see it now, and the studio still gets its money. Win-win.
  9. mansizerooster


    I would give both nuts for a vinyl copy of Lateralus.
  10. mansizerooster


    The new album will be called 'Fear Inoculum', and will be available on Aug 30. Also, just as excitingly, their back catalogue will become available on streaming platforms this Friday!
  11. It's in the same cabinet, in a smaller (but not small) room. It's still got plenty of breathing space. Maybe there isn't as much room ventilation in the new room as the old.
  12. I've seen people on here moan about how loud their OG PS4 is. I always put it down to poor ventilation - mine would occasionally whir a little when really pressed, but nothing too obtrusive. Since I moved house though, holy shit my PS4 has turned into a harrier jump jet afterburner. It still has just as much ventilation, but just moving it from one house to another has totally changed its volume.
  13. This has officially joined the billion dollar club.
  14. I agree, they really don't stand up nowadays. A lot of people base their opinion of how good a film is based on the one time they saw it in the cinema 10 years ago. That's why so many people defend Iron Man 3 over Iron Man 2, when 2 is actually quite good and 3 is plop.
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