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  1. Aye but when are they going to announce dat disc-based ps1-4 back-compat?!? For real though, there are actual whispers of 1-3 back-compat via PSNow streaming. They just need to roll Now into the Plus subscription and everyone's a winner.
  2. Effective use of both your suit powers and your gadgets becomes paramount at higher difficulty levels - especially for the DLC.
  3. Is Watch Dogs 2 worth it if you haven't played, and have no intention of playing, the first one?
  4. Just popped the platinum trophy :-) not going to touch this game again until I get myself a new OLED telly, and/or a PS5.
  5. I'm quickly belting through the new game+ campaign to get the two last trophies I need for the plat, I'm skipping all cut-scenes and making no attempt to collect or explore. As soon as those trophies pop I'll finish. I'm saving my next proper play-through for when I get a new 4k telly with HDR.
  6. Just finished getting the last of the collectables, now just need to quickly run through a NG+ to fully upgrade the weapons and characters, then I'll have the platinum :-)
  7. Absolutely stunning scene at the end where, because she just couldn't let things lie, Ellie returns to her home, abandoned by the family she could have had. She also realises that, as she's now lost two fingers, she can't play the Pearl Jam song that she used to remember Joel. The look on her face then says it all. Also - when she springs the slaves, doesn't one of them mention that Abby was strung up after being bitten? Does this mean that Abby is also immune?
  8. Haha ok so turns out there's more than one hospital basement in this game...
  9. Did the basement of the hospital last night. Jesus Christ.
  10. Hillcrest is fantastic. Superbly tense stuff. The dogs properly shit me up. Also, I think the AI is a good deal better than in the first one - it's caught the drop on me multiple times, and seems to be really good at flanking me.
  11. Same here. Quite happy that I still didn't see it coming at the time and got a bit of a shock, though. I'm playing it on normal, and maybe it's because I replayed the fuck out of the original on hard difficulties, but I'm finding this to be quite easy. I'm gathering tons of supplies early on, and I'm barely using my firearms. The clickers are almost certainly much easier to handle than they were in the first game.
  12. So far this is just as good as the first one. Been playing it since about 10am but I'm really taking my time and drinking it in, so I'm not very far at all. My release model base PS4 is being suspiciously quiet playing it, though. Either this game is coded to near perfect levels of efficiency or my PS4 is about to melt.
  13. Holy fucking shit. I'm close to tears, just at the intro. Any fans out there are going to be absolutely blown away.
  14. The setup options on start-up has a UK English variant for text language. That's impressive.
  15. On the throne while the data disc installs. All my daily chores have been done. Cannot wait!
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