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  1. Hello! Would like to play some team Apex tonight please add me if you want to team up! PS4: StiffSwede
  2. The race winner was decided by FIA before the start very exiting
  3. Some Swedish cool videos you probaby never seen Best Swedish singer performer ever together with Eldkvarn. (Not really a music video but it is soo damn good) The Knife - Pass this on The Knife "Pass This On"
  4. Best swedish performer/singer ever together with Eldkvarn (1986?)
  5. Bad luck for Webber Pooooor Kimi
  6. I predict a crash in the first corner... You read it here first
  7. Nice comment by Villeneuve
  8. Shumi parks the car My grandmother could have steered the car through that corner. /a
  9. The good old fucking cheating Shumi is back.
  10. stiff_swede


    Great game by Arsenal even of they got some help from the ref that should have sent Flamini off after his attack on Nedved.
  11. I don't agree, they are more fashion/brand orientated then conformist. And the brand Microsoft is about as hip as a router.
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