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  1. Might be alright. The trailer doesn’t really explain the key plot though. Why are the people on the outside trying to get in? Some more background info: https://downthetubes.net/?p=124323
  2. There aren’t many phrases you can say that are both completely sincere and dripping with sarcasm at the same time. Quality goalkeeping.
  3. Just starting to get into this. Biggest problem so far is trying to keep track of everything that’s going on. I’m concentrating on the ranged weapons as the close combat ones make it too confusing. Auto-aim. On or off? What do people play with? I’ve been using it on as it it’s nice having attacks snap to a target without too much thought. But when things get busy, especially boss fights, I sometimes end up smashing lesser foes when I really want to concentrate on the big bad. Is it worth switching it off and gitting gud?
  4. Definitely week-by-week for me. It’s not a hard and fast rule, I can see how some shows will benefit from binge watching. But I prefer spacing it out at regular intervals. I like the anticipation, the post-coital cool-down after a good episode, the way that your thoughts and feelings have a whole week to slosh around in your head. I like the gradual discussion of each individual episode rather than the race to watch and report on the whole thing. The way that discussion gradually changes as the plot progresses and people adjust to the show. It just gives time for stuff to sink in, to seep into your bones. To be part of your reality for a time in your life. As opposed to just something you did for a day or two.
  5. Conversely, I think that’s it’s strong point and I hope it has the guts to stick with it and lean into it as the show goes on.
  6. Really enjoyed the first two episodes of this. It trod a really fine line, managing to stay faithful to the tv shows they were inspired by whilst still being interesting and modern enough for the 21st century. I could have done without the ridiculously heavy handed THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING bits, especially at the end of the episodes. Thanks, but I’m smart enough to work this stuff out for myself and I’d prefer it they credited me with that intelligence. But thankfully that didn’t impact the show too much.
  7. Had a quick scroll through the iPlayer comedy section, aside from what’s already been mentioned (Mandy): What We Do In The Shadows (everyone’s already seen this, right?), Harry Hill’s World of TV (lockdown TV Burp and every bit as good as that sounds), What We Did On Our Holidays (movie version of Outnumbered but with a better cast and an even better Billy Connelly) and Love & Friendship (one of the best costume dramas ever made, like Clueless only even better).
  8. The complete Gimme, Gimme, Gimme is on iPlayer at the moment and has aged brilliantly and awfully in equal measure. Some incredible performances and some shockingly awful ‘edgy’ humour. But watching Kathy Burke enjoying herself way too much and trying not corpse never, ever gets old.
  9. Ghosts is by the same team as Horrible Histories, so it’s very family friendly. Although the trouserless Simon Farnaby never stops being disconcerting/funny. Also: Mandy. Good god, Mandy, a million times Mandy.
  10. God knows how that got through the review process. It’s as blatant as you like. Pretty decent emulator as well.
  11. The use of Frankie’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome in Wonder Woman 1984 is really well done. Great song, fits the scene perfectly and smartly edited to fit with the story.
  12. Well done he’s thirteen sixteen.
  13. We’re half way through For All Mankind and it’s terrific so far. Really well thought through. Manages to be respectful to the real people involved in the space race whilst still creating conflict and drama.
  14. I’m not saying that it didn’t have knock on effects, just that the argument against playing the new guys in that game is an obvious one. Philips, in particular, would have been hopelessly out of his depth. And playing Thiago, the guy we’ve all been drooling over for the last few months, in Henderson’s role is hardly some massive risk. He’s one of the best midfielders in the world. He should be equal to the task. I’m not saying the gamble worked, it clearly didn’t, but taking the decision the other way could easily have resulted in us having a conversation that Williams is too young and inexperienced after making several costly mistakes.
  15. I don’t see it as being that odd, really. The rationale is obvious, Southampton’s pressing last night was excellent. They hounded our back line for the whole ninety minutes and made it really difficult to play out from the back. Even Thiago looked harassed at times. And whilst neither Phillips or Williams have done anything wrong, neither of them have looked as comfortable as our regular centre backs at taking the ball forward, quickly into midfield. It’s something that Gomez doesn’t get enough credit for, because both him and Van Dijk are superb at it. If of the new guys had played last night, the risk is that Southampton would have targeted them relentlessly, resulting in a potentially awful, confidence shattering game for the youngsters.
  16. Did he send Walcott on too early?
  17. How much plot and dialogue is there in the Persona Q games? I tried playing Persona 4 Golden on the vita but I gave up after what felt like hours pressing X to read the worst novel I’d ever read, a single line at a time. Literally didn’t even get to play the game.
  18. Mentioned here: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/07/atlus_teases_next_stage_in_etrian_odyssey_series#comments For me, the manual mapping system has always been a bit of a double edged sword. It definitely adds to the feeling that the map you’re drawing is your creation. There’s an added sense of ownership to the adventure. On the other hand, it does sometimes feel like an admin exercise. Rather than gaze in wonder at the magnificent tree of life you’re instead looking down at graph paper, painstakingly checking off each box one by one. Personally, the battle and character/squad creation system have always been the bigger draw. Plus having a dungeon that’s actually a pleasant place to explore. Plus, plus, an RPG where the focus is on the player having an adventure, rather than endless lines of poorly written dialogue clogging everything up. I think a Switch version could work really well if they focus on developing those aspects. Also, a more interesting on-line component could really work well for the series. Anyway, to get back to the 3DS for a minute, I never really got on with the console. I picked up the “old” model ages ago and for some reason it just didn’t have the magic that the DS Lite had. But being locked down again meant that I really need to lose myself in something for hours on end, so what better way to achieve that than the Etrian Odyssey games post 3 that I’ve barely played. So I’ve started 5 and I’m loving it. So much so that I’ve ordered a second hand Pearl White New 3DS XL from CEX to see if that’ll have the same DS Lite magic to it.
  19. Read my post again. I'm not saying they weren't good. The Curb music is a very good call though. That I've not watched and yet still know very well.
  20. The person who uses music most effectively in film and tv at the moment, for me, is Céline Sciamma. It's partly due to the fact that she uses music so sparingly, its absence means that it has more impact when it's present. But it's also due to the way it's perfectly integrated into the story. The opening to Girlhood isn't just great but the sharp fade to silence shortly afterwards tells you so, so much about the characters and the environment they inhabit. *That* scene in the hotel room is absolutely incredible, on a par with the Dance of the Red Shoes. I didn't even like Rhianna's Diamonds before watching the film but it so perfectly fits the plot, the moment and the characters that it completely overwhelmed me. I could post those scenes here, but they don't work in the same way without the framework of the film around them. And the music to Portrait of a Lady On Fire is extraordinary. There's almost nothing there and what is there is within the scene itself, not additional audio. The ending has one of the most nerve shredding pieces of music I've heard in a film. It's a piece I've heard plenty of times before, just not played like that. The versions I've heard before have always been quite well mannered and polite. But this sounded like something was being let loose or barely contained. Again, plot and music choice work in perfect harmony together.
  21. To the people that watch them, maybe. I checked youtube for both the shows I mentioned to see if I knew them without realising it. I’ve never seen or heard anything that references them before. Nothing, no cultural relevance to me at all.
  22. Yes, the Mandelorian's MVP is definitely Ludwig Göransson, I'm surprised it doesn't get more love in the show's thread. In fact, go back to when the show started and most people seemed to dislike it. Nuts. I have a theory about TV show themes that is that we haven't had a truly great one for a decade or two now as the tv environment hasn't been right for them. The most memorable tv themes aren't just about having the best tune, or even the best intro sequence (although obviously that's important as well), it's also about the shared experience of millions of people watching it every week over the course of months or even years. The 70's through to the 90's were perfect for that. High tv viewing figures and only a few channels meant it was difficult not to be exposed to popular shows. Even if you didn't watch a particular show, if its theme tune made an impression, you'd learn it through cultural osmosis. It helped that tv was expensive to make and the opening was the best way to grab peoples attention. So making an intro that really stood out, was flashy and expensive looking, was a great way to hype the show and fill time cheaply. But the fragmentation of tv viewing has meant that kind of shared cultural experience doesn't happen as much now. And the competition to keep viewers 'engaged' with the 'platform' means that intros and outros have to be frequently bookended by sponsorships, 'Last week on...' and 'coming next on...' if not played over the top of them. The role of the TV Theme tune has been utterly neutered. I've never watched an episode of Dallas or Fame and yet I can still hum their themes. Game of Thrones? Breaking Bad? Not a clue. The shows themselves may have made an impact, but not the music. The only tv show from the last twenty years that I can hum without having watched the show is the Sporanos, and that's because I bought the Alabama 3 album years before. But I think the Mandelorian has a chance of being the first to really break out into a wider consciousness. Disney+ is huge, it's the highest profile show on it, it was released weekly, and its target audience have had plenty of time to repeat watch it. The tune is fantastic. It's used repeatedly and in interesting ways throughout the entire show. And then, right at the end, It's given its moment to shine as it plays over those gorgeous painted stills. In twenty years time, whatever the 2040 equivalent of Spaced is, is going to feature somebody standing up defiantly with a bucket on their head, somebody will play the recorder and everybody will get the joke.
  23. Is this a joke post? Apparently, yes.
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