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  1. Brains’ ‘Bonding’ song in episode 4 is amazing. “Bonding. You’re not programmed to hug. Bonding. But that’s a feature, not a bug”. Also, I completely failed to realise the Buns analogy in the Animaniacs sketch beforehand until they literally pointed it out. Laughed like a drain both at how well done it was and my at own stupidity.
  2. Burnout Paradise vs Need For Speed HP Sauce vs Crash Bandicoot Mario Cars. All three are in the sale and I’ve not played any of them. What should I get?
  3. He’ll get swapped at half time for Fabinho.
  4. A little bit concerned about that midfield. Not by any of the players individually, I just don’t think they’ll gel together effectively.
  5. I really hope it doesn’t do this, or at least if it does, it’s background detail that’s entirely incidental to the actual story. I’m just enjoying Lone Wolf and Space Cub. I want it to focus on having fun with those characters, not Star Wars nerds obsession with “fixing” other stuff I don’t really care about.
  6. Oh is this the way they say the future's meant to feel?
  7. Hits the ground running like it never went away.
  8. Ah, fair enough. I forgot they also included Google. I still don’t think it changes the argument though. I agree that it’s good for most app store developers. I don’t think anyone here is making the arguments that you’re railing against though.
  9. Was 30% ever "the issue"? It's seems "It's my platform and I'll charge what I want to" is the issue. Apple think they can charge whatever they like to allow people access to their customers. Epic think they shouldn't be allowed to charge anything and that Epic can have free (in both senses of the word) access to Apple customers. Apple newest PR move (it may affect 95% of iOS developers but according to the New York Times it's going to affect less than 5% of App Store revenue) doesn't change that at all.
  10. I probably make this post once every year or so but the NegCon Twist Stick is the best joypad ever made and by far the most underrated. Obviously a steering wheel and pedal set up is the best way to play driving games but the cost and effort involved in setting one up makes them too prohibitive for most people. But this little beauty gives you almost the same level of control (same level of precision as a wheel, full analogue throttle and brake) but for the same size and cost as a standard control pad. Plus, it felt so good. The weight and resistance to t
  11. She probably saw how everyone loves Bob Hoskins for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and thought “I’ll have some of that”.
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