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  1. To while away the time whilst stuck in a house together I’ve been introducing my girlfriend to my board game collection. Something that has become very apparent is that she loves games where you build something. Smash hits so far have been Railroad Ink (her absolute favourite), Carcassonne and, to a lesser extent as it’s a bit too complex a puzzle, Arboretum. So what other games are there that we can get that involves building something up over the course of the game. Preferably ones that have simple rules, aren’t too mathsy, aren’t overly reliant on conflict and are cheap. Would Patchwork or Barenpark fit the bill?
  2. This really extraordinary stuff. I’m about seven hours in and, aside from an hour long detour because I missed something really obvious, has been relentlessly amazing. The sense of loneliness and isolation is superb. The trepidation you feel when you go just a little bit deeper. Brrrrrr. I’ve just got to Oh my days.
  3. I’m about three hours in on the Switch version and it’s terrific so far. The survival/resource management aspect is really well balanced. Not tight enough so that you’re constantly dying, but just enough that you have to keep one eye on your oxygen levels and always think about a route back. Lovely stuff.
  4. It’s out today for Switch. Really like the look of this. Anybody else played it?
  5. You have to enter your age to access the game's website. If your kids are over 18 and your wife is very relaxed about "this kind of thing" then yeah, why not?
  6. For anyone not playing Animal Crossing, Super Crush K.O. is on sale and oh my It’s so refreshingly accessible, unfiddly and satisfying. An absolute joy so far. Also, Hard West is on sale for £1.79. A western themed X-Com alike with decent reviews.
  7. But they start at £45.
  8. This is exactly my situation. Played it to death on my Wii U, sold it when I sold that console but haven't re-bought it for my Switch. I want to buy it and play it all over again but I struggle to justify the cost for a game that I've already rinsed. Especially as the longer I wait, the cheaper it will get and the more I will have forgotten. If Lacuna Inc. really existed, I'd choose to forget this game so I could experience it all over again.
  9. He played BB8? Wow, that’s some range.
  10. Very positive preview at Eurogamer: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-09-hotshot-racing-looks-to-capture-the-spirit-of-londons-trocadero-in-the-90s
  11. This is how you play Burnout, none of that Takedown nonsense: The guy who made that probably didn't blink once. Best. Racer. Ever.
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