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  1. They’ll set up their own turn styles outside every premier league stadium charging for entry.
  2. I'm finding the jump in difficulty between Hard and Expert a bit much. Normal and Hard are ridiculously easy, I got first place in most GP's, only needing to retry a few where I came second. But Expert is far, far tougher, to the point where I don't feel like the game has taught me enough about how to handle the car. It doesn't help that every race is the same: nail the start, shoot into the lead and spend the entire race being overtaken by most, if not the entire field. It's the opposite of how an arcade racer is supposed to work.
  3. Scraping the subtitles would be my guess.
  4. I’ve played a bit on my lunch break and it’s great. Huge fun. Don’t know if it has enough depth to unseat Rise: Race the Future as my favourite arcade racer on the Switch but I think I’m going to enjoy finding out.
  5. There’s been a bus driving round my way with an advert for this for six months.
  6. I've been really looking forward to this so it gives me no pleasure to say that it was terrible. Comfortably the worst film I've seen for a few years. The script was clunky, consisting almost entirely of generic archetypes expositing the plot and themes. It seems harsh to criticise the actors given the blandness of the script but none of them added anything to even a single line. It's a film entirely devoid of flair. And the twin themes of the film were: If you're a truly exceptional woman then you may be accepted as a man's equal as long as the men allow it.
  7. An injury free Keita would be a revelation this season (he really is that good) and Minamino has looked really sharp in pre-season. Jones is going to be an excellent squad player, maybe a decent member of the first team. Same with Brewster if we decide to keep him. And we can now afford to rest our full backs occasionally to keep them fresh. We have enough options to be able to improve the team without spending in the short term. The only way this team are going to finish lower than the top two this year is if City race in to the lead and we focus on the Champions Leagu
  8. It’s a decent throwback to mid-nineties thrillers. There’s a plot contrivance that I had a real problem with but it’s thoroughly entertaining, moves at quite a pace and Boseman is terrific. Definitely worth a watch alongside the other nineties thriller throwback Black & Blue.
  9. It’s a James Bond film where some of the characters are travelling in the opposite direction in time. Sometimes.
  10. A character in one of the books (Excession, I think) giggles upon meeting a ship, commenting that it looks like a dildo. Another character replies that “It could fuck solar systems”, or words to that effect.
  11. Bloody hell. That’s the nerdiest blockbuster movie ever made. Makes The Matrix look like The One Show. Not entirely sure how good it is but I enjoyed the shit out of it. Edit: also, I’d bet good money that Nolan is a fan of Alan Moore’s 2000AD work.
  12. This movie seems to have broken Vue's ticketing system. Absolutely fubared. Edit: been on hold to the helpline for twenty minutes now.
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