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  1. I suppose the counter to this is that even with all that fuzzy corporate PR image stuff they have still spent the last five years getting the shit kicked out of them commercially by two rivals that have built up extremely strong premium exclusive brands. Brands so strong that despite Microsoft chucking hundreds of games at consumers for a paltry pound, in the past week alone one of these competitors was able to sell out its console immediately after merrily informing its customers that it would charge them £70 a game, while the other made an absolute fortune charging £50 for bare bone
  2. I really can’t see these being available on any other console. They automatically become the biggest franchises in the Microsoft stable. There’s a real possibility that both could be well past their heyday - Fallout 4 looked like a really dated game on release and that was five years ago - but they’re both still hugely lucrative for their next iterations at minimum.
  3. I think I might be a little on edge right now if I worked for any of the Bethesda studios or more likely, some of the existing Microsoft Game Studios, because as someone pointed out earlier there does appear to be a lot of redundancy across the current project slate between the two companies. I’d say arseholes at 343 studios might be twitching in particular - ID put out two critically acclaimed and technically ambitious Doom games in the time it took 343 to cobble together that Halo Infinite trailer - one wonders which team Microsoft would like to handle future development of their p
  4. I do agree with your sentiment on conglomeration, but I was also under the impression that Bethesda kind of was struggling and is essentially propped up by Elder Scrolls/Fallout - So many of their high quality games seem to be commercial flops. Given the lack of any sight of Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6 I also wonder if the main studio was starting to run into serious problems with developing their kind of game to the kind of fidelity required for modern systems - realistically, to make a Skyrim type game that doesn’t look or run like shit in 2020 must be astonishingly expensive. It’s
  5. One of the biggest oddities about this topic is Red Dead Redemption 2, which is pretty comfortably the highest selling new AAA game of this generation (although Mario Kart is up there if you add in its Wii U sales). And yet I would struggle to consider it particularly defining of this generation - not because its not top tier but because it seems to exist in this strange dimension outside of the rest of the industry. I simultaneously think its one of the greatest things I’ve ever played while also wondering if I’d put it in my top ten games for this period. I don’t see anything in
  6. The almost instant load from the bonfire warp is the most next generation thing I’ve seen so far.
  7. Yeah I know the full-fat patch is next year but I only currently have a base PS4 and a One S and I have no faith that the game is going to run even half decently on those old machines. So Pro version does me nicely.
  8. Demon’s Souls and a non-janked Cyberpunk push this right up there for console launches. I’m quite time poor right now so those will likely last me until the middle of next year when we can hopefully start to see some discounts on these ludicrous game prices.
  9. Has everyone forgotten how crazy the PS2 adverts were? The David Lynch one and all the others in the same vein? Or the Mental Wealth one for the first PlayStation? It’s a proud legacy of marketing that has sweet fuck all to do with the main product but looks cool anyway. Rooftop parties, pfffft.
  10. I got a puppy this week so have been in need of an easy watch to zone out and binge when he sleeps, so am now almost at the end of the first series of this on iPlayer. Its been an enjoyable watch but I have found it interesting that the flaws that eventually ended up really harming the show in later series were 100pc there from the very start, with very loose plotting the main outstanding factor. The main problem is with the human Cylons, which are never really defined in a coherent way from season to season or even episode to episode. This is compounded by a high level L
  11. Watched two of these last night, absolutely loved it. ‘The Ties that Bind’ bit in the medical drama show was extraordinary.
  12. Popped this on last night on a whim as I saw it on iPlayer. The mini-series is such a curiosity - it’s 100pc necessary to establish the plot and characters but its very janky in lots of ways and quite removed from what the show will actually turn out to be like. It’s quite sprawling and flabby, chock full of exposition and the budget is a real problem because it can’t depict the scale of what’s happening with the Cylon attack on the colonies. Something else that feels very dated is that the mini-series seems so pleased with how modern it thinks it is, which I think was not
  13. I know Covid is partially a factor, but haven’t consumer electronics marketing cycles massively shortened anyway in the seven years since the PS4 and XBONE came out? The Switch was around two months from price reveal to launch. Apple product hype cycles are even shorter than that. Attention spans are shorter now so companies have adjusted in kind.
  14. Rather than an incentive I look it at as more of a trade off. £50 difference isn’t enough to make me consider not being able to buy and sell second hand any more, the digital edition has to have a serious price advantage to make it worthwhile. Sony get to be the only store for the digital system, that’s worth way more than £50 in the long term.
  15. A bit naughty but then again Control was the first game that seemed like it suffered at launch from gamers giving it a miss ‘because it will be free on Game Pass in three months’, which I can’t imagine engendered much desire from the publisher to be consumer friendly when it came to the next-gen version.
  16. Did you miss the staggeringly enormous profits all three console platforms just published for their Covid quarters? Animal Crossing sold 22 million copies in less than six months! At full price! These expensive toys will have massively reduced competition. Cinemas and live entertainment will still be more or less out. Ditto live sport. New TV will likely be starting to get more sparse as networks and streaming services finish up getting through their material that was mostly filmed pre-pandemic. Spending on trips abroad will be down. In the bleak Covid winter, the new con
  17. I wonder if the plan is still to keep it playable on the Xbox One - if so, there’s only so much they can do for it looks wise you’d think. Which means there must have been much more serious problems to necessitate this delay - I think the consensus was that although the graphics weren’t great and not the best showcase for a super powerful console, they were still acceptable for a cross-gen open world game with a high frame rate.
  18. This game better have a Knights of the Old Republic-style ‘murder my obnoxious allies’ option because I definitely want to off that ‘gettin’ your CHERRY POPPED’ guy.
  19. Every time I see the words ‘A-Day’ written down it vexes me and I don’t even know why, it just sounds so fucking stupid. Omg man remember A-Day.
  20. Building a combined zip line and road network that allowed me to go anywhere on the map within 5 minutes is one of my most satisfying gaming achievements, ever. Also, I would be fascinated to know the budget on this because although it’s obviously very polished, it feels like a lot has been done with a little. There’s no real advanced AI in there, lots of reused assets and although there’s a lot of motion capture, the cast is really small. Plus of course the game was more or less put together in less than four years, which is short for a big title these days. It’s really an i
  21. They can double down on the survival horror theme with a 20 minute Bugsnax demo.
  22. I feel like there was not enough excitement about the reveal that you fight savage barbarians riding robo-mammoths in the sequel.
  23. Zelda is also severely lacking in tear blast arrows, which are one of the most satisfying game noises. Nyyyyeeeeeerrrrrooooww
  24. I’m fascinated to see how Guerrilla have approached the upcoming sequel on the PS5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do expand more on the exploration side of things and make traversal less rigid - if only because they ended up working quite closely with KojiPro on Death Stranding, which uses the Decima engine for BOTW-style freeform world design to great effect. Also, the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon showed a pretty clear understanding of what did and didn’t work about the main game. It virtually did away with the uninspiring human combat altogether and doubled down on fighting the m
  25. I’ve started playing this and while I can see it clearly does stick to a lot of the traditional open world tropes, I do think reviews kind of undersold how the Guiding Wind mechanic shakes up the formula. It basically means I’m always fully engaged with the world instead of being distracted by a mini-map or intrusive hud elements. That makes the world feel more immersive and worth exploring rather than just a vehicle to tick boxes.
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