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  1. This game better have a Knights of the Old Republic-style ‘murder my obnoxious allies’ option because I definitely want to off that ‘gettin’ your CHERRY POPPED’ guy.
  2. Every time I see the words ‘A-Day’ written down it vexes me and I don’t even know why, it just sounds so fucking stupid. Omg man remember A-Day.
  3. Building a combined zip line and road network that allowed me to go anywhere on the map within 5 minutes is one of my most satisfying gaming achievements, ever. Also, I would be fascinated to know the budget on this because although it’s obviously very polished, it feels like a lot has been done with a little. There’s no real advanced AI in there, lots of reused assets and although there’s a lot of motion capture, the cast is really small. Plus of course the game was more or less put together in less than four years, which is short for a big title these days. It’s really an indie game in AAA clothing.
  4. They can double down on the survival horror theme with a 20 minute Bugsnax demo.
  5. I feel like there was not enough excitement about the reveal that you fight savage barbarians riding robo-mammoths in the sequel.
  6. Zelda is also severely lacking in tear blast arrows, which are one of the most satisfying game noises. Nyyyyeeeeeerrrrrooooww
  7. I’m fascinated to see how Guerrilla have approached the upcoming sequel on the PS5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do expand more on the exploration side of things and make traversal less rigid - if only because they ended up working quite closely with KojiPro on Death Stranding, which uses the Decima engine for BOTW-style freeform world design to great effect. Also, the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon showed a pretty clear understanding of what did and didn’t work about the main game. It virtually did away with the uninspiring human combat altogether and doubled down on fighting the machines.
  8. I’ve started playing this and while I can see it clearly does stick to a lot of the traditional open world tropes, I do think reviews kind of undersold how the Guiding Wind mechanic shakes up the formula. It basically means I’m always fully engaged with the world instead of being distracted by a mini-map or intrusive hud elements. That makes the world feel more immersive and worth exploring rather than just a vehicle to tick boxes.
  9. For me Horizon was this generation’s spiritual successor to Mass Effect in the sense that it’s a pulp sci-fi story done right - I think the two games are similar in that they have plots full of cliches but give those cliches just enough of a twist to draw in the player. Like, in Horizon:
  10. Although arguably it’s not western civilisation that is the main market for game streaming anyway.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Demon’s Souls was a January - February title even if it was ready to go for launch. Sony will probably view Spiderman plus Cyberpunk and all the other third party staples as more than enough to drive holiday sales. Then Demon’s Souls will be their first big 2021 title and have more room to breathe without being crowded out by the usual crazy rush. My takeaway from that PS5 showcase was that it was very much a target list of first year games rather than launch window.
  12. I think Sony in many ways have benefitted this gen from the fact that most of their PS3 era IP was quite weak relative to the Microsoft big three. It made it a much easier decision to jettison the likes of Killzone and Infamous and allow their first parties to work on more interesting projects. By contrast Halo and Gears almost feel like millstones around Microsoft’s neck. I can understand them sticking with them because they really were best in class first party franchises in the 360 era - I’d argue Gears 1-3 is a stronger trilogy than the PS3 Uncharteds - but they have been drained dry at this point. There’s been six Gears games and Infinite is going to be the eighth (!) Halo. And yet the latest versions still look and play very similar to the originals - compare this to other long-running series like Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, which have enormous variety and evolution from title to title. I also think the general design of Halo and Gears is dated at this point and neither series has particularly strong narrative or world building. Gears 5 really is a technical marvel - one of the best looking games out there and very smooth running - so the Coalition is clearly a very talented team, you just wonder what they could create if they weren’t shackled to a combat system that has limited scope for evolution and a Rob Liefeld aesthetic that past its sell by date long ago.
  13. I find the cost argument a bit disingenuous as it’s framed as cheapo Game Pass vs all games being 60 quid on the PlayStation, as if there wasn’t a virtually permanent sale going on the PS storefront, let alone the continuing existence of a second hand physical market or the games you get with PS Plus, which have included plenty of big hitters at this point. Also, PS Now does exist - doesn’t have first party day one but Bloodborne’s on there and the third party selection on there has started to reach parity with Game Pass, more or less through the cunning strategy of snapping up loads of games that are also currently on or used to be on Game Pass. Bethesda seems to shuttle its games between both services, for example. I can see myself swapping between the two services with short term subs depending on what’s on each one at any given time.
  14. Sad to say it but even the ‘open-World’ aspect of that video looked more like Gears 5 than anything revolutionary for the Halo series. I continue to be baffled by how Microsoft advertises its biggest series. That trailer basically just had the most bog standard of skirmishes - you could take a five minute slice from so many levels from CE to Reach that would look more exciting than this.
  15. I still say Halo isn’t really Halo without the Flood. They’re the perfect foil to the Covenant. The Covenant-only Reach is a good game but gets a bit samey over a 10-hour campaign compared to 1 and 3. Prometheans didn’t present a different enough challenge in 4 and 5.
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