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  1. This kind of nonsense has been spouted since the first game came out and it’s basically impossible to engage with because it’s a total fabrication. You can’t argue with it because this argument is essentially saying that your experience with the game - which as you say is at its core a very standard template of a cinematic action adventure - simply did not happen. All the posts talking about the gameplay throughout the 127 pages of this topic are lies. It’s so bizarre.
  2. From all accounts, most indie studios right now do pretty well out of whatever payments they get to go on the subscription service plus the much wider audience it brings them. I do think ‘right now’ is a pretty big caveat though, for a couple of reasons. One is that although the current payment from MS or Sony or whoever is probably enough to push your Indy game to breakeven so that you can stay afloat for your next game, it does fundamentally limit your ability to financially benefit if your game is a massive hit. This is fine for most developers because most indy games a
  3. I do wonder whether we truly are in a time where new releases got nuked by Covid, or whether everyone still is failing to accept that game hype cycles have shortened. We didn’t know that Demons Souls Remake, Astrobot or Miles Morales existed until June last year and they all launched in November. It is strange what’s going on with Naughty Dog though, it seems baffling that there’s no Last of Us 2 PS5 update given that Ghost, God of War and Days Gone had such prompt upgrades. The Factions multiplayer is AWOL as well.
  4. Apparently they’re doing a reboot with different actors which I have no interest in. What I would be up for is an entire film with Cage playing Castor Troy as the villain. Travolta is magnificently evil after the switch but Cage in that first ten minutes is irresistible.
  5. For sort of left field - GTA 5 on Switch? There were rumours about it a while back that never came to anything. It’s quite odd that there is no Switch version of the biggest game of the last decade, which the console should be perfectly capable of running.
  6. So I have been playing this on the PS5 and although it’s mostly brilliant, I find it to be a rung below the holy trinity of Demon’s, Dark and Bloodborne. There’s a few reasons - one is that the world is much less cohesive and seems full of pointless empty space. I’m near the end and pottering around the top of Lothric Castle hoping to see everywhere I’ve been but it all just merges into random scenery. Another reason is that the bosses are a little bit samey, especially in the back half. Oh look, another really aggressive melee beast with stacks of stamina and cunty sta
  7. Metal Gear Solid collection on Switch. Including Phantom Pain. Pro Evo 5 remaster on Switch.
  8. A new F-Zero shouldn’t look utterly bonkers, it should have worse graphics than the N64 game but run at 8,000 frames per second.
  9. Dark Souls 2 on Switch plz. It’s just annoying enough that I can’t bring myself to allocate TV time to it but I’d be all over a portable version.
  10. It really is just petty the way Nintendo have buried all these series because they don’t think they’ll be 20 million sellers like the big hitters, but haven’t bothered to even release the old games to add value to their online service. It’s fine that they’ll never make another F-Zero but they could at least release F-Zero X. It doesn’t need a thing done to it - it was basic looking when it came out which means it weirdly won’t seem as dated as other games of the era, and the ferocious speed of it will be at home in modern times. It’s the best racing game ever. Bollocks
  11. A day late on this, but The Rock, Con Air and Armageddon all each have more wit and charm in any random 15 minutes of their respective running times than Zach Snyder has managed across his entire career. The biggest problem with him isn’t that his movies are trashy, it’s that they’re no fun.
  12. There is a skill you can learn called Lure Call that completely breaks the game’s stealth. It lets you attract enemies to where you are and then stealth kill them - and most times their mates never see it happen. By and large i didn’t use it on the machines because I liked fighting them too much but on occasions when I was really gripped by the story and wanted to move it along I would use it to zip through stealth bits with the human enemies. It’s not particularly good design but if you’re disciplined with it and don’t overuse it it’s a good alternative to dropping the difficulty.
  13. After completing it I think this remake sits right behind Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne, well ahead of DS2 and DS3. Haven’t played Sekiro. The technical perfection of this genuinely does give it something unique among all the Souls games. Not only the amazing graphics but the sound and Dual Sense implementation. The Storm King fight, for example, just feels massive in a way I’ve rarely experienced with any game before.
  14. I must have genuinely forgotten about characters talking him up. The only thing I remember about Kai Leng is that apparently in one of the books he steals someone’s cornflakes.
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