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  1. I use guides all the time for the Souls games, and feel zero guilt for doing so. The games encourage you to get help - there’s messages on the floor for goodness sake!
  2. Its funny how you learn what play style suits you over time, and how it’s not necessarily what you think it will be. When I first played Dark Souls on the 360 I fancied myself a dextrous dancing spearman. It wasn’t until I got Ludwig’s Holy Blade in Bloodborne that I realised my true self is a man who likes hitting things with enormous swords. By the end of Dark Souls Remastered on the Switch I was rocking the full Havel set and fully upgraded Claymore. Straight up tanked the Four Kings.
  3. I think it is worth pointing out that if you’re trying to do it early, the 1-2 runback is one of the more awkwardly designed ones in the whole Souls series because of the narrow path, having to wait for the dragon to do its thing, having the two knights pop up at the end. There’s other equally convoluted run backs that are much less annoying because they’re less stop start - Firelink Shrine to the Four Kings in Dark Souls is on the face of it just as mad as DeS 1-2 but it’s just a lot more fun to feel like you’re breezing through and almost breaking the level design every time.
  4. I absolutely loved this, one of the great things about it that it really is a proper game with a reasonable challenge while also being a showcase - I died way more times than I have in Demons Souls so far. Absolutely ludicrous that Sony now have a studio that can produce Mario-standard platformers to go with their cinematic action mainstays.
  5. That’s because Michael from Alan Partridge is the voice of the meerkat adverts!
  6. Well, I stuck on Spiderman after playing Astro and Demon’s for a couple of hours. Even the opening cutscene in the default 30fps fidelity mode felt a bit off, and then the actual swinging felt really off - then I switched to the performance mode and it absolutely popped. It gave me flashbacks to 1998 when my sister and I played Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 after a six hour F-Zero X marathon. We didn’t know about frame rates so we thought Diddy Kong was broken.
  7. For my entire life I have been a graphics over frame rate type, especially for story driven games. But playing Demons Souls and Miles Morales at 60fps last night was like a Damascene conversion. When I tried switching to the 30fps fidelity mode on Miles it was like swinging through treacle. The reflections were not enough to make up for that. I think fundamentally that until recently the graphical sacrifices needed for so many console games to hit 60fps meant you could accept the hit to smoothness with 30fps. But now the new consoles can run games looking as good as Miles
  8. I imagine the later Demon’s Souls reviews are so they can maintain marketing momentum across a one-week launch - a bit of extra hype ahead of the Europe/Rest of World release next week.
  9. What is the Death Stranding time extend like? I remember Edge’s coverage of it at the time was really, really weird. Was in the vein that it was some kind of grand folly that was almost unplayable. It was a line that some other big outlets went with as well, but which rather fell apart when people started playing the game and it became clear that although obviously not for everyone, it did resonate very strongly with an audience and that even if it didn’t work for you it was certainly not the total disaster that some portrayed it as.
  10. I played Halo 5 for the first time this year and was kind of staggered when I first came across one of those levels. Completely pointless and so far away from what you want in a Halo game. I quit when I got to the first Warden Fight as it was so aggressively unfun and again so contrary to the Halo ethos. But even aside from all the glaring problems, the encounter design was really tedious compared to the Bungie originals. I can only assume Halo 5’s multiplayer was excellent because otherwise I cannot understand how it sits at a mid-80s metacritic - its single player is just
  11. I think it’s a great idea for Demon’s - it doesn’t compromise the fundamental difficulty but the fact is that all the Souls games have loads of content hidden away in some of the most nebulous ways. I would simply never have found, say, Cainhurst in Bloodborne by myself if I hadn’t found out how to do it online. Without a guide I wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to trigger Dark Souls’ DLC that I bloody well paid for!
  12. What you’re describing was always going to happen once Halo Infinite got delayed. That was what the whole Xbox Series launch was geared around and what was positioned as the hype driver. The AAAA flagship franchise, reinvented back to its best and you can play it day one for ‘free’ - I know if that had actually come off I would be thinking about getting a Series S right now. The Xbox marketing’s readjustment to Halo’s delay has actually been a triumph of squeezing the maximum from what they had to work with.
  13. This really. From Software, which is not a particularly large developer, have released six massive action-adventure games in the space of 11 years with a ton of DLC on top - are we really to believe that was done by people working anything close to normal hours?
  14. See, I would dispute the notion that Death Stranding is a megagame at all - I think it is very much an indie game in spirit. Whereas I think the kind of game described in the OP and throughout this topic is something that aims to be truly ‘Mega’ - massively ambitious but also truly mass-market. I don’t think Hideo Kojima ever thought that Death Stranding was going to sell 10 million copies.
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