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  1. Based on previous games I think it will likely be Walker/Stones/Maguire, with Trippier and Shaw as the wing backs.
  2. I always feel a strange sense of loss when the period of 3-4 games a day comes to an end. I know why they have the final group games on at the same time but I still would prefer to be able to watch them all. And then the first day when there are no games is a massive shock to the system. Bring on 48 teams! I'm going to say something quite controversial now. Notwithstanding all the issues about Qatar hosting, I'm coming round to the idea of a winter (Northern Hemisphere) World Cup. Purely from a selfish perspective, it means there's only a few days gap after the end of the tournament and the regular season will be in full swing again. I'm not saying it's necessarily a good thing for the players, but it will certainly help with the usual withdrawal symptoms I get after a big tournament.
  3. So I guess they’re just going to disallow every goal scored against Qatar? Must admit I didn’t see that coming.
  4. Gigawatt


    PS4/5 version is £23.09 on PSN until the 28th as part of the Black Friday sale. You could knock a bit more off that with cheap credit off shopto. It’s a great game and well worth that.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would have snapped your arm off for a point beforehand but we definitely deserved more in the end. The fortress remains intact, but a few more wins rather than lots of draws would make things a bit more comfortable.
  6. @neoELITE your lot are up at Fortress Sincil Bank today. Can you break our run of being unbeaten at home all season (although 6 draws and 1 win isn’t exactly amazing)? Quite a big turn out from the away fans for such a long journey.
  7. I’ve had 2 more sessions and neither of those registered. And the campaign seems to have disappeared from the app for me so I wonder if it’s screwed up. Not sure what 75 points is actually worth in real life anyway.
  8. I started that campaign today too. It just took a bit of time for the app to recognise I’d done it but it now shows 25% complete. I’ve done another sesh since then so hopefully that will show up soon too.
  9. This is so, so good. It's been said many times in here and I agree with you all, this is a breath of fresh air after the 'meh' of Obi-Wan and the rubbishness of BOBF. Indulge me for a minute while I quote myself from Page 4 of this thread: It feels like this is happening (in my head anyway). I've been blown away by how great this series has been.
  10. They showed them on TV that way round, but when I saw it live Tornado was first. I also think Tornado was the stronger but I love them both.
  11. There is a campaign where you get 50 points for playing one of a selection of VR games. I couldn’t be arsed to get the VR headset out so I downloaded Wipeout, played one race in pancake vision and then deleted it and that was enough to complete the quest for me. If they do enough of those sorts of things to encourage you to try different games that are on Plus or pop particular trophies then that might be encouraging, but I’m also not going to get engaged in buying games just for a meagre number of points.
  12. You might know this already, and it’s probably not a spoiler but I’ll box it just in case. Anyway I agree, she’s really good in this. I’m loving this series so far, it’s miles better than any other Star Wars TV.
  13. I don’t have Apple Arcade any more as it was just a 3-month trial, but it’s good to know that might be an option too thanks.
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