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  1. That’s a really good example of the kind of thing that was going through my head.
  2. After all the time-bending shenanigans of all Nolan’s previous films, what if this is going to be like the GIF suggests and be a ‘palindromic’ film? Imagine if it could be watched in either direction and still have a good story. Maybe watching the same scenes in reverse order (Memento style) the goodie is the baddie and vice versa. Maybe the beginning for one character is that character’s end if the film plays the other way round. Maybe cinemas could randomly show the opposite cut to see how the audience reacts. Maybe it starts, gets to the end and then reverses back to the beginning again (like Braid?). Maybe it could start in the middle and branch out in both directions with the audience deciding in their heads which way the story flows? All sounds a bit bonkers I know but if anyone could pull it off it would be him. Have any other films done anything at all like that?
  3. I’ve just bought this on PSVR based on all the recommendations in this thread. I got the game with the Imagine Dragons pack included for about £32, seeing as all the family love their music. It’s properly good isn’t it? Any tips for getting good other than just practise?
  4. I’m currently on my 3rd run through. I love this show, for me it’s as close to a real-life Simpsons as you can get, in that there is a huge cast of supporting characters who pop in every now and then. It’s so good-hearted and consistently funny in my opinion. Series 1 is only 6 episodes, even if it’s not as strong as the rest you might as well if you think you’re going to watch the other 100 odd (?) episodes.
  5. Where’s the fun in that though? I think seeing all of it really helps understand the journey Alan’s been through over the years and his bouncebackability to get on TV again.
  6. Short answer: Yes it is definitely worth watching. I think you would get more out of it if you spend some time with the characters first. Long answer: Watch The Day Today. Then watch Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge (Ah-ha!) and Knowing Me Knowing Yule. Then watch I’m Alan Partridge Series 1 (Ladyboys!). Then watch I’m Alan Partridge Series 2 (Dan!). Then watch Mid-Morning Matters series 1 (which I assume you can find online somewhere). Then watch the Movie. Then watch Mid-Morning Matters Series 2 (I forget if there were 2 or 3 series, someone else can correct me and point out exactly which ones are before or after the movie), read or listen to both books, watch the Sky specials, and episode 1 of This Time With Alan Partridge. You’ve got till Monday when episode 2 is on.
  7. Just to pick up on this, it seems to affect people differently. I’ve never had a particular problem with airsickness, but I know lots of people who have. In fact back in the day (when this was all fields) if student pilots were suffering with airsickness they would be sent on a separate course aimed at increasing their tolerance by taking them up in a jet (Hawk in the RAF), taking them to the limit of what they could handle before vomming and then backing off. Again and again and again. If you think that sounds horrible then I completely agree, but I guess it adds credence to the idea of getting your ‘VR legs’. Of course the difference in real life is that you get the ‘feel’ of the accelerations and rotations so there isn’t necessarily the disconnect that you get in VR (plenty of other problems though). Having a good external horizon helps, and being in control also seems to make people less susceptible. Certainly the times I’ve felt worst have been sat in the back with a particularly digital dude in the front. It all gets a lot worse when you take away the external reference (like a dark night or in cloud), when it’s very easy to get spatially disorientated or for the body to get seduced by somatogyral or somatogravic illusions. That opens up a whole new kettle of worms where you can quite easily be convinced that you’re the right way up even if you are at some random attitude. If it’s any consolation trying to play Skyrim VR made me want to hurl so much I haven’t dared put the disc back in over a year later.
  8. Right, I have a very important question that’s been bugging me for the last few series of this. Every episode the contestants (and I think presenters and judges) are wearing the same clothes for the whole weekend. I presume that this is for continuity reasons so they can use shots as and when they need to. So is it: A. The production staff wash all the clothes overnight and present them clean, dry and pressed ready for the showstopper? B. They have a budget to buy everyone 2 identical outfits for each week? C. The contestants are minging in stinky sweaty clothes by the end of day 2? These are the things that keep me up at night.
  9. Gigawatt

    Future Man

    I blasted through it in a couple of days when it first came out and thought it was great. It’s clearly parodying so much other stuff but it does it with tongue firmly in cheek and is fantastically stupid with it. Without spoilering it for other people, some of the later story beats involving extended period pieces really cracked me up. I watched it on Hulu, where is it on in the U.K.?
  10. If anyone’s in the US the Playstation Black Friday deals went live today. I just bought the Skyrim pack which has the V2 headset, camera and moves for $350. With sales tax that works out at about £288 which I think is a pretty awesome deal, especially with the new headset. Can’t wait to get stuck in.
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