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  1. It was a completely stupid and pointless idea and everyone knew it apart from the people running it.
  2. The PS5 media remote has a dedicated Netflix button so you are probably going to be ok. Still not 100% guaranteed mind you.
  3. Awesome, I haven’t played it yet but will probably wait till I can get hold of a PS5 now. It’ll be like a launch game for me.
  4. What’s the source for this? I’d love to see a list of what improvements other games are getting too.
  5. Cheers for all that, I hope that is the case as that will make it so much better.
  6. From the teardown video, we saw the unit has 2 USB ports at the back (finally) and one on the front. The video says both the ones at the back are 10Gbps, which I think is 1250MBps. So those are not going to be fast enough to run PS5 games off an external SSD which we already knew, but I guess will be fine for external storage and hopefully data transfers will be quicker than on PS4 (I’m no expert on these things but does that sound correct?). The USB port on the front just says “Hi Speed”, so I infer from that, that the front port is primarily for charging controllers. I’ve had a
  7. I’ve always used my Bose noise cancelling headphones just plugged into the controller. I’ve always been happy with the sound quality, but I’ve seen some posts on here saying it’s really bad. Is the sound quality from the controller port objectively worse than over Bluetooth? Anyway the recent PlayStation blog post confirmed that 3D audio works using the controller port so I’ll probably continue to use that.
  8. Tenet was never going to do as well as they hoped, as no-one is going to risk going to a packed cinema and all the screens have to social distance anyway. Plus LA and New York cinemas are still closed according to some articles I’ve read which apparently are the 2 largest markets for the studios. Anyone could have seen this, so a return of close to $300M, most of which is from outside the US, is pretty good given the circumstances.
  9. In real fast jets, fully back is idle RPM, which is min thrust (but not zero). That will generally slow you down due to drag but it’s not a brake. Fully forward is max RPM. Thrust is dependent on many factors but primarily altitude. Aircraft with Reheat (Afterburners) will generally have a detent or gate through which the throttle has to be moved to get the extra thrust. Aircraft with 2 engines will usually have 2 throttles that can be moved independently or together. More modern aircraft will have some auto-throttle modes (like cruise control). Maximum turn rate nearly always requir
  10. One of the points from Mark Cerny’s talk a million years ago was that they were aiming for 2 seconds from selection to title screen for games, near-instant loading, instant restarts after death, and fast travel that was actually fast. If they have cracked that, they should be shouting it from the rooftops, and Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls are perfect games to show it off. They also made a big song and dance about 3D audio but we’ve heard nothing of that. Can I use it if I plug my headphones into the controller or is it the Pulse headset only? Why hasn’t there been a YouTube video
  11. I feel for you and I really hope the cinemas can survive. We’ve just had a new Everyman opened near us and it’s brilliant, I just really hope for their sake they can survive until some normality returns. I’m not sure what the studios’ plans are here? If they keep delaying films into next year then surely a lot of cinemas will have shut down by then, and if the studios are relying on cinema revenue to pay for the films they’ve already made that’s not going to happen if they’re all closed. For me this brings up another question that’s kind of related to the High Street in gen
  12. I can’t really tell from the photo but does that suggest the white panels could be user replaceable like the Xbox 360 faceplates? It looks like the fixings will make a gap between the panel and chassis which might be good for airflow.
  13. It worked from PS4 to PS4 Pro so there is a chance at least.
  14. I’m not sure any of us know how an actual starfighter’s control strategy would work for real, it’s not like the wings need to generate lift or anything. The control stick might very well do pitch and yaw if that’s the most efficient way of aiming a blaster?
  15. I wonder if they couldn’t get the original actor in to do facial capture for Miles Morales and the next sequel, and so decided to retrofit the new guy into the remaster so it’s consistent for all PS5 players? I really liked their version of Peter so it feels a bit weird to me.
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