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  1. niftyifty

    The C64 Mini

    The remakes of Commando and GNGoblins are exceptionally good. Loads of trainer options, options to play the originals, music/FX. They work fine with the SD Drive on a real C64 too, nothing like the warm sounds of the SID chip
  2. niftyifty

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Hi @kernow I can confirm my Jap Super Famicom with SD2SNES works fine with 60hz Jap\US ROMs. I'm on latest firmware 1.7e with an RGB scart into a sony pvm looks gorgeous Give me a shout when you get sorted as you'll need some files for the SD2SNES. I'm using a 4GB Sandisk SD card.
  3. Ok on with the Vice 3.1 setup :-) Access the Vice menu once it's loaded up (on my xbox pad it's the red/B button). I'm only going to setup a basic C64 with 1541 mk2 drive for best compatability and SID sound for now. Only options that need changing are shown below, ON in Vice is an asterisk *. - Drive > True drive emulation ON - Drive > drive sound emulation ON or OFF depending on preference. - Drive > drive sound volume 14% higher or lower depending on preference can be buggy and stays on in background. - Machine settings > Model settings > SID Settings > SID Model = 8580 + digi boost ON - Machine settings > Model settings > SID Settings > reSID sampling method > resampling ON - Machine settings > Joystick settings > joystick device 2 = Joystick - Video settings > size settings > Fullscreen = ON; Custom = ON; Custom resolution = 320x200; resolution limit mode off = ON - Video settings > video cache = ON - Video settings > color controls > gamma 2340; tint 1000; saturation 1500; contrast 1250; brightness 1000 - Video settings > VICII colors > external palette = ON - Video settings > VICII colors > available palette files > pepto PAL = ON - Sound settings > fragment size = very large; Frequency = 48000 Hz ON; Synchronisation method = Exact ON - Settings management > save current settings DO THIS! Then quit emulator to save and exit. Reload with a D64 game and it should Autostart the disk loading with the above settings :-) These settings give the best PAL looking and sounding SID for now. I'll be fiddling with more detailed settings for SID chip especially and will post best sounding filter parameters etc soon. I DO have a real C64 setup and comparing it sound wise is not very far off, the real thing sounds "warmer" :-) Any problems give me a shout, and apologies for posting in the main thread, maybe someone with more knowledge of forum matters can put this info in the first post!
  4. Sorry I've not replied sooner especially to Mr Gerbik regarding setting up Vice on Retropie. In answer to your question about the disk images I generally only use D64 (disk) images or TAP images (for tapes). I think the archive you downloaded that collection from maybe in a different incompatible format? I've just downloaded and compiled the latest Vice 3.1 through the Retropie setup menu. I find the best way to update is to copy the previous .cfg file for Vice to a safe area then delete it from the retropie cfg folder (through your network), reboot, then compile new Vice from latest sources. I compiled earlier today and it took around 15 minutes. I have a 1080p Sony tv that I run at 720p@50hz in the run command menu before the emulator launches. On my setup this default mode is CEA-19 and the framebuffer res is 320x240 (I find this is the best for speed and sound at best settings in Vice). Btw I have my Pi3 overclocked to 1.34ghz and not noticed any problems, all buttery smooth at 50fps :-)
  5. Hi Duke and Gerbik, brilliant thread btw, fantastic work. I'm a C64 head and have used the latest source code (built into Retropie config) to build the C64 Emu yesterday. It's tricky to set up but well worth the effort. The SID emulation is set to a basic level to start with and the colours are well off... to fix this: - change the palette to PEPTOPAL (under video settings) - change SID setting to RESAMPLING-FP (under machine settings) - change drive emulation to TRUE DRIVE and enable sound for the Floppy sounds:-) I'll check more settings when I get home but that's a good start and the SID sounds less harsh than the default setting. Btw doing all this on an overclocked Rpi3. So not sure if the resampling SID affects performance on a normal pi3.
  6. niftyifty

    PS4 Pro

    I've just finished restoring data from my PS4 to my shiny new PS4 Pro with 960GB Crucial 550SSD and can confirm it flies thorugh the menus and games like Bloodborne load almost seamlessly. I had the SSD installed in my PS4 previously but it seems to be working even faster in the Pro - I wonder if it's the extra bandwidth of SATA3?
  7. Just a quick note... I installed a Maxtor 750GB in my crystal green Xbox and had to enable lba 48 addressing so there was no corruption. I found this out the hard way after instaling loads of games from dvd only to find them disappearing randomly. I'm guessing 48bit addressing is buried somewhere in your bios/modchip options.
  8. No problem. I saved up my hard earned paper round monies to buy Invaders, my first handheld. Cost £19.99 in 1983 from local rip-off Newsagent but he knocked a quid off for being punctual :-) Enjoy
  9. If you ever want to sell Invaders from space or Scramble, Scouser let me know ;-)
  10. Thanks deKay. I'm downloading my childhood right now. Happy to send a donation for overheads for all the downloads.
  11. I think Evolution are just over half way through with content for Season Pass holders... I'm sure someone elase has mentioned that earlier in this thread? As for feedback on the Lamborghini expansion, all I can say is, it is fantastic and a real testament to the skills of Evolution, drifting is spot on from playing it a few weeks back. Sorry to hear about the redundancies but I just wanted to say out loud what a fantastic game this has become after the intial teething problems.
  12. niftyifty

    The Emulator Thread

    Funny you should post that Strider as i've just managed to get the latest version of SSF working on my core i7 laptop with fantastic results. I had to hunt around for tips but the basic setup involves using Daemon tools lite to mount Saturn ISOs then select the mounted drive as the boot drive in SSF. Tested Sega Rally, Batsugun, Toaplan shooting battle, panzer dragoon saga, Daytona CCE, all work superbly well. Btw i used a region free Saturn bios rom with region set as America in SSF.
  13. niftyifty

    Essential shoot-em-ups

    I'm struggling with clocking these games on the humble PC-Engine but damn are they worthy of a mention here: Soldier Blade and Super Star Soldier bothefantastic games particularly the former :-)
  14. niftyifty

    Amiga 600

    Morning Moora, I recently posted some info on the Retrogaming Roundup forum about setting up a CF card >4GB for an accelerated A1200 - hopefully my last post at the link below will be of some use. I'm sure it will be useful for setting it up for your A600. It's well worth joining the English Amiga Board (EAB) as well for for the FAQs, tips and general Amiga nostalgia as previous poster has mentioned :-) I ressurected my A1200 after 12 years of lying in a selaed plastic box in the loft and it works lovely. The Killer Gorilla WHDload packs are well worth downloading as well (Google it). To do a test run setting up my HD I used WinUAE then did it on the real thing (there are fAQs on the EAB website). Link to Gamegavel post here All the best

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