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  1. The accessibility discussion should probably move to another thread if only not to get the hopes up of everyone desperate for Elden Ring news seeing new posts in here but I'm out because trying to discuss anything with some people in this thread is infuriating and I've seen it happen in other threads and I don't know why I let myself get sucked in and being accused of being a white knight/virtue signaller because I care about accessibility is my limit before I say something I regret.
  2. Imagine caring about people who aren't yourself! I mean I've played and completed all the Dark Souls games and Bloodborne and I'm currently enjoying playing Demon Souls, I have literally no issue with the difficulty and would not use any accessibility options if they were available to me. We aren't all selfish arseholes who only care about ourselves. If you want to argue about the practical realities of making things accessible that's one thing, it's the bollocks like we want "Sekiro play more like Assassins Creed" or that we want everyone to enjoy everything. The fact a book is available i
  3. Hades is many peoples GOTY and is made by a small studio and combat is a large part of the game, it also includes a God mode in an attempt to make it more accessible. The idea that making games accessible is "blandifying" is a complete strawman that nobody here is actually asking for.
  4. The thing with FromSoft games is they aren't just about the combat, sure the combat is part of it for a lot of us but the worlds they build and the lore make them fun places to explore and a lot of people would love to explore these worlds if given the opportunity. You could say go and play something else but who else makes worlds like From? I used to be very much in the "no easy mode" camp but educating myself on accessibility issues I think it's actually really important that games make allowances not just for people who aren't interested in the combat but also people with disabiliti
  5. Got caught up in the hype and purchased the VIP edition on steam because I'm a sucker
  6. Personally if £70 meant we got games that aren't stuffed full of lootboxes and MTX I would be happy enough, but you know it would mean £70 and still stuffed full of lootboxes and MTX
  7. I enjoyed Eliza a great deal if you haven't played it (Edge 9/10)
  8. All the backwards compatibility stuff they are doing is very clever and cool but I'm guessing I won't be able to just put in any 360 disc and play it? In its original state if need be? I'm guessing they would have mentioned it. I'm getting scared at what price this beast is going to be
  9. Seems like a great day to finally announce that January direct
  10. Another interesting bit in the original Business Insider article that the Kotaku one is based on: https://www.businessinsider.com/why-are-so-few-games-on-google-stadia-2020-2?r=US&IR=T
  11. This is the week of the January Direct I can feel it... for reals this time!! (Seriously though does any Nintendo developed game have a firm release date after Animal Crossing? There must be a direct soon, right? RIGHT?!)
  12. I finally finished this today. I've been really taking my time with it and I loved it so much. I'm definitely glad Yu didn't try to wrap the story up in this because it felt rushed at the end as it was. I still think it's an amazing achievement given the size of the team and budget. I just want someone to give Yu a ridiculous budget to make a modern AAA polished Shenmue 4 just to see what he'd make but alas. The battle really dlc looks suitably bonkers so I'm looking forward to giving that a try
  13. Got an email this evening from Shopto saying my Tokyo Mirage FE Encore order has "reached our warehouse" which I assume means it'll be shipping tomorrow. I'd somehow got in my head it was coming out next week so a nice surprise to realise it's this Friday. Sometimes being a forgetful arse has upsides.
  14. I think I'm going to finally get off my backside and play this (by sitting on my backside) so I can participate in the hype for the sequel next year! The old links in this thread seem to be dead but am I right in thinking this www.moddb.com/mods/vtmb-unofficial-patch is the patch I want? And that if it's my first time through it's probably best to stick to the "basic" version of the patch? Are any other mods or anything recommended? Thanks for any help
  15. There's a little 5 minute recap movie that's made from cutscenes from the first 2 games with some narration over the top. It is very brief though and I'm not sure if I hadn't just come straight from a replay of the first 2 games I'd fully remember what's going on.
  16. It also guarantees that nobody is running any hacks or mods to cheat which is good for multiplayer... of course not being able to mod or hack single player games is a negative and I'm not sure if they've discussed any sort of support for mods?
  17. I'm sure I read somewhere that at launch if you want to use the controller on anything other than the Chromecast Ultra you have to plug it in via usb? Which seems like another absurd thing for them to not have at launch
  18. Genuinely laughed out loud at the end
  19. It's going to be on Google Stadia I think? I don't think it's going to be any different though except I'd hope you can run all the leagues and everything set to max and it'll still be super speedy. I might be interested if that's the case.
  20. getting sacked in a trailer is a new low for me
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