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  1. The Hori split pad is so comfy but I'd kill for one with gyro and rumble
  2. Dekay, prepare the Nintendo Direct rumour siren! Essentially a 'content creator' appears to have leaked there will be a Nintendo Direct on the 15th (next Wednesday) and also a particular game that will be shadow dropped. Spoilered just in case people don't want to know the game rumoured to be shadow dropped (but people are probably going to discuss it so you should leave now... NOW)
  3. A new sale starts on Thursday and NintendoLife are doing 10% off eshop credit again https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/06/nintendos-super-sale-slashes-the-price-of-over-1500-games-this-thursday-europe
  4. It just looks so empty and sterile to me with no art style or direction that ties it all together. We've got a whole month of coverage from IGN so maybe as we see more it will come together but so far to me it feels like we are in another classic Sonic Cycle
  5. Looks like someone modded a Sonic model in amongst a bunch of unity assets
  6. I appreciate there are reasons it didn't happen and I'm sympathetic but it stops me indulging in my bad habit of playing videogames in bed before trying to sleep I might give one of those clip on lights a try haha
  7. Having spent the weekend with it I have not noticed any issues with build quality, it seems like a nicely solid satisfying thing. The screen is really smooth but I do miss a backlight which I didn't think I would. I've tried to play it a couple of times in a dimly lit room in the evening and it is a bit of a struggle depending on the game and how much detail you need to decipher. The first game is a surfing high score arcade game and it took me a bit of getting used to using the crank to change the board direction but once I got the knack of it I've found it's got that really addictive "one more go" factor. The second game is bird photography adventure game which I've enjoyed. I'm really liking the drip feed nature because I'm really looking forward to the next game appearing where as if they were all available straight away I don't know if I'd give each game as much attention. I also got the cover so my overall summary is: Yellow and purple.
  8. Mine arrived today. I was worried it was dead when it arrived but it just needed a good hour or so charging. Not played much yet but look forward to trying it out more tonight.
  9. Toilets and most gendered spaces have basically worked on a self-id basis forever. I've certainly never been asked to produce my birth certificate to prove I'm a man before entering the gents. The idea making it easier for trans people to make it simpler to update their birth certificate with their true gender will suddenly unleash some horror on society is absurd. From what I remember the Gender Recognition Act reforms that kicked this whole panic off will still require a legal commitment to live as their updated gender and it would be considered an offence to do it under false pretences. This whole panic is ridiculous because unless you are trans you would basically not be affected in any way and you'd notice zero change. There are already countries that have implemented self id and there is no evidence as far as I'm aware of there being negative consequences.
  10. chamberlago


    The reviews and impressions are making me really interested. I am worried I'll be rubbish though
  11. Guys, can you stop saying how good it is? Can't you say the screen isn't all that and it's not worth it please? My wallet is in danger!
  12. Can't believe that this time the rumours turned out like all the other times
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