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  1. Nintendo Switch

    They retweeted it yesterday for maximum troll-age. Just announce it you scumbags!
  2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    Phew! Been through and added everyone from the last couple of pages and added myself to the spreadsheet. My ID is 3069 5662 307
  3. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Mario took over my life a bit and I completely forgot about this!. Got a score in for this round, much room for improvement.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    At the time you posted this I didn't really understand because that was my first and only real attempt and I got my moon so missing out on an arbitrary 100 which is only significant because of our base 10 number system... then not long later I realised. Oh the pain. Annoyingly I could then not even get close, not even 50 usually, I thought I'd never do it... BUT TODAY
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Also the boxes are lovely and diddy
  6. Let's talk about Loot Boxes

    I'm really uncomfortable having my "free" extra content being paid for by a company exploiting other people's gambling addictions. There will be people paying more than they can afford because they are susceptible to these things that are designed to be as addictive as possible. That's why people should be angry in my humble opinion. If companies want to make extra money selling cosmetic items I don't really care that much but just let people buy them for a set price rather than making them gamble an indeterminate amount of money on a slot machine. It's seedy and unethical and needs regulating like any other form of gambling.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Yep, coming on Friday
  8. Nintendo Switch

    So this week on the eShop we are getting it's Stardew Valley, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Oxenfree and Axiom Verge? Dear Nintendo, please stop, my wallet is begging you.
  9. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    If someone can reassure me I wasn't the only idiot who managed to forget about the 100% power modifier between setting up the game and the first tee and was really pleased with their perfect 100% tee shot for a fraction of a second before realising what they had done that would be great
  10. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Damn didn't get around to doing a round for RGA 3 last week. Got a score in early doors this week with a pretty average score that hopefully I'll improve before the end of the week!
  11. Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    I did not ...but my credit card is calling me because that's what it's for right??
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Hooray! Just need Stardew Valley to get a date now
  13. Golf Story

    Dekay was a false prophet sent to test us, all hail the one true eshop god Bojangle!
  14. Golf Story

  15. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Been busy this week so not had much time for golfing (sad times) but just put in a quick -7 and updated some scores in the ladder so I'm current standing on a pretty average -11. Not sure I'll have any time to try and improve it but next week! Next week I can hopefully spend more time playing... and will probably still end up being average

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