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  1. Before a race starts: Okay remember, be tactical with the takedowns, save them for the last lap. The moment a race starts:
  2. I got frustrated with the chevrons to start with but once I got used to the fact they are always on the outside of the corner I found it easier. I don't even notice the individual chevrons now I just see a block that I should be turning away from, if that makes sense.
  3. Really enjoyed the couple of hours I played this this afternoon. Once I got out of "sim" mode and started breaking while holding the accelerator down it was a lot of fun. Basically just keep the boost and accelerator held down all the time and add some braking when required
  4. Pre-ordered on the understanding this is an indie game made by a team of 7 people and inevitably isn't going to have the level of polish that a AAA title or even some of the bigger indie titles, and also to support the team in the hope they can build on this game for a sequel and show the industry there is a demand for these types of games. Not going to lie, the fact it has no music at all is a bit of a disappointment but it is what it is. As long as the actual driving is satisfying and fun I can forgive a lot *crosses fingers*
  5. In Bethesda tradition, it's actually loads of bugs
  6. chamberlago

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I did. I didn't get Motorsport Manager 3 because my tablet couldn't play it and I don't really like playing on my phone screen, anyway from what I can gather it's basically Motorsport Manager 3 with some extra graphical stuff and controller support so I've been enjoying it. I miss some of the depth of the PC version but I've played my first season and it's been very enjoyable. It runs very nicely in handheld mode, I did have one crash at the start of my first game when I was going back and forth between screens figuring all the stuff out but nothing since. I guess it'll come down to how much you would get out of MM3 on Switch hardware
  7. chamberlago

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Motorsport Manager is out today I think? Trying not to buy too many games this year but this is definitely getting bought
  8. chamberlago

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    Looks like a Dreamcast game and I mean that in best possible way. Obviously, it looks far better than a Dreamcast game but it looks how I remember them looking with my nostalgic rose tinted glasses on. Still very hyped for this.
  9. In Europe no. In North America yes. Other regions I don't know. North America are giving them out to the 999 players with the most wins during the event and in Europe they are giving away to 999 players via a random draw from everyone who has won a game during the event (and winning multiple times doesn't give multiple entries or anything). At least that is what a remember from a brief skim of the terms and conditions the other day.
  10. chamberlago

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Can it really be almost 14 years since the Nintendo On hoax? Ah memories Good times
  11. Has nobody made the joke about this being the Xbox One SAD Edition yet? Standards on this forum are dropping (or increasing I guess) As someone who hasn't got an Xbox One yet, I'd be pretty interested in this depending on the price point. There have been some crazy value Xbox One S bundles around and I keep getting tempted but I keep looking longingly at an Xbox One X instead but I can't actually afford one. If it can be even better value than those One S bundles I'll probably end up grabbing one. I keep getting more and more games digitally and I've kept up my subscription to Xbox Live for my 360 so I've already got a big library of digital games and then stuff like Game Pass looks pretty good as well so on that front a lack of a drive doesn't worry me too much and I have a PS4 if I want to play a dvd/bluray. I've become less and less invested in having physical media over this generation, the collector in me still likes having a line of cases on the shelf but the laziness inside me likes not having to change discs more.
  12. chamberlago

    Nintendo Switch

    Can you say if it's based on MM3 or the PC version?
  13. Honestly, the number of times I've loaded this up telling myself I'll just have one or two games before playing something else and then suddenly it's 3 hours later. Got my first win last night and it was a very joyous moment
  14. chamberlago

    Nintendo Switch

    It's what Nintendo Insider have apparently heard (I've no idea how reliable they are)
  15. @Mega CD You got annoyed that it was implied you support worker exploitation but then you just keep saying "that's the way it is" and people should work somewhere else if they don't like it. If you aren't actively supporting change then you are implicitly supporting the status quo and the current exploitation that goes on. It's also ridiculous to say that people who care about workers just shouldn't buy the product. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism, if you go down that root you wouldn't buy anything. Sure it can be taken into consideration but not buying a product doesn't actually help the workers as much as advocating for unions and better employment laws does. It's good to see things like Game Workers Unite www.gwu-uk.org starting up and getting a little bit of traction and I hope the situation will improve going forward.

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