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  1. I think Voez and Severed are the two handheld only games or at least they were when I last looked. I think Voez exclusively uses the touch screen and Severed mostly uses it?
  2. The limited edition has just gone up on Shopto for £69.85 https://www.shopto.net/en/swle100-the-legend-of-zelda-link-s-awakening-limited-p113365/
  3. Glad to see the voice actor voicing Ryo hasn't got any better in the intervening years. It just wouldn't be the same without his stilted........ delivery
  4. I didn't really have any interest in this but then Football Manager was in the show reel and if I can play Football Manager with all the leagues running at super speed that would be great considering it's not a game in which lag would be an issue. I can see me buying the Stadia version of that. Apart from that though? Meh
  5. Think I had a copy of this on the original Xbox that I never actually got around to playing. The pile of shame spans many generations. I can't say I've noticed much demand for a remaster of this but what do I know?
  6. Before a race starts: Okay remember, be tactical with the takedowns, save them for the last lap. The moment a race starts:
  7. I got frustrated with the chevrons to start with but once I got used to the fact they are always on the outside of the corner I found it easier. I don't even notice the individual chevrons now I just see a block that I should be turning away from, if that makes sense.
  8. Really enjoyed the couple of hours I played this this afternoon. Once I got out of "sim" mode and started breaking while holding the accelerator down it was a lot of fun. Basically just keep the boost and accelerator held down all the time and add some braking when required
  9. Pre-ordered on the understanding this is an indie game made by a team of 7 people and inevitably isn't going to have the level of polish that a AAA title or even some of the bigger indie titles, and also to support the team in the hope they can build on this game for a sequel and show the industry there is a demand for these types of games. Not going to lie, the fact it has no music at all is a bit of a disappointment but it is what it is. As long as the actual driving is satisfying and fun I can forgive a lot *crosses fingers*
  10. In Bethesda tradition, it's actually loads of bugs
  11. I did. I didn't get Motorsport Manager 3 because my tablet couldn't play it and I don't really like playing on my phone screen, anyway from what I can gather it's basically Motorsport Manager 3 with some extra graphical stuff and controller support so I've been enjoying it. I miss some of the depth of the PC version but I've played my first season and it's been very enjoyable. It runs very nicely in handheld mode, I did have one crash at the start of my first game when I was going back and forth between screens figuring all the stuff out but nothing since. I guess it'll come down to how much you would get out of MM3 on Switch hardware
  12. Motorsport Manager is out today I think? Trying not to buy too many games this year but this is definitely getting bought
  13. Looks like a Dreamcast game and I mean that in best possible way. Obviously, it looks far better than a Dreamcast game but it looks how I remember them looking with my nostalgic rose tinted glasses on. Still very hyped for this.
  14. In Europe no. In North America yes. Other regions I don't know. North America are giving them out to the 999 players with the most wins during the event and in Europe they are giving away to 999 players via a random draw from everyone who has won a game during the event (and winning multiple times doesn't give multiple entries or anything). At least that is what a remember from a brief skim of the terms and conditions the other day.
  15. Can it really be almost 14 years since the Nintendo On hoax? Ah memories Good times
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