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  1. I hope they favor Perez for the Mexican GP, Max and the team owe him a lot.
  2. Yeah, Lewis will be my Driver of the Day. Great recovery, hated hearing that fighting spirit leave him at the start of the race, glad it worked out.
  3. Ah hope Bottas makes this hard, could be shenanigans…
  4. Jeez, Perez worked for that place, they could have let him keep it and both cruised to the end.
  5. Ok, many of you may HATE this, but I don’t like George. I’m willing a podium away from him. I apologize.
  6. That drone camera needs some polish.
  7. Really hope Mick gets a good haul of points today, great start so far!
  8. I don’t think he needs too, Redbull tire degradation in superior to Ferraris right now, no? He’ll still take a chance though He should be side eyeing what Carlos will do though…
  9. I managed to catch some of this, we absolutely need more people like him in our world. He’s been so busy recently, hope he gets his rest.
  10. I noped out of the thread at Era, they seem happy ripping this film to shreds, and I really don’t think there’s a happy soul on that forum sometimes. But, I didn’t have a problem with Wanda’s role either, these are movies where I’m just along for the ride.
  11. Spiderwebs got in the way there.
  12. No, no, no! This is embarrassing. Jesus.
  13. Sainz shirtless, oh my.
  14. Should end up 8th with the 5 second penalty Alonso gets. Schumacher.
  15. That’s what you get when you entertain Corden.
  16. Looks like Schumacher could get his first points this race. That’ll be nice.
  17. No Brundle that’s not Mahomes!
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