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  1. taurusnipple

    NFL 2020!

    With Rodgers winning his second
  2. taurusnipple

    NFL 2020!

    Packers - Chiefs seems more likely.
  3. taurusnipple

    NFL 2020!

    This weekend: Greenbay Chiefs Bills Saints What I want: Greenbay Browns Bills Bucs
  4. taurusnipple

    NFL 2020!

    Browns-Steelers game start, are you kidding me?!
  5. So is everybody still looking forward to Rogue Squadron? Yes this was long. Suicide Squad is NOT better than this. There are plot holes and stupid, such stupid script choices! But what I really liked is the relationship between WW and Steve, there’s a few cute moments where WW is leading him by the hand, the time in the plane was lovely too. CatWig looked cool too. This needs a recut, there’s plenty of meat to save but this script should have been questioned and talked about before they filmed.
  6. So I work in the optics business and we have a potential order with a prestigious Formula 1 team. Really pushing our head of sales to take this, I’ll be manufacturing the parts but we are swamped with work right now. It’s such a marketing opportunity though! I told them we’d be clowns to pass this one by and act fast. Hopefully we hear more before our Christmas shutdown but this really got me stoked!
  7. Regarding the LOTR 4K discs, have they done any work on the special effects? I remember watching Two Towers and a scene where the King sticks his sword into the mouth of a warg being ropey. The whole fight was pretty CGI reliant.
  8. It’s laying horizontal....and not upside down anymore.
  9. Thanks man, that actually happened on my One X too, worked back then but not this time. But I did fix the issue though. Embarrassing to say really.
  10. So my Series X won’t play ANY of my movies. That’s after I tried to download Doom Eternal from a disc. I’ve not heard of any problems with disc drives, this a thing?
  11. Quick resume wasn’t working on Gears 5 for me last night, working for anybody else? I quit my campaign and left the game at the title screen. Tried a couple of times. Worked with Ori.
  12. I’m a little underwhelmed? I went from a One X using a B7 hoping for something to leap out and I’m not getting that. My goto game right now is Gears 5 but I’ve yet to play with performance modes. If anything, I’ve replaced a funky disc drive, my One X wouldn’t play any 4K Universal movies and I get to convince the wife I need a new CX. I’ll try some other software tonight, loads are noticeable and appreciated though, especially coming off Switch gaming.
  13. Ok, I purchased this movie based on what you said and omg 80's goodness but this is weird. Halfway into it.
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