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  1. Don’t agree with any of that. Start of the season Ferrari were in the mix for race wins, the rivalry was between Max and Charles, thus the points. Redbull prioritized 1 racer (even to the last race and well after Max had won the championship) Checo is not shit by far.
  2. And I hope he does honestly and I hope the Mexicans boo Max in the future. I’m sorry this just irritates me, there’s a platform here and the world is seeing this. A world champion should be setting the standard not lowering us to Trump levels of pettiness and made up grievances
  3. Such class from the world champion there. Just wow.
  4. Good race that, Sainz had a solid race, shame Toto isn’t there for this.
  5. No Charles! No! This guy has NO luck!
  6. Unfortunate, this was the most boring race this season, these fans deserved better.
  7. All that money and such a miserable sod. Tim Apple.
  8. That’s gonna please his new boss…
  9. This weeks episode was incredible. Lots of imperial insights/touches and rebel intrigue. Music was great too. I hope nothing happens to my favorite droid though, that poor thing!
  10. Agree with everything said here and for me, the best thing Marvel have produced including the movies. I’m a big fan of the supporting cast too. I saw what they were doing with the intro straight away and I was grinning hard. Had to pause and explain to my daughter, went on YouTube and showed her the 70’s intro show.
  11. My most recent Nope moment was Eternals. Got to the first cgi fight where they were dancing around some uninspired snarly things.
  12. You guys have many more opportunities to get points than the USA based rewards system.
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