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  1. It's that dude from cheers!
  2. Ok, I purchased this movie based on what you said and omg 80's goodness but this is weird. Halfway into it.
  3. I thought this was a great watch! Kinda like a Harry Potter lite. No intention of reading these comics but will gladly catch season 2!
  4. Great news, love this show and I'm glad this won't be dumped unfinished.
  5. Innerspace is incredible! Had a rewatch 2 years ago but I'll pick up the Blu. Enemy Mine from 1985 is one I'll add.
  6. Beast digs up plenty for me. Why do I need cat food though?
  7. Episode 3 and it's breathtaking, I've found myself horrified and delighted throughout.
  8. Didn't watch all the video but the walk speed it too slow. Is there any running?
  9. Hey guys, may be the wrong place and I apologize. I own Outrun on digital, my Xbox 360 red ringed years ago, is there any way to get this on my Xbox One? I can't find it on my purchase history which is VERY strange.
  10. I got the bluray boxed set like I said and I'm now on the final season, literally just watched the episode where Sam leaps into Jimmy for the second time. What's great is my daughter watching every episode with me, she loves the show and I tease her with a tear jerker of a final episode, even though I can't quite remember how it went.
  11. So the Rock is in talks with Feige, what's everybodys thoughts on him joining the MCU in some capacity? For myself, he's become larger than life and with Marvel as big as they are, I don't think you need to count on his bankability, it'll still make TONS of money. But I don't think I'll ever to be able to see anything but The Rock. Voice work?
  12. I was really hyped for this season, new Ferrari driver, Danny on a new team. But this Merc 1-2 really is pretty dull, especially when Toto has his finger on the 'behave' button. Rosbergs last year was great to watch. Next race I'll watch the highlights.
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