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  1. Boom. Also comes in useful with iPhones, and so on. I even regularly charge my camera batteries from it when I',m travelling.
  2. Sorry it was Ravpower I got - The cable is Anker. It doesn't seem to be for sale anymore but this is the equivalent: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-RAVPower-22000mAh-Li-polymer-Smartphones-Black/dp/B01GJFNQYG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1510575474&sr=8-3&keywords=ravpower+power+bank This one is a bit bigger I think mine is 18,000. Also - USB-C is still something of a minefield with some cables not actually being the right grade to charge and so on but this cable works for me: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B011995DDO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&p
  3. I thought about this for ages, then picked up a massive anker battery and the requisite USB B to USB C cable. That way I'm not limited to needing a power socket. It has come in very handy on long haul flights. Just need to keep on top of where the charge is at on the battery.
  4. I was already really looking forward to this but as a nice bonus I just found out a good friend of mine was second camera on it. Obviously I'm hoping it's excellent - Tenuous, undeserved, reflected glory and all that.
  5. I liked the US version but it did grate at times and was very dependant on the guest in question. The ads for the Uk one made me cringe though. I'll give it a try.
  6. I just want to weigh in and thank Goose for the ridiculous amount of hard work he's putting into these. An awesome read every time. I love Lost Boys, so much so I have this sitting on the bedroom wall (to my girlfriend's chagrin): But I've never read anything quite so well researched on it before so you're doing something right. They definitely deserve a bigger audience.
  7. Nice to see more people getting to grips with this. I think it's superb. Been off playing Destiny but just couldn't enjoy the Crucible stuff after how good Titanfall is. Almost every game I still have a 'fuck yeah' moment whether it's satchel charging 5 of the opposition at once or just having an epic bouncing wall run across the map.
  8. Everything about that trailer is making me annoyed and I'm not even much of a Paddington fan. I'm with Lordcookie on this, echoes of Yogi Bear idiocy.
  9. BBC3 did give us some decent, more experimental stuff like Nighty Night and The Mighty Boosh but at what point does it's sins outweigh the good it did? How many hours of talentless shite like 'Two Pints...' makes the genius of Julia Davis irrelevant? Maybe I've become something of a comedy snob but whenever I see anything from BBC3 trailed I cringe - has there been anything decent recently? Well, at least it's not BBC4 and let's face it, if it means less Russell Howard on TV then I think it's a worthy sacrifice. Good fucking riddance.
  10. Watched this last night and it's utterly brilliant. Haunting, terrifying, absurd and at times weirdly hilarious. It's the darkest thing I think I have ever seen. I feel like I need to watch it again to truly take it in but I'm not sure I can face it. I saw the extended version which clocks in at two hours forty and if I was being churlish I'd argue that it could do with losing a half hour, it does sag around the two hour mark but the ending is so good that all is forgiven. I would love to know how it came about because the access Oppenheimer gets is crazy. I'd be amazed if he can ever go ba
  11. Thanks everyone there is some great stuff here. Going to fill my next few weeks evening.
  12. Cool. Thanks guys. I've heard a lot of stuff about 'Dig' and keep forgetting to look it up. A friend has been raving about Sugar Man as well so that's certainly on my list. Anyone seen 'Shut Up and Play the Hits'?
  13. I'm currently doing some research into Music Docs and I'm appealing to the hive mind for some recommendations - Specifically I'm interested in 'Behind The Scenes' stuff as opposed to biographies, although anything that does something a little different is very welcome. There's the obvious ones like 'Some Kind Of Monster', 'The Story of Anvil' and so on but anyone seen any hidden gems they can point me in the direction of. Also, any scale is welcome, there's so much bloody stuff on Youtube these days it's easy to miss good work.
  14. It's definitely on the UK one: Archer I can't help dipping into it despite watching it all about three times in the last year.
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