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  1. Yep, can only craft 1 of each type of mutagen since 1.05. Work around is to drop each one from your inventory after each craft, then pick up.
  2. Nah, though i do make an appearance at post #62...4 years late but who's counting.
  3. I've been lurking since the beginning i think (around 03 ish?) Can't tell exactly as my account was deleted, although i did make 1 post at some stage, think it was a lurker related thread iirc. No idea how i found this place, probably through gamesradar or ntscuk, I like the place, especially film and tv, off topic too. D'ont play much games lately...enjoyed Pillars of Eternity,which got me into a bit of research of crpg's and i just finished Baldurs Gate EE. Bye!
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