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  1. Picked up Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Vita - fantastic port. They even went back and found some of the original voice actors to re-record the instructional codec voice overs that need to mention the "rear touch pad" instead of buttons (only slight issue is that when playing with headphones the re-recorded voice overs stand out possibly due to different recording environments).
  2. Please can we have 32 player online HD F-zero? Finally?
  3. Wait til you play the level that unlocks after 240 stars. You might just get upset. And then you need to beat with without getting hit :-(
  4. Got all 120 stars .. a wonderful surprise for anyone who was annoyed by the first game's reward: Makes up for all the repetitive time challenges...
  5. I'm stuck on star 119: I have to from SMG1 followed by IN FIVE MINUTES
  6. I take what I said back about the purple coin challenges. They ARE in the game, just dont turn up until much later. Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos anyone?!
  7. I've "beaten" the game (not with all the stars) so here are some spoiler-free thoughts: - No FMV, fantastic. SMG1s movie compression was a joke. - No stupid "Do you want to save?" after every star - Map screen is pointless and slow. A menu would have done. - You HAVE to collect those stupid star bits now. Lots of them. - Coins are actually useful now - Bowser fights are easier than the last game - Music is far too dramatic After-credits spoilers:
  8. If there are full copies of this around (for review) then surely it has leaked already.
  9. Missing something without the moving seat, joystick and handle though! Is this the closest we'll ever get to an HD Starfox?
  10. Even if it was one of those 0-point achievements it would have been pretty cool.
  11. What was wrong with Tails and Knuckles in the 2D Sonics? Why the hate for them?
  12. Okami reference too
  13. Just finished this on Normal - its the best game I've played in years. Got to love the references to other games: Outrun, Resi 4 (I laughed at this one), "bald space marines" lol
  14. I can watch streaming Sky News from Japan on this without a VPN - anyone know if the full service works without a VPN too?
  15. The payoff was a bit better in the original CV, they've fiddled the story a bit here.
  16. Well it counts your achievements from Halo 3, Wars and ODST together to "rank up" and get avatar gear, so you can get some stuff with only the old games.
  17. I think its mainly a way of distributing avatar awards without patching it into Halo 3/Wars.
  18. Remind me not to come back to blighty in a hurry. My word.
  19. Super Lurker


    Its on an international launch, and you can always go back to Windows It does indeed look lovely - why can't their phones be like this?
  20. The Zelda clone is essentially a template from Action Game Maker. AGM is like RPG Maker, Multimedia Fusion etc..
  21. The screenshot is from the Xbox :-) (right click the Xbox in the Device Center when the game is being debugged and hit "take screenshot")
  22. I assume when Sonic and Knuckles comes out it will detect that Sonic 3 has been downloaded and will let you play it properly. Right?
  23. Even in Japan, I have not seen a DS without an R4 cart in it. 12 year old kids, salarymen, everyone. And I've seen alot of DSs.
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