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  1. Hey did you get abducted by aliens or something? Asking for a Clippa. 

  2. Killing Floor 2 is official http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/05/08/killing-floor-2-exclusive-first-look-co-op-fps-horror-with-the-most-advanced-gore-system-ever/ Oh how i have waited for this day
  3. Yeah because thats the only problem with the level. Hurr hurr git gud etc
  4. Its a shit level and theres no excuse for it. Ive played the first 2 games to death with hundreds of hours logged on both, and never complained about any of their maps. This is a shit level. End of.
  5. Yeah i finished it a few mins ago. I just sprinted to that 2nd bonfire, and did it from there. I had to use a walkthrough to find it otherwise id have just kept spritning to the boss door like i had been doing. Overall it was just an abysmal section of the game tho. Easily the games lowest point so far, it just felt cheap, constant poison spitting statues, bonfires youd probably never find normally, those black hand things almost always killing you with one hit, etc. I tred doing it slowly and eliminating the statues and returning to the bonfire but then id get killed by a black hand thing and just go "ah fuck it" and sprint to the boss. i honestly think i disliked that more than anything in Lost Izalith, Blightown or 5-1. Terrible design
  6. Black gulch is a contender for worst level of all time. Utter garbage. 5-1 in demons and Blighttown were horrible levels but nontheless enjoyable. I actually really enjoyed both of those levels. This is just a trek from point a to point b while getting poisoned. Fucking terrible design, actually makes me want to not even bother continuing
  7. Yeah tried it out but sadly it dropped on the same day as dark souls 2 It's hard to get used to seeing such familiar locations like cordon looking so totally different, but the map size looks so huge ill have to give it a proper try.
  8. Oh shit I loved rock n roll racing on the MD
  9. Someone debunked this idea on gaf. Apparently that game is in existence and is now a mobile title
  10. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG DEMONS MOTHERFLIPPIN SOULS 2 BITCHES Codenamed Project Beast and PS4 exclusive. E3 gonna be good
  11. Did my first bit of PVP last night after joining Bellbros. Was surprised i managed to fight off 2 double invasions successfully (ive never been one for PVP, i just like bro-op). I stood at the side of the door to the belfry on the bridge, the guys approached the door and tried to swing for me but it rebounded off the door frame so i stepped out and bet the shite out of one of them Next guy i just tackled on the bridge itself, i managed to get in enough swings that it just pushed him back off the bridge. Still 1v1 fights generally get me far too wound up so ill probably not do too much PVP. Tho i do like getting summoned by a bellbro if its a 2 on 2 fight as that usually makes it a bit less stressful. Helped a few people beat the gargoyles too. Good times
  12. I downloaded one of the ENBs and in the readme it had listed as a bug *removes godrays instantly deleted
  13. If i remember right they werent online. Saw a webm of a normal palyer (non phantom) being sucked into the hitbox of the cyclops dudes. And ditto for the dragonslyer hitbox issue. If i can find them ill repost them Oh and that ENB looks woeful Pitch black everywhere and the torch looks like the last days of the sun going supernova! I use durantes sweetfx preset instead, it looks great
  14. The poison fog in Harvest Valley looks just as bad too. Its such a mixed bag, some areas look gorgeous, and then boom, shaded woods shows up with its single texture in hand.
  15. Nah man ive seen plenty of gifs/webm's of people showing off the fucked hitboxes. Old Dragonslayers spear clearly missing people but they still take damage. Those cyclops things grab attack sucking people in despite being well out of range. Hell even myself in the iron keep last night, i gave up trying to backstab the knights there cause 50% of the time id go into the backstab animation only to have the knights warp out of it. I am a bit disappointed with the game overall tho. I really like it, but it just doesnt get my balls in an uproar like DeS/DS1 did. The level sizes are killing me too. Thought Iron Keep was going to be like Anor Londo meets pompeii, but the whole level is about 1/5th the size of Anor Londo. Most of the levels end just as they start to get good. Earthen peak was the same. It was like a cool, updated version of Stonefang tunnel from DeS, and just as i was really picking up, i hit the boss door Also gettin real sick of ambushes. Its getting like Doom 3 now, in that any time i enter a room or pull a switch im instinctively looking over my shoulder waiting for the ambush. And i just got to Shaded Woods last night. Im honestly convinced now the game was rushed to market after seeing that place. Im not even a designer, but i spent enough time making a map in Cryengine to take one look at shaded woods and think "why is there just one ground texture? Why didnt they cover it up with grass or rock props?" It looks so, so bad. Its unfinished, theres no way any professional level designer wouldve been happy with that. And its a shame because if theyd just made it look more like an actual wood, you know, maybe some falling leaves, a bit of grass here and there, some branches/bushes/twigs, fuckin anything, it wouldve improved it tenfold. Even the invisible, unlockable phantoms didnt bother me that much, i kinda enjoyed the challenge, but the whole time i just couldnt get over how terribad the whole area looked.
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