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  1. suzzopher


    Martinelli not in the squad today
  2. Once this sucker has Castlevania Symphony of the Night, OutRun 2, Virtua Fighter 5, KOTOR and Chrono Trigger I will never need another device.
  3. The Switch is maybe 4 games away from having all my favourite games on it. Of course I’d buy them all again.
  4. suzzopher


    Apparently Saka has the same agent as Sancho, I have a feeling we might not keep him
  5. suzzopher


    Not a great start. Lacazette should have scored there.
  6. Dragon Quest XI or if you haven’t already played it Final Fantasy XII. I’d say they are the pinnacles of JRPGs.
  7. What are the announced Nintendo games? Metroid Prime 4, BOTW2 and Xenoblade DE? They must have more than that surely this year.
  8. suzzopher


    Saka is certainly looking the real deal.
  9. Valkyria Chronicles 1&4 are on Switch. Both are excellent.
  10. Shadow of the Ninja is an excellent action platform game, probably as good as Ninja Gaiden. Eliminator Boat Duel is a fun game and one I’d never thought I’d see again on any service, it’s such a deep cut. The last two NES games were both of high quality too, Crystalis and Journey to Silius.
  11. This service is so good. They’ve not played it safe, so many deep cuts. All four of these are worth playing. Three are you’d happily spend money on if they were available to purchase.
  12. Can I ask where you quit Hollow Knight? It took three attempts to get into the game, once I realised how the map works it clicked and it’s turned to one of my favourite games in years. Other than HK the next best would be Ori it’s a bit more simplistic than HK but very good. Or play Super Metroid?
  13. Noice thanks, I’ll grab it.
  14. I really enjoyed Mario & Rabbids, but is the Donkey Kong DLC good? It's currently £5.99 on the eshop.
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