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  1. Smith Rowe signs long term deal Now Villa can fuck right off. Glad to see him commit to us.
  2. I'm hoping for F-Zero X and Star Fox 64 remakes.
  3. Namco’s excellent Smash Court Tennis is on the SNES app too.
  4. @moosegrinder I really enjoyed Hot Shot Racing, it’s an arcade racing game, easy to dip in and out of.
  5. Considering it’s the 40th anniversary of the original this year, I could see them returning to the original and updating it like they did with ‘94. They could start out with the game using the DK section from Odyssey and then expand it like in ‘94.
  6. I hope they release IV, V and VI on Switch. I’d imagine Dragon Quest XII will be announced for all platforms, can’t see them skipping Xbox these days.
  7. My son’s did this time last year, with the pandemic as it was then it took six weeks for the fix and return. It cost £179 to have fixed.
  8. Fucking hell! What a disaster.
  9. Partey is too good for us.
  10. I’d go with Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Into the Breach. Both run and work well on Switch. If you fancy a damn fine Advance Wars style game go with Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble! The original was a bit bland, but this sequel absolutely gets what made Advance Wars so good.
  11. Oh bloody hell. That’s not three game suspension is it?
  12. Despite the best efforts from Luiz, that was a good win. Holding has improved so much this season.
  13. I guess that’s the end of the line for Maitland Niles and Nelson at Arsenal. Nelson couldn’t get on the bench but we could put two keepers on the bench.
  14. Lovely goal. Smith Rowe is something special.
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