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  1. I was supposed to be there yesterday and something came up last minute and I couldn't go. Was quite gutted. I need my arcade fix.
  2. Poker used to be a thing for me. I've made a healthy 6 figure profit from the game over the years playing 99% cash games. Haven't played properly for a long time now. She is awful. And giving the money back after making a call like that is incredibly suspect. Such fun!
  3. Sounds like a good time for a Tango & Cash and Bulletproof Monk double bill. Aside from the RV awesomeness, they also share some incredible bad guy British accents. Tango & Cash was a 15 in the cinema when it came out, then an 18 on video. I remember this clearly, as my buddy refused to lie about his age to go see that film (we were maybe 13 at the time?) and then when we went to see something else the lady at the kiosk insisted we pay adult prices because we looked old enough to be 15. I had to wait until it was out on video. Worth it.
  4. Poet

    The Spurs Thread

    Probably right. Also probably doesn't hurt that Levy is 60 now and possible feels time is a bit more pressing to win some silverware before he retires. Besides, he must also be thinking Conte and the bones of the current squad is as good as it'll get to this point, and spending some money now will actually yield enough of a difference to tip over to a win or two of some kind.
  5. Poet

    The Spurs Thread

    Arsenal need to win with a 16 goal margin to overtake Spurs for 4th if Spurs draw and Arsenal win on the last day. 15 goals and it's whatever the next thing is that decides their fate. Which is pretty academic. So anything that isn't a loss from Spurs in their last match is Champions League football next year. I can safely say that if they can't rise to the occasion against the very bottom of the Premiership who have only won 5 games in the league all season, they don't deserve it.
  6. I'm a bit behind on all the talk from a page or two back but I'm surprised anyone doesn't think he's on a euphemistically named Hormone Replacement Therapy series of cycles. The man has amazing genes for muscle growth, works out incredibly hard doing a lot of the right things, eats equally well if not better, sleeps hard, and sees a Doctor to regularly get screened and have his HRT. It's just the Hollywood way. There are very few people who are natural in Hollywood who are known for their physiques, and Hemsworth is definitely not on that short list. Mind you, I also think he'll be very unlucky to suffer any ill effects from this stuff given the work and other drugs they do post cycle and off season, especially given how relatively lean he keeps all the time. Also, very excited for this film.
  7. I'd just like to stop in and say that, if anyone is thinking of cancelling their pre-order, feel good about yourself and pass your order onto someone here who really wants one. Like me. GIVE IT TO ME.
  8. Poet

    Disco Elysium

    Yeah I've not been in this thread a few weeks and wow I did not expect that to ever be a potential ending. Ever.
  9. Made the mistake of getting into the books last year, and ploughed through them all, and of course I want to see so much more of It's so well set up for it and, even though this was clearly a great finale, it also feels (and we know, of course) that there's so much more story to tell. Yay for the whole thing and boo for there not being more.
  10. Wordle 206 3/6 In my 2nd attempt, I managed to use the colour blind mode fine as it's automatic now, but then I mixed the colours up for what they were supposed to represent. Then just got lucky with literally the first word I thought of that had those 3 letters in it. Slightly annoying in a way because skill is far more satisfying than blind luck. I need to think of some decent starting words. And start paying attention to what colour means what. So, the whole game then. I need to pay attention to how the whole game works. Which is, I suppose, what you're always supposed to do when you play a game.
  11. I just saw this thanks to another thread. So played. And it's quite mind melty and annoying and it took me far too long to even think of a word for what ended up being my last go. Then I saw this massive thread. Wordle 205 4/6 Had to turn on colour blind mode after the 2nd word as lol my shit eyes. Will play again.
  12. That's incredibly generous of you @Elseb - I'd love to take some of your hands! My 5 year old has recently really got into Pokemon cards (which is why I assume they were banned in his school a few months ago - all the younglings were going nuts for them). One of his little presents for Christmas this year was a booster back (same for his 3 year old sister, actually - they both asked for them), and we figured he had a bunch of other stuff and he didn't need loads of cards when he's just collected a few (although he immediately asked for a folder to keep them in, which he keeps tidy!) and isn't playing the game as yet (we also got the Pokemon Academy and played a couple of times but we've not got into it yet really). Anyway, as soon as he opened his presents on Christmas morning, he spent a good chunk of the rest of the day walking around with his Pokemon cards tucked into his little fist, looking over the cards, reading the names, looking at all the little bits in the pictures and reading the stats he doesn't understand again and again. So something's been triggered in there! Meanwhile, his little sister really wants a Pikachu stuffed toy. Pikachu is apparently second only to unicorns in her eyes. The highest of praise. You didn't need to know any of that. But yes, there's a fair bit of Pokemon'ing going on in my house, and the kids would love some cards.
  13. I'll have to share some of those stories one day. It was a different time. We were different people. But he was definitely an incredibly hard working chef who cared a lot about food. And not much else. At the time he was working at (and helped launch) Pharmacy, if you remember that restaurant - Damien Hirst was involved.
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