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  1. Poet

    Disco Elysium

    We had very similar endings. Still yet to play this through again but I'm getting itchy to have another go just reading the updates to this thread.
  2. There's a load more due. When they will come, who knows, but there's a lot more.
  3. I just thought Rick had gone off on a crazy adventure alone after whatever he'd messed up last and didn't want to come back and just went with it. I'm glad I was wrong.
  4. You weren't kidding!
  5. Don't blame "cancel culture". Blame the awful people saying and doing awful things.
  6. Oh gosh two episodes out! I only watched the latter. TO THE THING WHERE I CAN WATCH THE THINGS
  7. I really enjoyed this, although it went in some quite unexpected directions and the ending was just... not an ending at all. Love Annie Murphy. And the entire cast were totally on point. I'll watch the second season and hope for some answers to my questions.
  8. New episode out. No spoilers but it answers a lot of questions.
  9. The world is filled with opinionated dumb fucks. He's just one more of them. Odious, jumped up pricks because they've had success in one area thinks their opinions matter and should be heard. I'm glad he's put his opinion out there - his livelihood will suffer. As with all fucking right wing idiots (that is to say: every single right wing person), he will blame "cancel culture" rather than this being a simple consequence of his own actions and thoughts. But I do feel for the staff who currently work for him.
  10. The actor who plays Roy Kent wrote the latest episode. Impressive man.
  11. Also this game looks fucking incredible. If it plays a tenth as good as it looks I'm gonna have to think about speeding up my next gen console purchase.
  12. I put this onto God Mode for a couple of runs. It definitely suits my slap-people-in-the-face-with-an-arrow style of gameplay. May leave it on - much more chance of seeing everything if I do, that's for sure!
  13. I got into about 15 runs when I first bought this, was really enjoying it, then a load of work and life came at me and I didn't pick it up again until yesterday. The two runs I did last night I barely got past Meg when before I think I got up to the 3rd or 4th level. Basically, I need to relearn how to play. And slow down. I go into rooms with the best of intentions and before I know it I'm dashing around like a loon slashing at everything, even when I know it's not the way to get it done.
  14. That's not how liking something works.
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