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  1. Stuff it bought it. Gonna be worth it.
  2. Is it still worth picking this up or should I just wait for MMO to come out? I played the first and enjoyed that for a bit but it was too simple for me for serious longevity. I imagine I'll get £4 worth of entertainment out of this easily, just wouldn't mind waiting for the next version either.
  3. Not even close. Check the video going through all the different versions. I've not got it yet but the Switch version looks to be a nice upgrade over the original.
  4. Pretty sure this is the perfect venue for a proper rllmuk meetup.
  5. The poster thought they'd broken a forum rule after reading your post. I have let the poster know and will unhide the post if he/she so desires. Edit: unhid now
  6. It's possibly the best episode so far, so I'd go back to watch it.
  7. Shame but England should've finished it in the 1st half and from about the 65th minute Croatia were just the better side. Allez les bleus!
  8. Something like 254k second go around. I am rusty but it's a real nostalgia nuzzle in all the right places. Mainly in my ears.
  9. I bought it last night and, being exhausted, obviously thought it was a good idea to have just one go to see what it was like. 211k later and I had to stop. Started off rusty but I seem to remember most of how I used to play. Started the saved state game today and I forgot what was going on and tried using the analogue stick fruitlessly as my first blocks fell on a fast stage and just fucked it completely so quit. Time to play a proper game. Once my Switch has charged up a bit. I can imagine hitting level 100 is quite challenging.
  10. I really was. I'll pick it up at some point soon. Might take a while to slip back into that old rhythm.
  11. Oooooh tempting to play this all again. Played it to death on PSP and bought it on iOS many years later but never enjoyed the controls so gave up after a few minutes. This on Switch would be a thing. Score attacks can do one. Endless mode forever.
  12. Poet

    Clash Royale

    At first I thought it was actually pretty easy playing with my deck but it's a little complicated depending on what's being played and when. I'm super busy this week but I'll take a few game videos at some point.
  13. Poet

    Vostok Inc.

    Finally got around to killing the last Boss (took about 0.23s of unicorn in the face). This game kinda makes me want to mop up all the achievements as well as at least get a few videogame devs built but also I'm glad it's "over". The 10 minutes with no gun achievement just pissed me off - was coming up to 6 minutes and boom screen lock shooty time - is there an easy way to do that one? Like, pause the game easy? And does it just pause when you hit a planet / base and then unpause after or do you have to start again? I just want to do the 10 minute pacifist thing one time.
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