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  1. I think it's all spelled out pretty clearly, usually in a flashback, and/or in a really deadpan mundane way - that sort of delivery happens far too much in this film and, as a result, it feels very flat rather than the sort of laissez faire coolness that he was perhaps going for. They even use really obvious colour coding for forward and backwards stuff. Anyway, the basics from what I recall: The only things that I find make Nolan's stuff difficult to follow have been shitty audio mixes and editing. The chase scene in the 2nd Batman movie will always get me with just how u
  2. P.S. I want me some more Dune, and Villeneuve does some interesting stuff, so I'm totally all in. I expect to be somewhat disappointed because no film will ever do the Dune in my mind justice, but also enjoy it plenty. The only thing I remember Timothy Chalamayadingdong from is that film with Arnie Hammer, which I thought was generally excellent. Hope he's good in this.
  3. Are you on crack? This feels like the sort of thing you'd say if you were on crack.
  4. It was surprisingly quite amusing in parts. Enough for me to want to watch some more. I enjoyed the first episode more than the entire runs so far of Discovery and Picard.
  5. Right now my thought is DO EVERYTHING, so I'll get my Gwent on. I died once and realised I hadn't saved for ages and, thankfully, it had autosaved not 2 minutes earlier. I will save often. I may go kill a griffin at lunch time.
  6. I just started playing this for the first time ever. I've not really played any console games the past few years (4 year old and 2 year old stopped all that for a while). But I'm starting to get my life back and that means more games! And this was cheap and although I've got a hundred other games to play I wanted to start with this. I've read all the books, watched the TV show and know nothing about the game beyond the bits I've played. Just got to the bit where I'm off to kill a Griffin. Got my stinky herbs and ready to roll. So far, so enjoyable. Bit worried about not knowing wha
  7. A good (simplified) teaching point I used to use with clients when planking was to get into position and then try to curl your hip up towards your chest, really contracting your abs to get there and moving forward on your toes. Should help alleviate some lower back pains while planking. I have this now! I tried to play it on level 23 from the outset and found it more torture than fun, so will be lowering it and continuing, otherwise there'll be very limited fun had for me right now.
  8. I'm totally jealous of everyone who has this right now. That's all I have to say really.
  9. I played Archero for a short while back when I had an iPhone 6. It started stuttering too often and I had to get rid. Since picking up a new iPhone, I've been playing it semi-regularly - enough to save up gems not spent elsewhere to get Meowgik and most of the kit I want to use long term to Epic. So still early days! I had a look at build recommendations a while back and figured that everything I was using was going to end up shit for anything past Chapter 9 (I'm only on 7 right now) so I've just spent my occasional game time playing some of the dailies and auto-farming Chapter 6 w
  10. Stuff it bought it. Gonna be worth it.
  11. Is it still worth picking this up or should I just wait for MMO to come out? I played the first and enjoyed that for a bit but it was too simple for me for serious longevity. I imagine I'll get £4 worth of entertainment out of this easily, just wouldn't mind waiting for the next version either.
  12. Not even close. Check the video going through all the different versions. I've not got it yet but the Switch version looks to be a nice upgrade over the original.
  13. Pretty sure this is the perfect venue for a proper rllmuk meetup.
  14. The poster thought they'd broken a forum rule after reading your post. I have let the poster know and will unhide the post if he/she so desires. Edit: unhid now
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