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  1. And only Lee Majors can stop them. This Christmas, here on IBC. You'll love it!™ Followed by Father Loves Beaver. I do like that trailer though, seems quite fun!
  2. There's a Mayflash one (NES/SNES) which works great on the Wii but I've not tried it on the NES Mini yet: http://www.mayflash.com/Products/N64SNESSS/W005.html
  3. RetroRyan

    PlayStation VR

    John Lewis is showing this as in stock for anyone still looking to pick one up for launch tomorrow, to collect in store. Or in Waitrose, along with some cookies and launch day popcorn.
  4. RetroRyan

    Nintendo 3DS

    Redeemed the third code, thanks!
  5. RetroRyan

    Playstation Vita

    Picked mine up from Nippon-Yasan if you (or anyone else who is interested) are after an alternative shop.http://www.nippon-yasan.com/japanese-video-games-playstation-vita/6281-ps-vita-puyopuyo-tetris.html It's good fun, not much in the way of translation barriers (... it's Tetris) (and Puyo) but I found these resources useful. The French one not so much but the menu screens show English translations. http://bayoen.fr/ppt/menus.html http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/731137-puyo-puyo-tetris/68629335
  6. RetroRyan

    Great Game Titles

    Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender Toilet Kids Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
  7. Thank you so much GViper and Mr Do 71
  8. RetroRyan

    Nintendo 3DS

    Yesterday I reached Saturday too, after two or three long sittings - it's a really cute and quirky story and I kept wanted to find out what happens next. Which episodes have you yet to complete? I'm left with episode 4 but I think it's a matter of collecting all the glims/cards. Also I'm not sure about all this 'use the same spell' or spell editing business, whatever the impact is. Another episode required a combination of using the right topic of conversation with the right townsfolk. I think I hit the correct order by chance as I wasn't entirely following it! Now I'm currently addicted to SteamWorld Dig.
  9. RetroRyan

    Nintendo 3DS

    White/red looks really nice, very Famicom. I like the idea behind it. Shame about the mono speaker, though I understand it cuts costs, but why on earth include the 2 rear cameras for taking 3D pictures then?! Surely they could have saved more with 1 rear camera especially when you can't view your shots in 3D...
  10. RetroRyan

    JPickford Soccer

    MagicNet Balliards
  11. RetroRyan

    New James Pond announced

    Now out! Has anyone tried it yet? I've been really looking forward to this
  12. RetroRyan

    Playing Video Games Over The Phone

    And Magic Pockets! I'm sure that was on 'Going Live' or an ITV show ('What's Up Doc?'). I remember being very excited to get that game on my ST. Did Xenon 2 briefly make an appearance as a phone in game? For those two games the contestants who phoned didn't even use the phone keypad, they had to yell out the actions ("Left, left, left, left, right, jump. Jump. No, JUMP, JUUUUMP!"). Simultaneously hilarious and frustrating to watch.
  13. RetroRyan

    The iOS gaming thread

    Flashback being released was a bit of a surprise. Also, Terminator Salvation is up.
  14. RetroRyan

    Little Big Planet

    I think it would be nice get status updates directly on the XMB - I'm not sure if there are plans for anything this this? Perhaps just a tile in the XMB for each game you've got, that gives a snapshot (just simple text) of what's going on in the relevant game world then you can decide whether it's worth diving in. So info on new creations and content, where friends are in LBP etc. Or like if your lap record has just been beaten in Wipeout HD by a friend - at that moment you could quit whatever movie you're watching and try to reclaim your top spot.
  15. RetroRyan

    A thread for PS3 owners Here

    It will probably use pre-recorded content judging by the gigabyte-sized download.

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