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    How can Wenger possibly stay now?
  2. Some (nearly all) of those "missions" are bringing a tear to my eye. And I thought some of the SF4 trials were hard Akuma seems surprisingly good though, think I'll stick with him for a bit.
  3. Galactus hasn't been shown yet, officially. I guess her gets his own introduction trailer too. Jill and Shuma also need revealing properly. Going by the final character select screen, there are slots for another two DLC characters. Nobody outside Capcom knows who they are (or when they will be revealed/released) Fingers crossed for Juggernaut though! 8)
  4. No UK version, unfortunately. Although various shops are giving away bits of the US collectors edition as pre-order bonuses: Pre-order stuff
  5. Late Registration was an over-produced mess, but I'll defend College Dropout to the death. I was freakishly obsessed with that album for a long time, and Through The Wire is still the best thing he'll ever do. Maybe it was just my "era" for getting into hip-hop, but I loved sped-up-soul. IZZO, Guess Who's Back, Wouldn't Get Far, Selfish... they were good times. Most of the tracks on the new album contain samples, but apart from Devil in a New Dress, I'd find it hard to pick them out. I understand that he has to evolve, but I'm not actually sure what his "sound" is anymore.
  6. Well, the list is more to the "pop" side of things, so I thought I'd rattle off the most "pop"ular artists. Some of Ayu's stuff is garbage, but there is some decent work in there too. As for Perfume, I'd agree it isn't for everyone, but worth a try. I'd ignore the indie stuff they did like the plague though *shudder* Oh, and COMA-CHI is the best thing about J-Hip Hop right now. I've seen Koda, Hamasaki and Perfume in concert though, so I'm a bit biased Okay then, for something a bit more obscure, give Sasagawa Miwa a try. There are videos on Youtube.
  7. Oh yeah, YUI is awesome too. You'd do well to pick up a few of her albums. There isn't much in the way of streaming sites, because a large amount of music listening is now done through mobile phone services. They do seem to make quite difficult for Westerners to check stuff out. A lot of my knowledge came from being over there for a bit, watching a scary amount of MTV and hanging out in HMV. I'll run off a list of stuff that is popular/might be worth a listen: Ayumi Hamasaki Kumi Koda Capsule Perfume Teriyaki Boyz Miliyah Kato A.I. Namie Amuro COMA-CHI Kana Nishino Hope this helps
  8. *puts j-pop hat on* Erm, Japanese itunes will give you a good idea of what's popular over there right now - bit of a bugger to buy anything off though. If you know what you're looking for, there is a lot of stuff on Youtube. The biggest label over there is avex - although they are heavily focused on the pop side. Utada Hikaru has the best selling album ever over there, and makes more "grown-up" music than most. m-flo are a sort of hip-hop group who are fluent in English, which is nice, and they make plenty of good songs. I could go on all night, is there any particular genre you're after?
  9. The year started with Bayonetta, which I gave up on because it was too hard for me. I then turned my attentions to Super Street Fighter IV, which kept me busy for a few months. I also worked my way through all of Mario Galaxy 2 when I was off ill for a month. I then got Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for the 5th time on PSN around July time, and it's pretty much the only game I've played since. I am beyond obsessed with that game, and have been for the last decade. The hype for MvC3 is only making it worse. The year should round off nicely with GoldenEye and Sonic Colours, both of which I'm saving for Christmas day.
  10. Another vote for both the Ouendan! games. Where's the 3rd one at??!!
  11. YES. Forget everyone else, this is all that matters. Oh, and M.O.D.O.K too...
  12. Spidey was always going to be in it That giant balloon in the Daily Bugle stage was a bit of a giveaway. I think they just held off announcing him until Shattered Dimensions was out, not to steal the thunder from that game.
  13. Unlikely now, but Jill would complete the set. She was here first, and plays differently to Chris and Wesker. DLC maybe? Spidey looks good. Happy with these last few announcements. Now bring on Storm/Sent/Magneto/Cable
  14. Sonic Colours. I don't care if its rubbish, Sonic is always my Christmas game of choice. Oh, and Arcana Heart 3, it is released by then.
  15. Bayonetta cover for me. There were a few different ones in Tesco, but that was by far the best.
  16. Maybe I'm getting a bit too miffed about it all. "Capcom in Re-using old Assets Shocker" etc. To be expected I guess. I read somewhere that they held off using the good Capcom characters in TvC to save them for this. Apart from Chris and Dante, I'm not really seeing it yet. I'll eat my hat if the MegaMan in this isn't TvC Rock Volnutt though.
  17. Yeah, Kobun/Servbot in MvC2 is a right bugger to hit. Thankfully the tiny characters usually tend to be pretty rubbish. Roll was so bad she had her own tier in MvC2 Although she was top-tier in Japanese TvC... hmm.
  18. Another copy-and-paste job from TvC then. Frank West is all but confirmed from a silhouette too. New characters please! Still holding out for Wesker...
  19. There is a separate audio track on the DVD of Freddy Got Fingered (yeah, I know…) which is of the audience at an American screening. Jesus. That is painful to watch. You can hardly hear any of the film for whooping and hollering all the way through. Why bother going to the cinema if its like that? Its not like you're really watching the film. You might as well stay at home and shout at the tv.
  20. Another good one this week. A bit low on jokes, but Futurama doesn't always need to play it funny. 3 episodes left until next year
  21. Used to love Project Justice, but find it hard to play these days. MvC2 is where its still at. The amount of hours I've put into that doesn't bear thinking about. And I still believe CvS1 is better than CvS2
  22. Terrible end. 20 minutes of Matt Berry talking in his "Matt Berry voice" and not much else. So that makes, what, two good episodes this year? It all went downhill after Chris Morris jumped out of the window anyway
  23. Generally keeps getting better each week. Shame there are only 5 episodes left until next year. They really should hurry up renewing it. Hope they don't just base the decision on the American ratings, which seem to have been good, but not fantastic. The real money comes from the endless repeats and DVD sales - the things that got it back from the dead in the first place.
  24. I've never lived close enough to be a regular customer, but I do have fond memories of buying a lot of cheap JP Dreamcast games from the Norwich branch. Seemed like a decent enough shop, but I guess cheapo supermarket games have taken another victim.
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