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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  2. Agree! You would have thought this would be an obvious thing to do!?!
  3. That's what I'm afraid of! They should have had one more level unlock that looks similar to the normal white ones with just some marking or something!
  4. Reached 50 last night! Double xp was helpful I was 47 before this weekend
  5. Agreed, I was playing a cargo match yesterday (which was really close quarters) and I was repeatedly getting hit by them! They need to increase the warning time so that you can jetpack/hide!
  6. I got lucky enough to pick this up the other day! On the sullust map, it's under the bridge. It was great to use haven't got into slave 1 yet though.
  7. No worries I haven't actually tried many of the other guns yet so they might work well for you! I just found the e11 and e33 to be a good balance! A lot of people use the high damage guns but the cost of over heating and fire rate don't suit me.
  8. The dl44 is very powerful but I find it almost useless at range. for the larger maps I use the e33 or something like that (Bobby fett gun) In terms of cards, I prefer the impact grenade at the moment, seem to get a lot more kills. I've just unlocked the bowcaster so I'll see how that goes now. The other thing I use is the jetpack, handy for avoiding those lock on's you mentioned. I think you need to customise your load out depending on which mode you are playing also. I find having shields really handy on drop zone and cargo.
  9. Downloading now... 1.5gb though! Anyone about later? Can't get on till 10pm.
  10. Ahhhh, just hope it's available for tonight! Get home from work, dinner, play toys with the boy, get boy to sleep, spend an hour watching crap tv with the missus and then play time!!!
  11. That's odd! Pre ordered digital versions still get it don't they? Mine was digital also.
  12. So did I but saw the times on the official Twitter account.Edit: unless it was just first viewing of the game play and not the actual release? Got me questioning it now. https://twitter.com/eastarwars/status/671369366152310784
  13. Hehe looks like the new maps are live as of 7pm tonight! Awesome!!
  14. Of course I'll be there
  15. Couldn't get on last night! Had serious withdrawals anyone around tonight?
  16. Having to watch I'm a celebrity get me out of here tonight will be on after!!
  17. Excellent! Will do. This is one of the best games I've ever played so it will be great to play it with enhanced graphics
  18. How is online on GTA now? Had and completed it on the Xbox 360 and was tempted to get it again. It didn't have heists or anything at that point so it would be interesting to see how that all works.
  19. Any forumites about tonight? I should be on at the usual time (10-10.30)!!
  20. Great games again last night!! This game is just sooooo good! Every day at work I tell myself, no Star Wars tonight but by the end of the day I'm already craving it lol! Like someone said, the level of detail is incredible and I love the gameplay! New maps Monday too!
  21. Yeah, I won't be upgrading till very late on. I'm not sure about the bounty hunter trait either, I pick up loads of specials while running around anyway! They don't seem short in supply.
  22. I will be on around 10pm!
  23. I'll be about again! Can't seem to stay away from the game!!
  24. Cheers for the games last night! i really enjoyed the fighter squadron session. I wish it could be a little more team orientated rather than just spawn try and get into the battle as quickly as possible and blast. Would be great if you had the trench run in future content and it involved covering a couple of ships etc. I guess you have to destroy the transport but that seems similar... Spawn, quickly shoot it! Not moaning btw, just thinking it could be even better than it already is!! Also, have you guys tried cargo? Had some games of that after and I think this would be a good mode to try with a team!
  25. Cheers for that mate, I didn't realise you could upgrade your cards!!
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