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  1. Interesting idea. I often either avoid or give up on games because of this reason. It's funny because I have an almost opposite pull on that if i was playing a story version of a game and only that then i wouldn't feel I'm getting as much value from the purchase so would be inclined to want to pay less, even though I'm the one choosing that mode. Dunno if that makes any sense
  2. Once you kill a certain boss in this dlc, you can farm him so easily for an almost guaranteed (sometimes up to 4) legendary per farm kill
  3. I've read that they have tried to reduce the scaling so if you find a decent weapon you can hold onto it for longer than bl2 (which was around 5 levels). Missions are also repeatable and there seems to be more ways to get endgame gear. Of course there are plenty that want the game to grind for elite gear (myself included) so i think there should be something for everyone. Hopefully the whole endgame isn't built around a bee shield and one or two weapons this time. As much as i love the series, grinding for exactly the same gear every couple of op levels got boring very quickly for me
  4. Less than a week to go! Lots of endgame details have been released. Mayhem mode seems similar to diablo 3 torment, with modifiers for better loot. I still can't decide who to pick first! Seems Amara is not being talked about as much but might be super strong at level 50. I haven't looked into builds because i didn't want to spoil anything
  5. Yeah me too. Wanted to try it for ages but only jumped in when it was released on gamepass. Was immediately addicted and bought it on the switch a couple of days later. I've only played ironclad so far and I'm learning to be more consistent with runs. Now attempting ascension 2. Can't believe there are 2 more characters still to learn!
  6. Just ordered the super deluxe edition on psn. Got a couple of vouchers from cdkeys so ended up saving a tenner. There's a countdown timer on it... 18 days to go!
  7. Amazing. I work in education so can't take days off outside of the term breaks so i asked my wife to take the kids away for release weekend as this year's birthday present!
  8. The more they reveal the more excited I am. Literally can't wait for release!
  9. The scene in predator where they all unload into the forest is amazing... 'if it bleeds we can kill it'
  10. There's been a lot of bizarre controversy with this game. It seems take two sent private investigators to question a youtuber (supmatto) about leaks even though the guy was reporting on leaks that were known on places like reddit etc. Some really bad press going round at the moment and a terrible decision to do such things a month before the game releases. I'm still really looking forward to it but a shame about stuff like this.
  11. I think there are 5 levels and some secret levels but others will know better than me
  12. Just got back into this in a serious way. With such a busy job and two young kids I've been looking for something to dip into but that is still fun and challenging. This is literally perfect! My best runs still tend to be with the marine, I've tried the hunter with much less success and not tried the others yet. Only just beaten the first couple of floors but completely hooked on it so far
  13. Have I missed a lot of stuff in chapter 1? I didn't feel like I skipped anything knowingly but I have no idea about locker keys, have no gear or weapons... Not yet anyway
  14. Just completed chapter 1... Loved it! Though I'm completely hopeless with the fighting system. The end of chapter boss took me around half an hour to beat after many attempts. When I did beat him it was just a luckier run than previous. Any tips here? I tend to use the rush mode more. Story has been excellent so far. Only thing I've found very odd is
  15. Just started 0 based on all the love in this thread. I've never played shenmue or another Yakuza before so very excited!
  16. I loved the game but found the bosses pretty frustrating. For some reason the level 4 boss took me absolutely ages and I gave up on the next world even though I know I could've given it a few days rest and picked it up again. Glad I rented it so I had the chance to experience it. Fantastic game if you are skilful and patient
  17. Just got given this as a birthday present. I've never played a smash before and I've played a few goes on it but feel like I'm just button mashing as it's so so fast. I had to Google a tutorial on how to find the tutorial video in the game! How should I go about getting to grips with this? Is there a particular mode /training mode? Should I play with all the characters or is there an easy mode character to start with?
  18. Yeah I know... Guess it'll be digital for me. Does anyone know what time it'll unlock on the Friday?
  19. Did you go physical or digital? I'm so debating which one as I still prefer buying physical copies. I was really hoping they would announce cross play as I'd much prefer playing it on my one x and and the xbox pad but I'll have to go ps4 for co-op
  20. Muz

    PES 2020

    How likely is it that the awful UI will get sorted?Over the last few years I've bought a couple of editions of pes with the intention of reliving my iss days with some mates and its been such a headache to figure out how to get multiplayer going (menu upon menu) that we've given up. I don't play fifa but imagine it all functions with a lot more polish?
  21. I just played 3-1. My wife came in at the start of it and ended up watching me complete it. We both kept smiling at the sheer loveliness of it all. Might be the most charming game I've ever played
  22. I'm actually at the stage now where I shake my head because I can't keep up with all the good stuff they are releasing as part of the service. Nice variety too...I should be happy and excited and yet it just stresses me out that I'm paying for a service that I can't possibly use to the full! Bizarrely I don't feel like this about Netflix, Spotify etc
  23. Just rented this and am absolutely loving it so far. Old school hard but so charming. Just got to world 3
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