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  1. Are there any videos or literature on how they designed the game? I often wonder whether they think of cool synergies and work backwards to create cards and relics or if the cards and relics come first as their starting point.
  2. I've done it - the key was Nilry's Codex as it meant having more card choices even though the deck itself was 5 cards. I didn't bother with a heart run thugh when trying to get this achievement I got a fair few heart kills with my infinite decks (all ironclad).
  3. Interesting as i did it twice and would always turn down offering but i can see the sense with double tap in play. I went infinite with a couple of drop kicks. I would also suggest flash of steel from the shop is super helpful. Another effective small deck with ironclad was based around body slam. Get one (ideally two) shrug it off's and cycle to body slam which does all your damage. Body slam approach can be easier to get going more regularly than drop kick as it's a common card. I've just got the 20 minute achievement left now. I haven't really had a pr
  4. Me too. Are you guys on today at any point?
  5. Just started this and loving it so far. I can see the similarities with hades but it also feels different enough
  6. Having put 300 odd hours into the game I moved onto other games over the last few months...had a go on it last week after watching a few jorbs video's to chill and I'm seriously addicted again. I've beaten the heart on a20 with all the characters but am now trying to work my way through the achievements. It's been really interesting to try and focus on some as I've specifically made very different deck choices to what I would usually, and once again it's taught me new ways to play the game. For example, when going for the minimalist achievement (haven't done it yet) I've started to learn how t
  7. I played season 1 and loved it but then got hooked into warzone with mates. Has the game changed much?
  8. We've done a few bits in it but not really had a proper opportunity to try something new or use some of the features I imagine it's particularly good at. It is such an impressive machine and I'm sure once we try things like bread (which we've never made) and yummy soups it'll be used more regularly. A mixture of both of us working from home with two young kids has sent we've used it to make our usual dishes - which have generally come out at a similar quality with less work and less mess to clear up after. My wife and I are a little hamstrung as we are both on fairly strict diets d
  9. My brother had the top table from made and, whilst we never used it for gaming on pc, it did feel very sturdy when locked into position
  10. Just started playing this with my two boys. We are all loving it! Been a nice way to talk to them about teamwork, asking for help politely and sharing all whilst having a good time
  11. Done. Going to order tomorrow
  12. Appreciate the prompt reply... We are deep in chat about this as i type! She's sold on it so the debate is currently what the correct pronunciation is! I'm going with Thermo-mix and my wife calls it thermom-ix. I'm wondering whether to wait and see if they offer any package deals with the tm6 and friend. I couldn't find an official release date for the friend so not sure if that means waiting for weeks (which i can do) or months (probably won't bother and just go ahead and purchase)
  13. Just had a demo on zoom and now my wife is dying to get one and I'm stalling! Main concern is that as the tech/machine is 18 months old that I'll fall foul of an update sooner rather than later. I'm not looking for it to do even more things so it's my own tech anxiety! The quoted price by the rep was £1149 or £1198 with an extra 3 years guarantee
  14. I've just been looking at food processors now that we've moved and settled in. Our old one broke a few years ago and we'd not bothered to replace it. I had never heard of thermomix until this thread and spent today looking at the tm6 and watched a few YouTube videos which raved about it. I showed a video to my wife and she said that we can't have it because it can't slice/grate /chop veg and cheese (as opposed to grate finely). There doesn't seem to be those kind of attachments as per 'normal' food processors... Is she right or can it also do everything a decent food processor can
  15. Rocket League. I've really tried but after hours and hours I've come to despise the game because I'm so shit at it
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