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  1. Am i playing a different game or am i just really shit at this? I must have died 50 times at the first boss
  2. I've been playing on easy and having a blast
  3. I needed a palate cleanser... Rinsed this a little while ago and uninstalled it but decided to download it again to have a quick go. I'm completely addicted again! Seems like they've updated the game quite a lot. Personally prefer this to enter the gungeon (love that too though)
  4. Can you send me his details as well please
  5. I was just about to pull the trigger but initial reviews have put me off. Having not played 4 or 5, I might pick up one of those instead. Be interested to hear impressions
  6. Funny you say that, i did think my mods didn't seem to be proccing and i was getting one shot by practically everything but i didn't think it could be the game. Bit of a shame as I've loved it and wanted to get into the grind of expeditions but today has really put me off. I think the game is well worth paying good money for but the mess of the whole launch would certainly mean i would have returned it by now had i bought it
  7. Servers seem to be down again. I tried a bit of matchmaking earlier and it was a lag fest
  8. Are the expeditions/lucky drops the only other way to get legendaries? Also, I've finished the campaign on world tier 12,any reason i should level it to 15 (and if so how?) or should i just focus on expeditions?
  9. It's funny because i think I'm enjoying it even more because it's very linear, generic and old school. I don't have to worry about checking every path etc, just enjoy the shooting, check out my new gear and move on to the next arena. These days it takes 10 hours just to be able to access a games main systems. This is pretty much great from the off imo
  10. Is world tier progression linked to anything in particular? I'm at the same boss as your but only on tier 6 and I've done a fair few (not all but most) side missions
  11. Servers seem fine (albeit slow) now. Had a fun couple of hours with a mate
  12. Yeah me too, having spent about 20 mins trying to get in. I thought the benefit of this is that it isn't a live game yet i can't bloody play it due to server issues. The 5 mins i got of the mission I'm on were amazing though
  13. Are the servers down for anyone? I can't start the game... Keeps failing at authentication
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