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  1. Just got given this as a birthday present. I've never played a smash before and I've played a few goes on it but feel like I'm just button mashing as it's so so fast. I had to Google a tutorial on how to find the tutorial video in the game! How should I go about getting to grips with this? Is there a particular mode /training mode? Should I play with all the characters or is there an easy mode character to start with?
  2. Yeah I know... Guess it'll be digital for me. Does anyone know what time it'll unlock on the Friday?
  3. Did you go physical or digital? I'm so debating which one as I still prefer buying physical copies. I was really hoping they would announce cross play as I'd much prefer playing it on my one x and and the xbox pad but I'll have to go ps4 for co-op
  4. Muz

    PES 2020

    How likely is it that the awful UI will get sorted?Over the last few years I've bought a couple of editions of pes with the intention of reliving my iss days with some mates and its been such a headache to figure out how to get multiplayer going (menu upon menu) that we've given up. I don't play fifa but imagine it all functions with a lot more polish?
  5. I just played 3-1. My wife came in at the start of it and ended up watching me complete it. We both kept smiling at the sheer loveliness of it all. Might be the most charming game I've ever played
  6. Muz

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm actually at the stage now where I shake my head because I can't keep up with all the good stuff they are releasing as part of the service. Nice variety too...I should be happy and excited and yet it just stresses me out that I'm paying for a service that I can't possibly use to the full! Bizarrely I don't feel like this about Netflix, Spotify etc
  7. Just rented this and am absolutely loving it so far. Old school hard but so charming. Just got to world 3
  8. Anyone already decided what class they are going to pick? I don't usually like classes that have separate passives like robot's etc so might pick the siren
  9. Yeah I'm completely addicted having not played it for years. Anyone want to team up? I'm on most nights for a couple of hours just missing about. My psn is muz__c (two underscores)
  10. Cheers guys... First playthrough of asylum it is! Excited!
  11. I have all 3 and played a bit of asylum years ago. I want to play through one of them and am assuming knight is the one to go for given its the most recent of the trilogy so most complete?
  12. I'm literally addicted again... I'm watching videos on YouTube and farming bosses. I was completely hooked on destiny for a few years but I still find myself preferring this. Clearly the gunplay isn't anywhere near as smooth so it made me realise how much I prefer the characters and writing. The game constantly makes me chuckle as I play it (Tina is my favourite character) and that goes a long way into its longevity. Literally counting down the days till borderlands 3
  13. Yep
  14. Muz


    I just rented raiden V directors cut on the ps4. My nostalgia for shoot em ups made me want to try this and hunt down gradius but I've realised that unless I'm paying attention to the enemy patterns etc I'm just going to play for 10 mins to see if I can have a decent run and stop. Maybe I'm stating the obvious but I didn't anticipate the amount of concentration and dexterity involved... I guess it came a lot easier to me 20 years ago!
  15. New dlc was great given that it was free...now its pulled me back in and I've started a siren playthrough. The 4k update has made it look great and feel buttery smooth
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