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  1. Muz

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    I watched this last night and I thought it was incredible. There was a particularly tense moment where I said to my wife that I thought it was the greatest physical feat ever done and I got a very stern reply of 'what about childbirth??'. El cap suddenly seemed safer than my living room
  2. I'm starting to feel similar on the ps4. Amazing when you team up in a squad but I'm often solo due to playing a couple of games here and there around the kids and the randoms run in opposite directions, jump solo, run into a firefight and instantly die etc so often that even the genius of the ping system doesn't help. I didn't buy division 2 as I thought apex would take all my time up but not enjoying it as much as a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps the battle pass will freshen things up so am holding on for that (still planned for this month?) until I go and buy division 2
  3. Just joined back in after a good two or three years since playing. It seems to have lost my account and although I've emailed and tried to get it back, they are insisting on proof of payments which I can't seem to find. Anyway, enjoying building up the deck again though I can't do any real damage with my roster yet!
  4. Just got our first win which was amazingly tense and literally a 'back from the dead' situation. Shame there isn't even a token reward for winning. Love the r301 gun
  5. I'd be delighted with those stats! Played maybe 15 games and yet to get a kill or do anything remotely useful
  6. Just started this and enjoying it though getting killed instantly. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the weapons, mods and so on. Nice that there is a recovery mechanic rather than instakill and then another long wait till the next game. Any pure noob tips are welcome
  7. Been playing this all week and it's the perfect game to play for an hour after a long day at work, make a little progress and enjoy. About 50% of the way through so far
  8. Muz


    Spent an hour on pico 8. Got to the last level and literally as I made the last platform, my xbox signed me out. Logged back in and game puts me back before I'd even discovered it
  9. Muz

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Only thing that annoyed me about the game was that once you go into the final room to escape, you can't go back to mop up to get 100%...I couldn't anyway so but warned
  10. Muz

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    I actually did that bit in about 10 mins... I know it's a bit cheap but once you know what obstacles are where, the escape challenges become simple. I finished the game with 87% completion and absolutely loved it. Haven't played a game like this in ages due to destiny addiction and its been a breath of fresh air. Immediately bought monster boy on the switch and I think it's even better than Ori!
  11. Muz

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    Absolutely loving this now. Every time a new ability or form is introduced, the game feels so fresh again and it throws some lovely ideas at you to play with It can be tough in places but you always know its your fault if you messed something up so I haven't found it frustrating at all yet... Has that 'one more go' feeling every time
  12. Muz

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    I'm loving this but have been stuck on a platforming bit for about half an hour. Thankfully with it being on the switch I can just put it off and have another go later. I have a snes classic that I've still not played at all yet this is reminding me of some of the tricky platforming jumps you have to do in super ghouls n ghosts
  13. Muz

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Just started this having got it off gamepass. Absolutely loving it... Feels like a decent challenge without being too difficult. One for the 'old schoolers'!
  14. Muz

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    I keep seeing youtube black friday video's for 4k discs on sale for $8-$10 from amazon, bestbuy etc whereas over here I can't find any decent sales. Does anyone import from the states (or elsewhere) at a decent price?

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