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  1. Yeah I persevered a bit and got into the taxi stuff. This is such a step up from 4 (although the Essence of Face Grating finisher is a bit much).
  2. Just started 5, am beginning to regret marathoning these as Yak fatigue is fast approaching. This one does seem better than 4 so far though, the opening scenes setting out Kiryu’s new life are quite intriguing. I don’t think I can be arsed with the taxi stuff though, is it important?
  3. Caved in and preordered an S through my mobile phone company for $33 Aussie dollars a month. I end up paying $792 after the contract ends but it includes Ultimate Gamepass so I think that’s an ok deal. Pretty psyched, need to finish the Yakuza series so I can play 7 day one :)
  4. I used to dislike Ben but I appreciate him now, same as with Patrick back in the day, hated him initially but he grew on me. Don’t miss Dan that much.
  5. Thank you but Forza is the only tempting title on that list.
  6. So tempted by this as I think it looks awesome and the lower resolution doesn’t bother me. But the lack of launch games is a problem. I’ve been a PS4 player this gen and I don’t see many Xbox One exclusives I could play to make up for that. Maybe Forza but I dunno.
  7. I’m on to Y4 in my lockdown play through of the full series. 3 & 4 are notably inferior games to Zero and K2. I do appreciate that 4 seems pretty easy so I can just do the minimum to get through to 5. Love these games though
  8. DumbMagician


    I love big swathes of Graffiti Bridge and I don’t care who knows it. I find Rainbow Children a bit creepy though. I just put down an outrageous 650 Aussie dollars on the SOTT deluxe cos it’s my birthday and fuck it.
  9. Played Zero and Kiwami 1 & 2 earlier this year and kinda burnt myself out on the series, but just started 3. It seems a little basic at first but it picks up around chapter four. The orphanage stuff I find quite affecting. I’m in Kamorucho now and had to do a police chase bit which I found quite tiresome. I’m hoping there aren’t any more running bits.
  10. God i would pay beaucoup £££s to play Card Fighters Clash again.
  11. Not close to Mobb Deep but Gang Starr haven't aged that well. I dunno, I find it hard to lo listen to GURU these days
  12. I'd also quite like to play Card Fighters Clash on my Neo Geo Color again.
  13. Im genuinely tempted. The GBA Micro was amazing. I might have to put me readers on nowadays but i think i can do it.
  14. My small but perfectly-formed US Snes RPG collection: FF 6 Earthbound (with the scratch and sniff booklet) Chrono Trigger Terranigma Super Mario RPG Secret of Mana
  15. For Switch owners who’ve not played either: this or Astral Chain first?
  16. Tru dis. The main story stuff is great but the side quests are thin and boring. I’m still doing them though
  17. Only played this for a couple of hours but I’m enjoying it. Wasn’t really expecting a beat for beat remake, how could that work? I didn’t play the demo though; what was in it that led to people having different expectations for the main game?
  18. Finally took the plunge on Civ VI on my Lite despite worries the screen might be too small etc. I fucking love it! I think if you’ve never played Civ before this might not be the version to go for, but if you know the ropes they’ve done a good job. Flying to England next week (23 hours total) and this will eat up the time
  19. So jealous of @RastanSaga and his dub records
  20. Started TOCS 3, only a little way in but love it like the others. This is comfort gaming to me. They tweak things like the combat menus slightly, and overall it’s a little slicker, but it’s the same old Trails and I love that. But have I become the equivalent of a change-fearing old twat who watches Heartbeat?
  21. Fifty percent off Civ 6! Has anyone played it on the Lite? I worry the screen might be too small.
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