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  1. God I forgot how much I enjoy that Lord Quas record. Anyway I’m fading out here in Aus so this is my last entry, probably the best record ever made
  2. Spamming this thread cos I just realised staying in and playing records is better than sitting outside smoking. this is Ladies & Gents by Spiritualized which I don’t think belongs on vinyl but they did a good job
  3. I dunno i kinda enjoyed it. Going in with low expectations probably helped. The lack of snip snappy marvel quippage was appreciated, and when it attempted that it was a weakness. It's a slightly awkward movie but it's the first MCU movie I've enjoyed in a while and I'm definitely down for a sequel.
  4. Got one of these from a Melbourne store this morning. Played a few hours of Mario Cars. That screen tho. It's lovely.
  5. Picked up the Domino MBV repressings yesterday, can thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering them. Really wish they'd pressed the EPs on vinyl too, some of their very greatest stuff is on there.
  6. I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World, not sure what’s wrong with me. I also think Ragnarok is overrated; it doesn’t stand up to repeat viewings.
  7. Watched it last night and enjoyed it but could have done with some more Biggie just ...rappin’. I mean, he was pretty good at it.
  8. Gonna watch this later. I hope it’s good but I’m suspicious of sanitised officially authorised docs.
  9. I really wish I’d bought Yakuza 7 instead. Lesson learned.
  10. Been sort of enjoying this over the weekend but the screen-tearing issue (on Series S) really bothers me. They’re never gonna fix it, are they
  11. In for ME1 alone. I played and loved 2 & 3 on the PS3 but never tried the first one.
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