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  1. Yes I wasn't ready as I didn't know man had it in him to dirt me out like that on my own stream! My stick slipped and moved off Guile! lol Loads of games played, 30 matches in totals across Capcom\SNK\Taito\Midways greatest and wackest! Highlight trailer below if you wanna see what you missed.
  2. Hey 3s fiends, running it back at the Chippy this Friday for a singles tournament this time. Also have announced a SFA2 singles tournament for next week if anyone is interested. All details at the links. Come join in or watch, bring your own chips. (Also, this trailer is too sick).
  3. Rooflemonger has put something out, his stuff is usually pretty good.
  4. Gave this a good go this evening. Played against a mate and the connection whilst playing was fine, may have been the odd dip here and there but nothing that made it felt unplayable. Only thing that soured the experience was the game crashing out back into the lobby if both players are too quick off the draw to hit rematch. Also, it was quite difficult to find rooms, even if you had a passcode. It lists every room going and even when you filter it took me an age to find my mate's room which was passcode locked. It was cool to see so many rooms of people playing VF though, probably the most people playing VF at the same time ever. lol I also couldn't find any option to invite people from my friends list. I'm hoping it's in a sub menu that I've failed to find. Anyone here have any luck? TA!
  5. Man, this is cool. Although I remember getting absolutely clapped by @Goemon and @Kayin Amoh at this. lol I can't remember which of you two used to play Goh or Kage. Good fun though, be nice to get back into this.
  6. Thanks for the RLLMUK mandem turning up! Bit gutted that Jonster\Arif had to come upagainst Joffo and Shend so early on, however, if they didn't one of these would not have been able to play on stream! So shatup Lyrical! I will be doing a FT5 Special in probably around 2 or 3 weeks time for 3s before moving onto something else. There's a few salty run back and players who want to showcase their skillz at The Chippy. Full results and VODs below, all split for easy access! Full Bracket: https://bit.ly/3y2kc9V Twitch Highlights: https://bit.ly/2Rmkesv YT Playlist: https://bit.ly/3fpkRJI YOU DROPPED THAT SHIT ON STREAM THO!
  7. GOING LIVE! https://www.twitch.tv/s1ngho https://twitter.com/JassiSingho/status/1393280324558262276?s=20
  8. Yes, yes Joffo! Thanks for pimping the event for me here lol, saves me from doing it! Appreciated. Shend, please make it to this, I've not played you online or seen you play online since XBL days in 2006! FC2 is super stable man, jump in! Jonster is ready to ruin days! Looks like RLLMUK will have two teams which will be great! Joffo and Shend\Jonster. Or Lyrical and Jonster if the Shend makes it. What's Goeman and Fuddle up to these days? Can't believe I'm still playing this game all these years later...
  9. Going LIVE now! Free for anyone to jump in and try and clart someone on stream or get clarted.
  10. Yo, so I'm doing this again on this coming Friday. A lot less formal, no signs ups required, turn up, jump in and throw down. This Friday 16th April 2021, It's a First to Five Night. A lot of salty people from the last tournament and a lot of players that were unable to attend. FT5 Night is an easy way to jump in and play a few games on stream with me and others chatting shit. Next Friday 23rd April 2021, CvS2 is scheduled for next week due to demand. This will be a Winner Stays On format. Classic chippy rules. The emulator for it is a little bit of a pain to set up, but if you follow the guide, you can be up and running shortly. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hWg8b6YIsxk2tFtnHXMHlQBS0ltQEkbzkD_6RhdonXc/edit Any problems, the discord for CvS2 will be able to help. SAPE
  11. Good job @Lyrical Donut! Was well impressed with your play today. Just as good as in the HD Remix days! It was a tough stream, hard to deal with multiple things on your own, but I am glad I did it. Hope to see you at the next one.
  12. Hey guys, I'm running a new Tournament Series called the "Virtua Chip Shop" and we are starting it off this week with the classic...Super Turbo! Friday night, grab your chips and tune in to see some of the best...and worst Super Turbo play in the UK and EU. Be good to see some of the old skool HD Remix\SF4 manz roll through. Link to a HQ version of the trailer as Twitter did some next level butchery to it!
  13. I bought Eternal on the PS4 during the early days of lockdown. I didn't own PC and the game on HMP difficulty just kicked my ass. This is the first time outside of a fighting game that I found using a pad was hindering me enjoying the game as I couldn't keep up. It was the two main battles on Exultia. You had 2 Arachnotrons, a Revenant, Cacodemon and a Hell Knight bounding inbetween a whole host of other lesser minions. This shit was absoultely owning me. I had to use a Rune Power to slow down in the air to even get a sniped shot on a Arachnotrons stinger or on the Revenants Jet packs. On the offchance I managed to land this across something rediculous like 50 retries, I would fall victim to just running around like a headless chicken till I died or landed in the lava. I finally managed to beat the first encounter, but the second was too much for me. It's the last encounter before you finish the level. Managed to get a decent PC rig earlier this year, splashed out a £1 on Xbox Game pass and I thought I'd give it another go. Outside not playing an FPS on a KB&M since Unreal Tournament 2003, I can't beleive how much more control I've got and in comparison how much easier I am finding the game. Those two earlier enconters on Exultia while still challenging I had only died once. I still think the game is challenging enough for me on HMP, I'm not sure whether my heart and blood pressure can keep up with a higher difficulty and the absolute insane music pumping through the speakers when shit starts getting wild. Really enjoying this, I've got up to the Doom Hunter Base level after putting in around 4 hours over 2 play sessions and just met Pinky for the first time. Another solid battle in this arena, it's too late to keep playing it tonight as the Mrs and kid are trying to go to sleep lol. One thing I've managed to get some what of a rythem for is punch for health and chainsaw for ammo. I like the fact that it encourages you to engage rather then sit back and take things out from a far, which I've only seen working as a strategy a handful of times. I'm still having some difficulty when things get hectic with making sure I am able to hit the right buttons for punch, chainsaw, dash, fire clusterbomb and it has cost me a few times! I have no trouble finding keys in everyday word processing use, but when I'm focused having my fingers on WASD it's requires some precision tapping, but I'm hoping I get used to it. Unless someone has a better custom button map layout for PC that they use? Cheers.
  14. Game and Watch is up for preorder to if you type in "Mario 35th" - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/elysium.search?search=mario+35th
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