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  1. I gave this a quick punt as it is on PS Now, and initial impressions were it might scratch the Fallout itch enough to warrant a play through the main quest as if it was a single player game. A few missions in and now I'm not so sure - it's all a bit mundane. Worth perservering, or bin? EDIT: Went back and read the last page or two, and it seems like it might be. Maybe stick with it for another while then..
  2. As someone who has been shocked by MK violence in the past, I don't think what they showed was too bad - I mean sure, spikes through the noggin but when the character pops back off the spike undamaged, it's a kind of different order. M'lud. Still, pretty glad they didn't go for the fatality, christ knows what the would have been like. Anyway my 11 year old thought it was 'ok'.
  3. The audiobook for this (which is excellent by the way and is included in Audible for free) is over FIFTY HOURS.
  4. Wonderful! But what was the one question? I'm imagining it was "How the hell are we gonna get out again?"
  5. They were emulated PS2 games, but with some enhancements added via the emulation. Higher resolution output, and trophies.
  6. Another thing.. Still, looking back on it I can't find that much to fault it on at all. Highly recommended. It's given me "Nearer my God to thee" as an earworm though, which is weird.
  7. From a review, an example of how the series is teetering on the very edge of the absurdity abyss.. As it's an origin style story, there's no Watson in this game (boo!) but he does have an identikit buddy called Jon (that's handy) who serves the same purpose.
  8. I fired this up on PS5 to see what it looked like. Looked pretty much the same, but that's maybe no bad thing after the GTA fiasco. I was settling down to start a brand new game, then it crashed during the cart ride! Great work, guys. (I'll go back to it I'm sure)
  9. Exactly. Funny enough they even did exactly this. Look at this thing that has gone down the memory hole, the PS2 on PS4 upscaled emulation: Looks perfectly authentic. But no updated controls and mission skip, of course. This got released with minimal fanfare and no backlash, as people knew exactly what they were getting.
  10. Actually as regards my second spoiler, I Googled and the director gives what I guess is the canonical answer but not to me a terribly plausible sounding one. https://twitter.com/flanaganfilm/status/1445821831470977027 But I guess he would know!
  11. Loved this too, great acting, great story, and as someone raised Catholic all that resonated nicely. And a question: One thing about Riley - his acting was good, except in the listening to the monologue scene where he for some reason assumed an expression like this:
  12. I'll get this at some point, I really liked the earlier games though I have my doubts about the direction they are taking Holmes in. More 'Young Holmes', a dandy who wisecracks and wears his cap at a rakish angle. Yawn. Read a review that piqued my interest - I like how you can actually get stuff wrong and how they implement the detection. The series has many,many asburdities though and at some point the balance is going to go too far. Sounds like this one is teetering on the edge of that.
  13. That DF video really made me realise so much of what I loved about the PS2 version was the deeply grungy hazy neon atmosphere of the whole place. Even without the bugs, the new one looks so antiseptic!
  14. That hotdog one is amazing, because they obviously had to manually redo the hotdog graphic, but somehow missed that the text was totally wrong! Or did they not get the joke or what? The whole idea of AI upscaling is kind of amazing though. This is like putting something through Google translate to do your French homework and not checking the output before handing it in.
  15. What links the token to the object being sold? I guess it could be a URL, but what if whoever really owns the URL changes it? What's to stop someone making a second token for the same thing?
  16. Graphically it doesn't look far off the up-rezzed PS2 on PS4 emulation releases that everyone seems to have forgotten (they had trophies too). Mission restart and new controls will be the proverbial game changer though.
  17. It's a judgement call, really. I think "here's what is gonna happen in the next film" probably qualifies. The topic is explictly about the film, you can't assume people have or will read the books.
  18. Wasn't me did the edit, but surely you can appreciate that the recent movie might inspire people new to the books? People get real touchy about spoilers on here, I think it's fair to say we will reserve the right to edit spoiler sections in. EDIT: in reply to @And, of course
  19. Multiple Triple A games (albeit slightly older titles) feels like quite a change in direction for Prime gaming, anything prompting this?
  20. Best ever was a GoW 3 QTE where you had to click both sticks Well, I say best, it was actually kinda horrific. But very, very context appropriate.
  21. Mentioned this before, but charm is great for bosses (especially redacted). It doesn't actually charm them (well it does, but only for a brief second) so you'd think it's crap but what it also does is interrupt their horrible attacks. Even the lowest level call does this, and it charges so quickly. Life saver! (There's also a boon that adds a random charm effect to attack. This is amazing)
  22. Prey was great. I always feel stress when trying to select the powers and weapons to map to quickslots, but this game was like "no problem man, they're aaaalll in there". It MUST be copied as much as possible.
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