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  1. Sadly, I have to agree. It has an almost kids TV vibe to it (except they swear a lot so it isn't). Very simplistic, one of those dramas where the omniscient hero makes complicated plans where everybody does everything he expected them to do at just the right time, and even the things that look like fuck ups are part of the plan.
  2. Nice attempt to quarantine then Eneloops chat to its own thread! Anyway, all I can say on the matter is even though I have had a few PS3 controllers (no PS4 yet) die on me likely due to the battery, I never thought "If only I had spent the previous three years repeatedly rotating chargeable batteries from charger to controller I could have avoided this sad state of affairs"
  3. I watched it over the weekend - it's a decent concept and I got the overall idea I think, but moment to moment action scenes were incomprehensible, quite a problem for an action movie. Back in Memento, where you think "ooh that's clever", here you think "well, that probably is supposed to be clever but I don't follow it". Might be just me being dim I guess. But that two-way interrogation which you imagine they must have felt as some bravura moment was just baffling. And is it really an achievement to film a fight scene that looks stupid both forwards and backwards? And most of the twists were
  4. I think they cursed themselves when they put a dick slider in there. Configurable cocks are all a great laugh no doubt, but when your game is full of bugs that make people's trousers disappear... 'the one thing we didn't want to happen'.
  5. Guys this is the stock alerts thread not the rub-salt-in-the-wounds-ive-got-mine-jack-thread (Only joshing I doubt there is gonna even be any more stock).
  6. Fallout:NV was a great game, but the PS3 version suffered from an absolute gamebreaker of a bug - the longer you played, the laggier it got, with no apparent rock bottom to how bad it could get. I'd imagine this is why the PS Now version doesn't have the DLC - by the time you get to playing the extra sections, the game performance had dipped to zero fps. (It was the same bug Skyrim PS3 had but where that got fixed, the unloved stepchild nature of NV meant it didn't). It's a shame as the expansions were pretty good. In particular they spread the skill checks about so it wasn't all s
  7. As per title. This is the one thing we didn't want to happen, etc. Remember that Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees rhyme people used to do in the playground? Let's riff off that, thought the writers. For some reason. In Monster Hunter. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/monster-hunter-china-censorship-1234847031/ Hard to see how the hell they went so wrong with this one. Even if you allow maximum benefit of the doubt, or put some blame on the the translators, hard to see how they thought it was a good idea to have "Chinese" as a literal joke punchline., Given t
  8. "Boys, I have some awful news about Santa.. you know this COVID-19 thing..." But anyway they don't believe in Santa any more, so I get to squarely shoulder all the blame (whereas in my previously flawless years Santa got the credit). Not fair! Justice for Fathers (oh wait, that's something else)
  9. With both Argos and Shopto tweeting they will have no more stock til the New Year, was that the last hurrah? Glum Christmas for my kids then, lol. That's what they get for writing their lists so late! (They are old enough to understand, I hope, and wait til January).
  10. I don't hold out a great hope for either of us But perhaps these drops will keep coming over the next few weeks, gotta be a good sign, right? Right?!
  11. Though at least both useful additions (and eminently re-sellable) - beats a hat. However it ain't looking great:
  12. Well, that was a bust for me. Brought me to the pre-order page but says out of stock when I tried to add to basket.
  13. Plus you wonder if they are prioritising the more expensive bundles. I suppose we'll see soon enough, god speed everyone.
  14. GAME are a laugh. Do you want a PS5, a t-shirt and a hat and a camera? Or do you want a PS5, a camera, a hat and a t-shirt? Or a PS5 and a hat and a t-shirt and a hat and a hat and a t-shirt? It's like the Spam sketch. Anyway, I presume I am in this queue to be told after the wait all stock is gone?
  15. Still, a lot of warning signs. Not done by the usual group of devs, delayed, cut down from multiple episodes to a single game (though I have to say I prefer the single game model but what they are left with sounds rather short as if they have ditched a lot of stuff because it didn't work). I've liked all their stuff so far though, so I'll probably give it a shot at some point.
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