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  1. We've been here before! Remember that dubious Mass Effect tie-in with Jessica Chobot? So odd.
  2. There'll be many reasons people won't gel with a game, sure, Bloodborne was just my first thought for an example. But it's a real surprise to go from the universal praise of a game's OT to the lukewarm or negative reactions of 'gen pop' in the Plus thread.
  3. Could be something to that. I've also noticed the reverse happen, where even the highest regarded games get shit on when people play it through PS Plus as people for who it just isn't their thing (and never would have bought it in a million years) download and try it. IIRC Bloodborne got a lot of "People said this was good?!" type criticism. Everybody's Gone to The Rapture, beloved in its niche, got slaughtered.
  4. We've gone on quite a journey with NFS Payback. At this rate, it's going to get forum GOTY!
  5. Finally got around to trying Minecraft VR, it's pretty damn good. Fully featured gameplay, seemingly very minimal compromises. I mean, as you would hopefully expect, but Minecraft hasn't exactly been a technical exemplar in the past. When I first booted it up I thought it was an epic troll as it is just you sitting motionless in an armchair playing minecraft on an in game TV screen, pretty funny. You can jump 'into' the screen by shifting perspective. Cool to be 'inside' your Minecraft world.
  6. Golden Didn't Aks (the developers)
  7. As a counterpoint, the PS4 didn't have quick-resume at launch, but got it as a firmware update.
  8. But if it is multiple games, there wouldn't be room for them all in RAM, so maybe it is the same as XBox.
  9. He quick resumed in Sackboy at the start. Also: GameS!
  10. So they commissioned some work, and released it? Not seeing a massive scandal here. The Steam description isn't mocking at all (perhaps they changed it?)
  11. I think you are getting it mixed up with mercury or something. Peeps in this thread have said it's a basically a paste.
  12. I'm just looking for a traditional JRPG experience, I guess. I'll play on a bit more and see, thanks.
  13. I've played about an hour of this, but I still don't quite get it. Just seems like a single player game. What's the always online about? Where is the gacha? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's good it isn't monetising in your face, but what is it? When am I going to feel its tendrils on my wallet? Even aside from that I've hardly even had any combat either! Such a low energy start, I could hardly stay awake. I suppose what I am asking is, how long should I play it to get the essence of what the gameplay is about?
  14. Wow, they really took that PS4 'jet engine' critcism to heart! Great news on that front.
  15. LOL, no, being totally sincere. Having to make a new account would be bullshit - I got burnt there before as I lost my US account password and it is impossible for me to recover (lost a game or two). Hope the cards can work for you!
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