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  1. SozzlyJoe

    What the hell happened to RPS?

    If you go to their website, all seems fine. It's probably just their RSS feed being weird, serving up all content in the same category at once.
  2. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    One thing I really enjoyed about Guac 1 was how the combat moves doubled as traversal mechanics. Really clever (though my tired old fingers didn't quite have the dexterity to do the very hardest of the optional challenges). Haven't played 2. A metroidvania with no back-tracking sounds super weird!
  3. SozzlyJoe

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    He sounds like Trump there. "We got some smart people who got some techniques, they've got great techniques, and we're going to put them on the user side. I think it's going to work out okay"
  4. The state share thing sounds like it could work well with YT let's plays. They could build some scenario, then say "Let's see how you would do!" and let you press a button to jump into an exact copy of their game state at that point.
  5. SozzlyJoe

    Songs about the loss of faith or challenging old gods

    The biggie surely is:
  6. SozzlyJoe


    There was this Scramble inspired game on the Dragon that I loved, though it was hard as balls: Look how fast that fuel gauge goes down! You could refill it by landing on little landing pads, had to be absolutely pixel perfect touchdown or boom.
  7. Episode 1 had a bit of Michael Jackson chat, surely that wasn't the reason they pulled it?
  8. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, noticed some weirdness along those lines. Like how Enter the Gungeon's default scheme is to have R as the default shoot button, a scheme it rather sternly describes as recommended. Why the holy hell would you not want shoot on a trigger?
  9. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    I see the 8bitdo adapter is cheaper, does Mayflash do anything the 8bitdo one doesn't?
  10. I'm sure it said yesterday it would be available for 29 days, so someone has messed up somewhere!
  11. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, absolutely, it can be used undocked.
  12. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    If money no option, then the Pro of course. Otherwise, 8bitdo is acceptable. I found it a little too small, personally, but others love it.
  13. SozzlyJoe

    Final Fantasy IX

    XII was pretty fantasy oriented, what with your dukes and kingdoms and what not (er.. memory pretty hazy actually). But there was definitely a bit of all that, albeit with sci-fi stylings.
  14. SozzlyJoe

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    ME:A back on sale on PSN for just under 6 quid, for those of you who have had your interest piqued by all this "not as bad as they said" chat!
  15. SozzlyJoe

    Anthem - Sekiro's out on Friday

    Obviously some PS4s are going to die, and given that there is a tiny but non-zero chance that any time you turn off the PS4 it might not turn on again, any game that repeatedly crashes your PS4 is going to be blamed if it coincides with this rare event. It's a tough break for Bioware, but don't make your game hard crash quite so often maybe.

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