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  1. That's the most confusing explanation of battle passes I've ever seen. It just puts you on a levelling up scale that unlocks cosmetics or ingame currency with every level.
  2. Interesting factoid about this stage I think I read on EG (and why it was so short lived) - publishers were horrified to find that well under half the playerbase even bothered redeeming the code.
  3. Yeah, they're crap and overdone. Made me stop playing Clash Royale, as I seemed to be spending most of my gaming time 'claiming' stuff I didn't give a shit about. CoD has just got weird, just firing hundreds of useless callsigns and nameplates and gun knick-knacks and outre kill animations at you as some sort of signifier of value. Fall Guys has one, but their art style is so sparse it kind of looks like you are grinding to earn the colour blue or something. Unlocks are always going to feel good, but having to have 'seasons' of 100 just means there is so much tat. (I'm the type of player who's idea of character creation is to hit the randomize button a few times, so maybe I'm a bad person to judge.)
  4. Splatoon 2 is very Splatoon 1-ish though. Single player much better, of course. I think you can't say the Wii U was better in any meaningful sense just because you were sitting there trying to play it on an etch-a-sketch. Just all wrong, in form and concept. So much so that they pivoted to doing the exact opposite, to massive success.
  5. I really liked Erica. As mentioned, the production values were through the roof for this sort of thing, and the story was pretty intriguing. The FMV integration is the best I've seen yet. I played through it four times - you can batter through it pretty quickly. It doesn't much seem like your choices affect anything much as far as plot development goes (at least, not until the very end), it's just that your path can change to reveal more of the story. It definitely needs some sort of skip forward option though. Some of the endings depend on a single choice at the last minute. It didn't bother me so much for stuff like The Bunker, as it was a one shot experience. Erica needs multiple playthroughs to get the story.
  6. Yeah, as a sad postscript to my PS4 HDD corruption story, even though my DMC5 file got uploaded at the last minute, when I went back to Persona 5 the save was from months ago :-( I vaguely remember some weird upload errors about the P5 saves saying the file on the cloud was newer than the local one, which obviously wasn't corrrect. Should have dug deeper at the time.
  7. Multiplied by each user of the system, too. Not saying it'll be soon, but it's an iceberg on the far horizon. If you pay for it!
  8. That's when the saves get annoying though, assuming you already played a bit on streaming to see if the game was any good. You have to go to the game on Now, upload saves to cloud, then go back to the downloaded version on the PS4, and download the saves from cloud. It's only a minor annoyance, but it would be nice if it were seamless. The bigger issue would be if you don't have PS+.. then you have no way of moving the saves!
  9. Yeah, those are my bugbears too. At least you can bounce the save to and fro, it's a bit of a faff though. I move the icons for PSNow games into a folder I can ignore. I also would like them to improve the interface for the PC client (and make an OS X/Linux/Android client!)
  10. I can see why you thought it would work based on the 3DS, but the Switch doesn't write saves to cartridge at all, they are always on the main storage of the console. (I feel like this is a problem waiting to happen as well - saves have to be in the main storage, not the SD card. As time moves on, your main storage is going to be too full for any more saves. Ninty really took cracking via save modification badly!)
  11. I think that must be the point of the grilles that you just have to rip off the wall. They present no challenge, but if you see some intact you know you haven't been there yet.
  12. I think that due to how the PS4 fancy quick-play install mechanism works, it will load stuff off the disc only if it hasn't been installed on the HDD yet.
  13. That's good to know. Was causing me actual stress have to just muddle through messing things up for people, lol. Missing the old days of "Space Jesus" John Shepard, who just cruised through the universe setting shit to rights. Ah, we will never see his likes again.
  14. I dunno if this persists through the whole game, but I am a little turned off by the whole Witcher-style "no good choices" quest design. So, do you solve the quest by doing horrible thing A, or horrible thing B? OK, horrible thing B it is! (P.S. Horrible thing A happened too. Only worse.)
  15. Has the distinct ring of "Tutorial FPS built with Unity Store Assets" about it. EDIT: Or a really old game that you are now able to play on a modern machine at about 25x the original res
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