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  1. It's certainly possible, but you'd need third party hardware (or a hacked 3DS). https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-nds-saves/overview-r22/ And even after all that, you'd have to find a new Zookeeper save or figure out how to edit it. Could be quite a quest!
  2. Their DLC is always such a piss-take. They already have fridges in the game, so the only 'content' is the stat change. And the odd thing is, there is always plenty of content in the base game, but then all of a sudden the smallest new thing is somehow seemingly spun from gold dust.
  3. Apparrently there is some new kerfuffle where they are charging six quid for an in game fridge, which has the few die-hards left up in arms as it is 'pay to win' because it makes your food spoil 50% slower. (I don't see how anyone can read that sentence and think this game will ever not be a crock of shit)
  4. The light thing is funny. It's for notifications though? Notifications of what?!
  5. That stuff about the 15fps menus and non-analogue movement is very disappointing.
  6. I noticed it cheekily updated my game icon to the Iceborne one even though I haven't bought it. Nice to know it's squatting 35GB of space on there too, lol. I mean, I will get it eventually, but man my HDD is groaning, I'm always having to delete stuff. Still, I think some of these QoL changes are retroactive, so that should ease the pain I hope.
  7. Well, if you compare it to EA's effort where you get FIFAs/NHLs/Maddens 14 through 19 as part of the list, perhaps it isn't so bad! :-) Personally I have a soft spot for Ubi games, so I would be much more interested in this than EA. Still though, not sure it'd be worth be subscribing when I can just play their games on a two-year delay and pick them up for cheap in sales.
  8. More like UPay+, amirite? I didn't even know about this service until now, I haven't been keeping my ear to the ground. It's just like EA Access, is it? I guess this adds a little bit of context to the recent Ubi heartfelt criticism of Steam's business model. Fancy that, as they say in Private Eye.
  9. SozzlyJoe


    Very nice article, thanks for linking it!
  10. SozzlyJoe

    Clash Royale

    I don't think @Gotters means you need 5000 to join, don't worry. Just we need to co-ordinate a time to drop the trophy limit to accept you as the clan gets utterly innundated with spam join requests for as long it is lowered.
  11. This version is a total rewrite so any technical comparisons to what old versions did or did not do is kind of moot, though of course from a player point of view comparisons are inevitable. Personally, I've found Doom II perfectly playable.
  12. I'm playing it, and liking it a lot. There have been some great moments in it. The vast length of time between episodes isn't helping, I guess. I think a lot of people are waiting for it to be done, and others are playing it on Gamepass, so we are all too out of sync to talk about it.
  13. Amazon has been choked with self-published crud. The Kindle store is full of nonsense with names like "The Sergeant McGonigle Chronicles Book 7: Touching The Cloth of Evil: A Pulse Pounding Page-Turner" where they've just typed as much as they can into the title box to try to get eyeballs.
  14. Guess as far as translation effort goes, that really is a 'swing and a miss'. Truly a multi-layered irony. Guess he had in mind the below, but the cack-handedness of it all makes me suspect Mr. Google was employed.
  15. "Nintendo Switch - it's for people who like Humble Bundle games, but want to pay more, except none of it goes to charity" Only razzing. I buy Humble Bundle games I never even bother to install, but something on the Switch gets played the shit out of. If you want it and can stomach the price hikes, it's surely one of the best way to play these indie games.
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