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  1. SozzlyJoe

    Monochrome games

    Dragon 32/64 games were often monochrome (especially if they were ports) as the highest res mode was monochrome. Made heavy use of that 'stipling' effect to try to get more shades. You can't see it in screenshots now, but on the CRTs of the day, those speckled bits would shimmer with an almost purple colour.
  2. SozzlyJoe

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    Well, if you want to be all reductive about it, "Playstation" appears in the statement, and "XBox".. does not.
  3. SozzlyJoe

    Team Sonic Racing

    Eurogamer like it: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-05-17-team-sonic-racing-review-smart-spin-on-the-character-kart-formula
  4. SozzlyJoe

    Are cutscenes necessary?

    People are a bit rough on David Cage when they say he just wants to make movies. When it comes to a narrative game actually attempting to allow the player choices, he's way ahead. If he was that precious about telling his story, there's no way he would allow that freedom. Compare to Telltale who generally funnel you to one ending. I don't dispute his writing is clunky as hell, but I still enjoy the games as pulp experiences where I can actually direct the events to some extent.
  5. SozzlyJoe

    Are cutscenes necessary?

    It's the fun rllmuk dynamic. When an OP poses a thread as a question, any question, we are honour bound to disagree. But he's been clever here - to disagree you have to say yes! And thus - chaos!
  6. SozzlyJoe

    PlayStation Classic

    Pretty easy, you just need to put some stuff on a USB stick and plug it in. Problems can come with the USB stick you use, the margins on the power supply are a bit thin so a USB that uses too much juice can cause your PSC to crash - and for me that always corrupted the USB Drive. The PSC is unscathed though, so it's just a matter of trying again. If you find a lower power USB stick (or use a hub), it's fine apparently. Second complication is the way the BleemSync people chose to get games on the system, you have to plug it into a PC and use a transfer program rather than just copy games to the USB like what would be sensible. I believe Autobleem is a lot easier in that respect, but ties you to the stock emulator. EDIT: Looks like I am wrong on Autobleem, you can use RetroArch!
  7. SozzlyJoe

    Why are some online multiplayer games so complex?

    Well, not really the case for Destiny and The Division. Having levelling and skill trees is not enough to make an RPG. I think they layer on the complexity to make you feel busy, as if there is always something that needs to be doing. Another reason to log on, and something to keep you invested in their game. It's a fine line though, as that complexity can put people off starting in the first place. I installed Warframe, and had fun with the opening levels but as all the systems started to unfold, I just thought "I'm too old for this shit" and never went back.
  8. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    The latter I guess - when I tried to load a game that was on the SD card, it gave an error and wouldn't start the game. I could reinsert the card and that would sometimes fix it, but it got worse over time.
  9. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    My first Switch had a faulty SD reader. It's actually a very easy to replace part (I did it myself with a part off ebay), but probably best you got it done under warranty. I'd imagine you had the same issue, I wouldn't be concerned about using the same SD card.
  10. If they can redo a whole movie to take Kevin Spacey out, I'm sure they can slap in new Sonic CGI. Anyway, in target demographic news, I showed the trailer to my 8 year old and he would quite like to see it (even with creepy sonic). Distinctly lukewarm though considering he has been raving about Detective Pikachu for about a year.
  11. SozzlyJoe

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Ha ha, ok, you really put the graft in. I guess it's a testament to the game that so many people got those trophies!
  12. SozzlyJoe

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Agree with all that.. your mention of the trophy reminded me of something - I was looking through my own completion stats and I only have 51%, but I was struck by how high the completion percentages for some of (what I thought) more obscure things were. Like, IIRC nearly 1 in 5 people have apparently got the trophy to "Kill 2 monsters you have a contract on without using Signs, potions, mutagens, oils or bombs" Which seems both missable, and the kind of thing you would have to really go out of your way to do. Ditto stuff like having all signs of power active at once. Did you target the trophies specifically, or just get them organically? I'm just wondering as the stats for all the Witcher 3 trophies are so HIGH, wondering if I was 'playing it wrong'!
  13. SozzlyJoe

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I just played through the Hearts of Stone DLC after it was on sale recently. Damn, surely that is the very apex of RPG quest writing. Never seen better. The dialogue, the variety, the acting, all together in a package. Phenomenal.
  14. I quite like shmups so I got a rotating monitor, but I have to confess sometimes I cannot even be arsed to lean forward and twist it around. I was really taken aback at my own sheer laziness! Anyway, I don't see myself spinning a fuck off TV of that size around too often. And it doesn't look very dynamic at all, like you have to remove the whole TV and slot it in a different way! Same way as you could do to any normal LED really, if you had the right mount. Shite/10.
  15. SozzlyJoe

    Games as a Service is Fraud

    It is an interesting idea. I mean, if Anthem was a tenner a month, they'd have got a lot more people trying it, but I suspect for only one month! As it is, probably a net win for EA getting a load of people to fork out 50 quid for it, and I bet some evil EA suit somewhere is already proposing some sort of sunsetting plan to cut the loses. With the subs model, they just couldn't have released in that state. And all that goes triple for Fallout 76.

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