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  1. Can second this, thanks for the recommend. Price is right too for the first audiobook! I'd been looking for a new anthology since poor old Gardner Dozois popped his clogs. The Clarke ones are similar in the type of stories picked, sometimes sci-fi can be a bit too numinous but his picks are pretty solid. Lavie Tidhar has an international anthology which I tried but found a little patchy as it's full of that brand of sci-fi where the stories never seem to have proper beginnings or endings, just middles and where 'science' is just a synonym for 'magic'. I'm terribly conventional in this way alas. That said, it's probably worth a read as there are a few gems in there. Also has a built in bookmark which is AWESOME.
  2. I only played about 5 hours or so, but wasn't the main character looking for his missing wife or something? Did HE play the game?
  3. What an idiot. He could have stopped at 1 and shown some humility. It was pretty well received if I remember, even on here, and we are the very wokest of them all. Wasn't he also recently complaining about not being allowed to make a sequel or something? Like getting to work on new IP is some sort of punishment. (But maybe it was Woke IP?)
  4. SozzlyJoe

    NIOH 2

    If you trade you have probably gone too late (or your range is wrong). For enemies like this with a quick wind up you are better dodging or blocking. Sounds like you are getting more into the technical side of the combat, I'm a cheeser
  5. SozzlyJoe

    NIOH 2

    It was your advocacy of the game got me to try it, so thanks/curses for that I bounced off the first one as the bosses were too hard. This one seems better tuned in that the boss will kick your ass but not badly enough to make you think you can't beat it. It's a very nice balance. My first attempts at Souls bosses always depress the hell out of me, but with this it's like 'oh riightt..' I don't know if I'm playing it properly or not but if it feels this good it's can't be wrong!
  6. SozzlyJoe

    NIOH 2

    I'm playing this too, getting a bit obssessed with it actually. I decided not to sweat the stance stuff pretty early on, I just stay in mid nearly all the time. Make sure you get the skill that allows you to Ki pulse on dodge, I end up doing it by accident half the time which is nice. The only things I watch for combat wise is the white smoke effect of an unblockable attack (dodge away when you see this) and the red burst attack to counter. I use the Brute type of counter as you don't have to be particularly good with the timing of it at all. I think the turning point for me to 'get it' was the realisation you can block nearly everything (even the red burst moves can be blocked), so you can just do this and learn the movesets of any given enemy. It's so much fun, the combat in this.
  7. Actually the combat in this kinda sounds like Ryse! That was visceral and fun but really just a timing game in very gory disguise, where the skill comes from crowd controlling. I'll certainly try this game at some point, I think (but likely only when it hits the free services).
  8. In the DLC there is a section where you can drive around a large area in your jeep, visiting a load of temple ruins in any order (some skippable). It's very similar to the Seattle section (complete with in-game engine map in the characters hand) so it's obviously something ND do now. I like it. Of course there is also the non-linearity of encounters, which is also good though it kind of stresses me a little when you enter a huge new area with about two dozen enemies and know you have to somehow take them all out. They have added a very generous checkpoint system to help there though. Enough about UC I guess! Sounds like the non-linearity in this is when you get two paths you have to guess which one is the dead end with the collectable at the finish.
  9. This is true, but I noted that both TLOU2 and UC4:Lost Legacy have huge chapters that are basically open world which is a nice evolution of the formula.
  10. Here's a video of what this sort of thing looks like, for those sick of shit puns (though with shit pun included as bonus) Be a nice alternative to chew toys for keeping a dog amused, not sure what the longevity would be.
  11. Yeah, I really don't know why they are bothering. I can't load any of the books right now to even check the price, it says it can't find them. Successful launch then!
  12. Had this on PS4, completed it once and would have really dived into it more but when I saw a PS5 version was coming out I shelved it as the load times were murder on PS4. Did they manage to significantly improve that at all for PS5?
  13. Spotify seem to be getting into the Audiobooks game proper (as in selling them, I know there are loads of unofficial ones on there already). Bit of a departure as they are not included in the subscription but are an add on purchase. But they've gone for basically RRP pricing, which means they are mostly 20 quid plus which is surely doomed to failure given Audible is basically never more than the price of a single credit.
  14. Streaming has a really slow startup time as well. Launching your own virtual PS3 and then the game is slooooow
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