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  1. I'm definitely in, I only came to Amnesia via the remasters, but its one of the best horror games I've played. I'm usually pretty OK with 'nope' games but Amnesia was so scary I thought I was going to be sick. LOVED IT!
  2. I love Mubi too. You just don't know what you are going to get. Wouldn't recommend if you don't love foreign cinema (though they have a lot of decent classics too) but if you do you'll be in heaven. It has to be said there is some awful arthouse tosh (and some of the most explicit stuff you'll see outside actual pornos!) but there will always be something excellent there. You can pay for a whole year of it at once and it's cheaper.
  3. It's worth sticking with, as he has great fun pointing out the plot holes. One I had missed (as you don't know this at the time) was that the Romulans decided to stage their false flag operation to destroy the colony that was making their own rescue ships! Boss move, that. Also has a good choice of clips, he manages to line Seven's 'catfight' it up with a pratically blow for blow identical girl fight in discovery.
  4. Yeah, that seems bizarre. I was impressed by them managing to do a CPU player that played a BR game, but it sounds like they just teleport them in to give you some action? How odd. (What if they kill you, do they disappear?) Does Fortnite do the same?
  5. Wahey, it's massive update time again! 40 odd GB, and due to however the patching system works you need multiples of that to actually download it. Fuck these guys, man.
  6. Obviously the improved reviews they are getting from Wastelanders, where the perception of the game has gone from terrible to almost OK, has caused a rush of blood to the head.
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-05-13-fallout-76-is-free-to-play-this-weekend-on-xbox-one-ps4-and-pc EG say it's coming to PS4 and PC as well. I might dip in! Sounds like a weekend should do it.
  8. In an interesting twist on this, Demon's Souls made the game HARDER when you died, because it just wanted to fuck with ya, presumably.
  9. SozzlyJoe

    Billie Eilish

    I admit I missed that FP went on to use 'he' after that, that puts a different spin on it. Mea culpa. I tried to respond in a way that would defuse the situtation and give @Fierce Poodle the chance to respond and clarify or apologise, I'm sorry you feel that was poor moderation on my part.
  10. SozzlyJoe

    Billie Eilish

    There have been reports about Fierce Poodles post, and we are hoping that the 'fuck that shit' didn't mean to refer to the gender issues involved but actually were just his idiosyncractic segue from his correcting of the pronoun into getting massively and arguably somewhat inappropriately over-exercised about how much he hated the singer / songwriter Sam Smith. Hoping you will confirm this interpretation of your post, @Fierce Poodle?
  11. To be fair, a camera that allowed you to stream in both portrait and landscape to allow the viewer adjust to screen orientation would be great so it's a solid idea. Perhaps they should've tried to partner with instagram or something.
  12. Yup, the speed through the battle pass is just demoralising (and what's with double). You fly through the regular levels at a good rate.
  13. It's pretty confusing - Sony then have a thing that works with wired PSVR headsets, which compensates for audio direction as you turn your head so that the sounds still sound like they are coming from the right direction, instead of moving with your headset. This works with standard wired headsets, but is different from the enhanced 3D audio that comes with the Platinum. But they decided to call it 3D audio as well!
  14. Yeah, no luck there I'm afraid. But just to be clear on this '3D Audio' - it's a special Sony thing that only a very few of their games support (UC4 being one). It's different from Surround Sound.
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