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  1. I have a strong feeling you are just extemporising on the flimsiest of data, but so am I so hey, that's ok. It's like jazz!
  2. Nah, for me, the onus is on the card to protect itself from this. And you'll excuse me but 'so much fast' doesn't really sound like a thing. This all reminds me of a time when I was young and I asked my dad what would happen if he revved the car into the redzone, which he did to show me, then the car wouldn't start again and we had to walk home. Asked and answered!
  3. A fuck up on Nvidia's side surely? Drivers and hardware failsafes should prevent software causing any harm like this.
  4. My dualsense has pretty bad stick drift, already (only had it two months). This is such bullshit for what is such an expensive item, and what is stick drift just going to be on every bloody controller now? 'Luckily', GAME hooked me into a bundle with an extra controller and the second one seems ok, so what's the process for sending the broken one back to Sony for repair?
  5. Always fascinating to see when well regarded games his PS+ or whatever. The audience widens from the self-selecting 'pretty sure I'd love this and I do' crowd to 'I'd never buy this this in a million years and I hate it' people. Which is totally understandable I suppose. Be a boring world if we all liked the same stuff.
  6. That strategy that was mentioned up-topic (spoilering that even though I really don't think it is one but just in case)
  7. Well, even if we allow it to be a semi-gag, there's also "You don't ever get to explore those distant mountain ranges". And I think my contrarian comment is justified in the review itself "Edge has no intention of joining the rabble mindlessly praising Doom beyond its worth" It all reminds me of that infamous IGN football management game review (surely another contender) where the guy was all why can you not even control the players. Just such a fundamental failure to engage with the game.
  8. But... if you are all set up to welcome 'the future', and a game that is the actual future is dropped in your lap and you spectacularly fail to recognise this, that's not great either. It's not like you needed special credentials either. Anyone back in the day who played Doom for the first time was like 'HOLY FUCK'. I think Edge were just being contrarian in this case.
  9. There's a few Edge classics too surely! DOOM's 'talking to the monsters' and Wii Sports Resort 'chilled to the bone' spring immediately to mind!
  10. Yes, you'd think seeing your own IP was hearing the true name of god or something for that. Obviously written from a streamers POV, so very skewed. It's like those 'mute copyrighted music' things options in the menu. Has there ever been anything so niche is a console's options?
  11. Chess.. waah? See this is why I think analogies should be banned on the internet, I now want to start talking about what the pieces are made of or some shit and what has that got to do with anything. Gut feeling for me is that is too dear. I can't say it's not worth that, but given I've played them before and the 'interesting' new art style I'd need it to be in the impulse buy range of 20-30 quid. It's more time than anything. That 50 quid will buy me games I haven't played before, which for me is generally a better use of my time than a nostalgia wallow, as nice as that is sometimes.
  12. Fair enough. And actually I am a big idiot as I see clump already posted it above Death Label = Boss Rush Black Label = Arrange/Remix Mode White Label = Original game once a Black Label is released Blue Label = Special competition revision
  13. Idle question - the abundance of modes always throws me with these classic games, but none moreso than this 'Black Label' moniker. What does 'Black Label' actually signify? Like if you hear a game you know has had a 'Black Label' mode added, does that choice of name lead you to naturally expect some particular type of differences?
  14. My bit of generic gaming wisdom is that if you suddenly find a bit that seems disproptionately hard, you are probably doing it wrong. The technique you picked first to do the section almost works, so you keep plugging away the exact same way and failing, when in fact you've missed how the devs intended you to approach it. Then you'll do it on your twentieth try and exult only for someone to say "I don't remember that bit, must have done it first time" So yeah, try a different strategy, it often works wonders.
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