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  1. The second one has a great alternate mode where it becomes more like an FE game, you have 30 battle scenarios, a tweaked ruleset, and character permadeath. It's a lot tighter than the main game. Might be worth exploring if that you want to give the gameplay a fair shot but are not feeling the story.
  2. Yes, I think he should be able to do something with it. If nothing else, just browsing the user levels should be enough - he did that endlessly in LBP.
  3. Just realised how incongruously out of date the title was, changed it for now. If anyone can think of a better one, shout! I think this game is quite a hard sell because it is almost utterly inconceivable as to how it works. My kid LOVES LBP but he had some sort of visceral fear of this - he said he didn't want it as "It looks too hard". But I think I might have to jump on it as I suspect he will love it, and I just have to see it myself to finally get what it IS.
  4. Not really kept up with developments on this - is the skill based matchmaking a big effect? My kids are razzing each other about being matched with noobs and that's that only reason they do well (if they ever do - though my oldest got 3 consecutive Victory Royales which seems bizarre!)
  5. Damn your eyes man, I downloaded this after reading this post and it's total digital crack. I was begging for my credits to run out so it would make me stop playing.
  6. Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! What would Captain Picard say? Anyway, now PC Master Race has made a gracious apology let us resume normal service.
  7. I couldn't get over how good this was at the time. Let's go Mr Driver!
  8. LBP is chock-a-block with copyright infringing Mario/Sonic/Pokemon knockoffs. Maybe no one cares? I think it might be an issue if they start getting too good!
  9. SozzlyJoe


    Bump again as it came out on Switch, all unexpected. Was wondering what the posters above were smoking saying the gfx were good then I realised the posts were from 2010!! Seems like kind of middling, but not that many FPS games on the Switch, so interesting for the novelty value perhaps.
  10. It definitely is. They really put the effort in.
  11. I see what you are saying here, but even Souls games pretty much require you to spend your souls to upgrade your stats, right? And given the loss mechanic you'll be doing this against the same low-level trivial enemies or else you risk losing all your souls before you can spend them.
  12. I love this post. The super positive write up, then boom at the end, you swing in like Oprah with there's one free for everyone in the audience!
  13. SozzlyJoe

    Dishonored 2

    Nice write up, @Pob. As regards permadeath modes, if I remember right one of the Dead Space games had such a mode that gave you only one (or was it two) saves per run. Though that could cause considerable angst too I imagine about when best to use them! EDIT: Found the details, was DS2 and actually three saves. https://deadspace.fandom.com/wiki/Hard_Core_mode
  14. Don't feel too bad @Gorf King. A while back I forgot bagels. We have them all the time. I was asking my kids what they wanted for lunch and ask them did they want a... what's that thing? It's like round.. a doughnut.. but bread? What the hell do you call that thing? I swear a bead of sweat popped on my forehead at the sudden vertiginous feeling of having a total void in my brain, something you plainly should know, but have forgotten.
  15. Got Shibuya Scramble based on this thread as it is on sale at £7.99 and I really like it. The timeline switching gives it a tremendous energy, something often lacking in VNs which can become a bit of an X-pressing snoozefest. The live action presentation works very well. Psycho-pass: Mandatory Unhapiness is a good one too, and it was on PS+ once so you may already have it (Vita version only maybe).
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