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  1. What's the deal with the steer button? Is it just the same as regular steering except you get the arrow? It's not where I normally put my thumb, so I find it weirdly hard to get a handle on what it actually does.
  2. That seems to have done the trick, cheers!
  3. I think it is fair to assume that everything that can be faked is being faked! The dataset of names they use even contain names that would be disallowed if you tried to create them (names with the words Tits and Anus in them) Anyone having trouble getting the game to start recently? Mine just hangs at the opening Nintendo screen.
  4. Yeah, I got a weird feeling from that review too, came over like a hostage video. I mean: Oh wow, is that all? And Bar the what now? I mean, these might be minor in the scheme of things, but this is DF! These come across like coded alert messages of things DF would never say. EDIT: Oh yeah, and no dipswitch access! Also handwaved away. So odd.
  5. If you thought "What this game needs are multiple first person sex scenes" then you are in luck! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-11-18-terminator-resistance-review-a-first-person-shooter-out-of-time (EG did not like it)
  6. I read some interesting research that showed that having the ending spoiled doesn't actually reduce your enjoyment that much. Inutitively seems very wrong to me, but who knows? https://www.livescience.com/53126-spoilers-can-ruin-movie-enjoyment.html Although I think we can agree, not in the case of this film.
  7. I really liked this, though didn't totally dig the ending. That's nit picky though, I loved it overall. Seemed like maybe they were setting up for a sequel?
  8. Yeah, be careful of this. Wikipedia plot summaries are literally that - they tell you the whole plot, beginning to end. Entirely understandable as it is a reference, but if you are looking up Wiki to see if a film is worth watching you can accidentally render it not worth watching by reading the ending! (Luckily in this case, no harm done!)
  9. As regards that whole coughing thing, where they went wrong was not having the coughing guy actually sat there answering the questions seeing as he knew them all.
  10. @Calashnikov You make a good point. It is kind of a spoiler, though perhaps not quite in the way you think. I've added spoiler tags just in case, better safe than sorry!
  11. What, so the guy you might think you are locked in a tense standoff for 1st place with, from his perspective might actually just be 10th in some entirely different league?! That's kind of hilarious.
  12. Yeah, we shouldn't undersell what a leap the 16-bits were. I remember having a Spectrum and going round to a more well-off Amiga owning friends house. He put on some game, and it had great music and full colour graphics and SAMPLED SPEECH and I felt literally sick with pure envy.
  13. The South Korean situation is another ridiculous example of an overreaching government trying to solve exactly the wrong problems: https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2015/04/15/393939759/the-all-work-no-play-culture-of-south-korean-education?t=1573209016135
  14. It's not a question of allowed! I mean we've moved on from gameplay to speculation about whether he needs reigned in by 'suits', just looking forward to some actual grounded impressions from a forumite.
  15. Fucking hell, some crazy hot takes going on in here. It all rests on you @PeteBrant to either confirm or deny ALL of this. No pressure!
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