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  1. USB-C i imagine does it all
  2. that's Xmas morning sorted
  3. I love a good NFS , here's hoping this is one of em
  4. Think Nunez would be a great replacement for Mane but United look set to get him but you never know Isn't Lewandowski too old , doesnt fit with the way we do things ?
  5. 437 hours of Warzone mine said , I blame covid
  6. This game gave me claw hand from playing it so much on the Switch .... hit a brick wall with it after unlocking a few stages tho , thanks for the reminder to go back to it
  7. That bug with the spikes on the guns is infuriating. Is the washed out effect to do with 120fps ?
  8. Enjoying it , have already got one victory with the squad. That first ring of gas is too fast and the ambient noises all going off need addressing as it's almost impossible to hear enemy footsteps even with headphones. Quite a few bugs in general that need ironing out but I'm still invested
  9. @Flockheart Thanks mate this is exactly whats happenin by the sounds of it. I've got a 2nd pad i can use so i'll just sit tight
  10. Tracked with royal mail and they said it's delivered . Seems Sony's system takes an age to update . I can't be arsed staying on the phone for another hour to find out but guess I'll have too
  11. Anyone ever sent a pad back to Sony under warranty and they said they havent received it, any ideas what you are suppose to do when it happens ?
  12. There's certainly a few bugs with it but not had that one
  13. So far I'm really enjoying the multiplayer on this , smooth as butter 120fps , plenty of stuff to rank up . Maps seem quite open and not overly choke pointy.
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