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  1. So going forward what's the recommended TV for the next gen of console ? 120Hz HDMI 2.1 etc ?
  2. Do nintendo fix joy con drift for free i cant seem to find a definitive answer ?
  3. 1990 I was 12 , thought we'd win it again soon , boy was I wrong . 30 years is a long time to wait for something but here we are . YNWA
  4. Well Hera Syndulla ( SW Rebels ) is confirmed as she's in the video
  5. Postman just walked on by without my copy GUTTED
  6. Sales of PSvr about to take a sharp rise
  7. Launch with Ridge Racer = take my money ( Buying it anyway but it sweetens the deal alot )
  8. Funny how things come back round. Rumours of EA bringing Skate back and that other one that's on Steam at the mo ( each stick is mapped to each foot ?!? ) I think we are all ready for more Tony Hawk's tho, count me in
  9. £8.99 for an official one but you can get bootleg ones for buttons
  10. Did that this morning , I can tell all my strength is in my legs as my upper body is aching after that Enjoying it all tho.
  11. Stock informer email alert worked for me Very , Curry's and Amazon seem to be the best bet
  12. Mine came today also. Jumped onto the Adventure thinking this is gonna be piss easy , 30 mins later my abs are aching and I'm sweating rather alot. It's perfect lockdown workout for me as don't have alot of room or huge back garden. My 8 year old wasnt that impressed and didnt want to join in which I'll have to work on Is there a work out only section or do you just do the adventure ?
  13. Finally got one from Amazon for £69 , looking forward to making a tit of myself in front of the family
  14. I dumped this game for the latest thing and I wish I hadn't ,now seems like a good time to get back on the horse
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