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  1. Hoodedclaw

    Best New Music 2019

    Feeling the new Alex Banks LP - Kinda has an Atoms for Peace vibe about it
  2. Hoodedclaw

    Best New Music 2019

    This is boss , thanks
  3. New Ajax away is nice from Adidas I'll only be buying the new LFC tho
  4. Fuck back to the eshop I go
  5. I her alot about Celeste is it really that good ?
  6. I read somewhere ( useless I know ) that the Sega Ages titles really aren't selling in Japan on the switch but Europe is lapping them up . Fingers crossed we get more
  7. What payment method is best to buy it on the Jpn store Geldra ?
  8. Out Run had to be picked up. Do we know if Virtua Racing is getting a western release ??
  9. Uses the break heavily and has some boss rhymes to boot
  10. "Both European and Asian dragons have incorporated various cat motifs in the past, though in different ways. The Chinese dragon is said to be a combination of various animals, one of which is the tiger, and they are often drawn with feline-looking claws, whiskers, and noses. European dragons tend to be more outwardly reptilian, but their movements and the shape of their eyes are often described as cat-like."
  11. Oh my i didnt realise all the DLC was on it too .... I finished BL2 but more then happy to revisit it in shiny 4K
  12. Thats a lot of game for £9 ... I'm in
  13. Everyones Golf VR .. i might have to buy into that
  14. "Death matters: You just get one save file, meaning you can’t take back any deaths you experience, and in Sekiro, each death has real consequences. In addition to the loss of half your money and skill points, accumulating deaths eventually causes Dragonrot, a sickness that afflicts computer-controlled characters you interact with in real-time. They’ll cough when you interact with them, and it seems like certain dialogue options disappear. Having a Dragonrot indicator in your inventory means that upon dying again, you have less of a chance of receiving Unseen Aid, a base one-in-three chance of not losing gold and skill points. Additionally, any non-boss enemies you kill respawn and you’re sent back to the last Sculptor’s Idol (the game’s resting points) you used. Players are afforded a resurrection ability early on, and it’s up to them whether to choose to use it as a second wind toward the culmination of, say, a tough boss fight, or a signal to turn tail and get the hell out of dodge while they still can to regroup.."
  15. Least now i can get rid of infinite warfare which you needed installed to play MW ( with the version i had at least )
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