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  1. Outbreak is a whole lot of fun , reminds me a bit of left for dead
  2. Install won't update on my PS5 , they really know how to fuck downloads up
  3. I like the new Mogwai , loud is best i find with their stuff ... headphones even better
  4. Put this in the Daft Punk thread but thought people might not see it , i for one would of loved this
  5. yea mine did i wasnt sure it would as purchased thro their ebay shop World 1 boxed off with my daughter , both of us loving this , never had the wii U so these ports are just fine for me
  6. Had that on warzone for a bit but it's stopped now
  7. @Jamie John Glad you got it so quick , enjoy the madness !
  8. Hoodedclaw


    Oh how I loved the Skate series
  9. I don't have any of these titles so I'm pretty stoked, looks like a good month, altho suspect all stars maybe a stinker
  10. Are we allowed remixes ? I often told myself i didnt like Radiohead , even saw em at Glasto but how stupid i was when i was younger.
  11. I run an external drive with all my PS4 titles on from the rear usb and had no issue since finishing MM , couldn't be happier with mine tbh
  12. I've got a copy of Demon Souls Ps5 up for sale in the trading folder for £40 delivered if that's any good to you @Popo
  13. i would love a shiny 4k update of Geo Wars 3
  14. I had a couple of crashes on Miles Morales which scared me as they were full pull power out jobs . Demon souls and warzone I've not encountered any wobbles
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