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  1. This a laggy mess for anyone else at the mo ?
  2. Proceeduly generated so different everyone
  3. Use your phone it's one of the options to call a friend
  4. Ahh so that's how you have that tool ring option !!!
  5. Pcworld/currys had the Animal Crossing pack in this morning online £340
  6. who posted that calender ith all the villagers b'days on , does anyone have the link ? scratch that found it on my phone
  7. sorry got it from hotdealsuk , seems some people where lucky enough
  8. Just emailed em see if i can get some money back as i payed 39 quid
  9. Currently 30 quid at CD keys this https://www.cdkeys.com/nintendo/switch/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch
  10. Had 3 gulag wins now it's very satisfying
  11. Won one earlier with random's it's fuckin tense at the end and wasn't a killstreak fest like I imagined it to be , gulag is a good touch I feel
  12. Yea they email you it after payment and you can preload it now
  13. Good to see Div2 taking on Modern Warfare for stupidly sized updates
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