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  1. Rebels got my daughter into Star Wars as it has some strong female characters which she likes ( especially Sabine Wren ) Least it pulled her away from god awful Harry Potter
  2. yea im still long pressing out of muscle memory
  3. i had one when you first meet Rhino in MM total ps5 black screen and i feared the worst
  4. Yep you can tell it all PS4 titles save to the external drive
  5. Mine is also out for delivery , thank you forum for holding my virtual hand in these trying times, we got thro it in the end
  6. Feel like I'm the only one whose Amazon order isn't moving from the depot
  7. Mines not out for delivery yet sob come on Amazon
  8. Ohh where from plz mine could do with replacing ?
  9. Im on this pretty much everynight , have won a few singles , couple of doubles but yet to win in a quad welcome to add me
  10. I can feel myself succumbing to it also , told myself i have to finish Spidey first
  11. Thank fuck they are leaving Warzone on the MW engine , even looks a bit nicer with the high rez texture packs you can add now , giving this a wide berth and prob just buy battle passes for warzone
  12. Doing the same as i only played the PS4 version for a few hours so start again with the new shinies
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