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  1. First time I have both games on offer. For those who are new to either they are both top class . Be great to have a big influx of people's times on WipEout tho
  2. was on LFCTV as far as im aware so i imagine Bradford would be similar
  3. Was at the game last night , gotta say the future looks bright with some of these younger players. Very impressed with Larouci in the first half and then Adam Lewis in the second. Hopefully they game some game time over the coming season
  4. Bundle this and Animal Crossing and win
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07d60x1/glastonbury-jon-hopkins-live-at-glastonbury
  6. guessing he hasnt played much or any first team football so just buying potential
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/06/25/liverpool-fight-competition-sign-17-year-old-dutch-defendersepp/
  8. New Inter top is lovely , might even beat Ajax one
  9. This is fantastic !
  10. Oh shit ! Nice one
  11. This has been boss already , looking forward to BoC tho
  12. Tracklist: Rival Consoles 'Pattern of the North' Jon Hopkins 'Neon Pattern Drum' Murya 'Scientist' Frits Wentink & DJ Boring 'Derek Antony' John Tejada 'Promo Committee' James Shinra 'Nebula' Roel Funcken 'Cybot100312' Si Begg 'Something That Makes Life Worth Living (Alavux Remix)' Mark Forshaw 'Elexorcist PM 1644' Axoneme 'Axoneme' Avus 'Tear' Ariadne’s Labyrinth 'End Aria 2' Karsten Pflum 'Montpellier Disco' CN 'Stellar Awakening' Visage 'Pleasure Boys (Bonus Beats)' Skee Mask 'Rev8617' Kim Cosmik 'Nerve Array' https://djmag.com/content/cue-plaid
  13. So sorry for your loss there mate it cant be easy for you x
  14. Philippe Cerboneschi, who was known as Philippe Zdar and for his work as one half of the iconic French duo Cassius, has passed away after a tragic fall from a high-rise building https://mixmag.net/read/philippe-zdar-of-cassius-has-died-news Very sad news I have seen his DJ many times and always enjoyed his music particularly Motorbass and Cassius
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