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  1. Doesnt everyone just make their pro a striker? or attacking mid? other than you obviously haha
  2. You also lost out on the month prize, steelys won it by a mile, cocked up by picking an injured captain but his vice will double up to 18 points, Vidic will be removed for barkly who plays tonight and aguero will be replace by brady who scored 11 points
  3. Coleman and Coloccini for me tonight, so bring on a 0-0 game please
  4. Man u at home against west brom, surely they will win, so ill make Van persie my captain, hes been rested for a couple of games, he will come back with goals to make up for the defeat to man c ect ect... O wait no he wont, Another bum week for me
  5. Yes i deffo have both trucks and all 3 boiler suits and masks Gunna return to where i took the trucks and see what happens
  6. car and phone call deffo made, ive moved the car 5 times and made the call each time, The hotel assassination where you stand in the multi story car park and shoot a guy in pink?? yep done that as well, On either characters map i have no L i did have a F but i did another mission with Franklin where we shot the chap we kidnapped at the start and got ambushed in this mill then was chased by cops but then the F went as well, All im left with are ? on the map which from doing a few just looked like crap to get new contacts
  7. yes, does he have the answer?? ha Tried that mate there is nothing on my map left to visit, Lester doesnt answer off any character, looked at all emails texts nothing, I had thought to go back to the FIB yard where i dropped the bits off and see if anything happens then, ill give that a go tonight.
  8. Hi Guys, Dont know if this is the correct place to ask, but im stuck!! its the mission before the heist apparently mission 35. Basically i had to get a trash truck, tow truck, 3 boiler suits and 3 masks once ive got them i hide the car in a secure place and a message comes up saying this is fine call Michael, so i do he says good ill call steve (i think his name is) But after about 3 hours of just driving around with all 3 characters with nothing else to do really other than the odd ? thing which the last one i went to was an old chap routing through bins asking me to get celebrity items for them which surely cant have anything to do with it, Then late last night i came across a race mission with Franklin, again it was one of them ? tasks but i thought to myself could that possibly need doing before so it increases his driving skills to drive the getaway car? Thats the only thing i can think to try, ive been on the web searching all over for the answer and its seemed to affect quite a few people but ive not found the answer. Ive watched youtube videos but they always finish after the car is left and ive phoned Michael Any help would be appreciated as its starting to bug me
  9. no chance, i havent read it for ages so would have like 6 pages to catch up on, im reyt for that, so will just have to take it as it happens Just seen the title change and looked a couple of posts, The long and short of it, does that mean we cant use clubs any more just your own pro?
  10. ok so team picks is just same as normal so i will have first choice? as wanderers finished bottom,
  11. when will we have the orders of team picks and player picks?
  12. OMG!!! i thought Newcastle at home to hull was a guaranteed clean sheet so made coloccini my captain and he scored a whopping 2 points Game week 5 entered https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0 Richard Rovers still holds a nice lead,
  13. Ye probably mate ill give it ago, i think i was just on a downer last week, Dont think ill be on tonight, might be on from 8 for a quick GTA V session but ill be tucked in my bed for 10pm
  14. Game sheet updated https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0
  15. im not sure if ill make it next week as i have to be up at half 6 next friday, is it a half 9 start? that would be ok for me if it is
  16. defo not feeling it at the moment, half this season ive been like *sigh* bap tonight and being a nice guy and all i always turn up rather than thinking fuck it, Ok well leave it with me ill see if i can get my mojo back will let you know
  17. TommyMAT (3 - 2) AlfromSleep What a couple of games both were end to end, In game one Al was all over me but was wasting chance after chance, i made some awesome blocks and my keeper was on form, I ended up taking a 3-0 lead before Al found his shooting boots in the 86th min and the 90th, AlfromSleep (2 - 3) TommyMAT Game 2 was very much the same with both teams going all out attack, the stuff we like, This time i think i took a 4 minute lead and a couple of moments later i smashed one against the cross bar, For long periods of the game either team could have scored but it wasnt till later in the second half i managed to pull it back level, i was over the moon and just wanted to hold on for the point to see me finish at the top of the bottom, but in the 90th minute i manged to get the winner, this was very very unlucky on Als part i thought he deserved the win in this game, Well played mate, its been a good season in the championship for the top lads and the bottom, see you in the basement league on fifa 14
  18. good games guys, Mike do you fancie doing the managers job here at wanderers next season? i kinda find bap these days abit of a pain rather than enjoyment, that could just be because of the season we have had, but i wouldn't want to take the draft then end of the season still think bap is crap and pulling out, I might aswell speak up now and let someone else have a do at the draft,
  19. says we are top of the league??? o wait im upside down ill be on, always love a game further up field
  20. loved it you might aswell of just told me to go hang myself ha, same next week? it will work if we stick at it
  21. i wasnt upfront i was CM :S it wasnt me that didnt shoot in the 6 yard box i was the one that had the shot that hit the post, So fuck you i played well
  22. sure you dont want me to take the any mike? ill happily do it,
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