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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
  2. I was just a rough split with everyone having a chance else where, But looks like we might have a CB so its reyt
  3. exatly what i thought, but if i dont have people willing to play in defence then i cant do much else, TMB and charlie are ok to take the FB, but with being a player short they have a couple of weeks at CDM or somthing and the any can have his player and a full back, If your ok with CB or maybe even half a season each with you and mike then i can scrap the rota
  4. I think this looks pretty fair lads, would anyone have any grumbles at this?
  5. I dont need an "excuse" to not turning up, its not like im gunna get told off, by the time id realized my problem it was like 10.45 and i thought it would be all over so didnt bother coming on, Ok you had your fun as striker and wanna come back to defence? or does someone else want to stick their hand up? if not im gunna have to make some sort of plan so everyone plays in defence at some point
  6. Good stuff, What formation and who played where?
  7. HAHAHAHA, well i turned it all on ready to go, and the bloody box wouldnt connect to the internet again, I was running late anyway so didnt have chance to try till 9.50 but it was proper pissing me off now, I spent about 40 minutes wondering what on earth was the problem, until i realised i moved the TV round and what have you start of the week, i looked at the back of the box and i hadn't plugged the Ethernet cabled back in to the xbox, What a fucking wanker i am, But anyway how was it last night? many drops?
  8. Ok, so im shit at drawing and im not very creative, Sooooooo Team Square heads, with the face they will make when they see the team sheet The 3 blank spaces are the mmmmmmm positions as outsider will always have at least 1 extra player, If you think he would be best with the AT and LB then JA or Charlie can choose the CDM/RM, If outsider has AT and one of the others Charlie can go LB and JA the other. This is what i would like to try in the cup. So just need to decide what would be best for Outsider, personally i think LB and AT
  9. couldnt get online last night for some reason Thursday night from 9.30 for another practise?? Any position in BAP is enjoyable if the team is winning, if we dont have a defence cos you all wanna play upfront and lose every game its no fun for anyone, think about that
  10. ok that's prob fair, give people chance to get their pros levelled up a tad Ok so if everyone can try be online tuesday from half 9 we can have a couple of games
  11. if anyone can send me pro boost things as well that would be good, my guys at about 78 i think now, but seems to be taking ages to level up Tonight or tomorrow are favourite for me, Is the cup this Thursday?
  12. what day would be best for people to come on for practise?
  13. Sorry guys been off work this week, had a busy few days to was KOd last night, How did you get on with games? Crashing or not? Is the season starting next week?
  14. Hahaha! Well I was just trying to think who plays and who's going to have more chance of having a higher tater pro, and Gerry loves the game ha, That was just a rough team sheet tho, as I haven't spoke to many people, I've just picked that team of previous seasons, We just need to get the game working then we can have a play with it
  15. ok guys i guess for the time being to get the season going (when it eventually does) TMB, Tommy, MIke, tCharlie Outsider, Baring, JA, Petey Outsider Gerry, Summat similar to that, obviously i havent spoke to everyone about where they would like to play, plus the 442 might not even be the formation we go with, but its a guide to work with for now,
  16. no idea yet pal ha, are you coming online now for a game? same for all the team,
  17. HI guys Outsider SaintM JohnnyArgos Baring Gerry AndyS Tcharlie Petey Untitled.jpg
  18. 1st and 12th is a hell of a lot better than 6th and 12th though tommy. totally agree mate, as i said the 1sr and second pick is the all important pick, 6th and 12th your gunna have a real struggle But in a way with the new system, if you get a team of playes that play on the game 24/7 their pro will be a monster
  19. its not fair at all but the SG wanna see this for a season i guess having the first and second pick is the advantage you need, last draft i had 1st and 12th i was a close second worked ok for me didnt see the need for change, but its has lets get on with it
  20. nooooooooooooo its shit unless you get 1st or 2nd pick but its reyt we can see how it works,
  21. First time i put the game in and wasnt the best start attempted to play 3 games, 1st crashed on 25 minutes, 2nd i played a full game, 3rd crashed before the start I do like the fact everyone has to make their own way in to the room rather than the manger having to send out chat invites that should work better.
  22. i will be online if your short or anything
  23. got the game yesterday, might come on and see what its like tonight also
  24. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0 the Kowloon and tuns set the highest week score so far this season Steely wins the month well done
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