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  1. Ye that was my problem i just never had chance to make any changes, my captain was just ramsey all season and i dont think he played half of it tut, haha
  2. Just need Tobys (My Pokemons) paypal email and Whichos paypal If you boys done come up with is soon me and mike will share it between us Richard £90 Toby £50 Baring £40 Timmo £15 Wincho £7.50 Steely £5 With sith and keiths dad donation their winnings to the site this is what will need to be sent out, once all paypal address are received ill forward to mike
  3. it is pot luck alot of the time, i know a few times this season with my sun one, i made some transfers and 2 weeks later they were injured for 5 weeks, and theres nothing you can do, But i do like how they score points from cup games
  4. Season has finished and i finally won a week but but couldnt manage to win the month, Prizes are Winners 1st £85 Richard norman 2nd £45 Toby Cornwall 3rd £30 Baring 4th £10 Tim Owen Month Winner £5 Steely £5 Timmo £5 Baring £10 Sith £5 Richard £5 KeithsDad £7.50 My Pokemons £5 Wincho £7.50 Its been a good season imo and made me look at my team on a weekly basis, my downfall was always putting the "inform" player in to my team once he decided to stop playing well, also never really selecting the correct captain, Im not sure if Mike will still have all your email address to send you the winnings so winners you might want to put your paypal emails below, Is it worth doing a world cup fantasy football? again £10 entrance and we can work something out for prizes. Also if we were to do it again next season, what would you think about using the Suns dream team? theres no captain selection and you get set transfer windows, it would be alot fairer and more open i think.
  5. haha!! probably never tbh, ive barley turned the xbox on since you all changed to ps4 but if i do it wont be till the end of the year
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0 baring wins the month and becomes the only player so far to win 2, only 2 game weeks left lads then we are done for this season
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0 end of another month and its yet another person who grabs the £5 on offer, Well done Wincho
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0 My Pokemons has won the month so thats 7 months in and 7 different winners, only 3 more to go
  9. HAHAHAHA Baring, I bet sith knew that at the start of the season, he would be well up with the top runners now. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0 List updated, Keiths Dad wins the week and the month
  10. Used my wildcard last week and made negredo my captain big mistake, another shite week from me
  11. Bet you still had porn on the laptop next you while you were waiting, so not all was waisted
  12. you can remove me if it would make it easier mardigan? i have no excitement left for fifa 14 especially when come the end of the season its moving over to PS4 and i dont have one ha but if not i will make sure i get the games played
  13. are they the last games? p I cant stand this game if im being honest, i hope you lot piss off to the PS4 after this season then i can drop out without looking like a quitter lol!! Ive been in BAP now for about 5 years and ive loved every minute of it apart from this season, Im not saying this cos we are getting beat, ive had loads of season where ive been bottom of the table with barley a win for the team, But this game is just horrendous, i cant get to grips with it, So if there is another season with the 360 im gunna be out and you will need another manager
  14. Timmo starts the new year how he finished the last, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiCD4clDCWgAdGtDOUdfa3ZIdXgxS1AxMmlNNU9xTGc#gid=0
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