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  1. I really enjoyed this, but haven't felt much urge to replay it. I still thought it was a worthwhile purchase though.
  2. I didn't know that you could drift / powerslide in Mario Kart until Double Dash.
  3. I played a few games of this last night and quickly got hooked. I didn't realise that I missed Advance Wars so much.
  4. Are character guides for the older games still relevant to this? The only Smash game I played was on GameCube and I never learned to play it properly, so I still have no clue what I'm doing. I've watched some general guides but want to focus on a specific character or two.
  5. Sir DangerM

    Beastie Boys

    I went to one of shows in LA, which was great. I met Spike Jonze and saw Rick Rubin in the audience, although he left after they started talking shit on Def Jam a bit.
  6. I didn't really enjoy the network test so I was going to skip this, but I downloaded it last night and immediately got hooked into it (I've only played DS3 and Bloodborne before). My network connection keeping dropping out, kicking me back to the title screen though. Anyone else have that issue?
  7. I thought this looked pretty awful and cheesy from the trailer, but I went to see it anyway kind of as a joke. It was actually excellent.
  8. Wind Waker is my personal favourite and I've replayed it by far the most times out of any Zelda, but I wouldn't say it's the best game. Breath of the Wild has the potential to be the best, but I think the weak story and the lack of proper dungeons lets it down, so I'd say Ocarina of Time wins.
  9. Probably Bloodborne. I'd never played a Souls game before and it took me several hours of painful grinding until I figured out how the game was supposed to be played. Once it clicked there was no stopping, but I very nearly traded it in before I got there.
  10. I mostly found this pretty boring, but I did at least think that Daisy Ridley has improved her acting skills since The Force Awakens. She almost ruined that for me by being so wooden.
  11. Sir DangerM

    SNES Mini

    Yeah, I did that but it still doesn't work.
  12. Sir DangerM

    SNES Mini

    There isn’t. I’m usual Virtual Machine.
  13. Sir DangerM

    SNES Mini

    Been trying to get hakchi working on my Mac and got as far as installing the driver / firmware or whatever on the SNES, which seemed to work ok, but when I try to synchronise games it just pops up the window saying waiting for SNES, even though it’s powered on. Anyone had this issue?
  14. Or just 'cheat' and do it 2 player with Cappy. I did the jump rope one on the scooter.
  15. I got 999. I wouldn't really say it's worth it as I still don't understand the decision to make you buy so many of them from the shop. Forcing you to grind for coins isn't much fun and the 'reward' for getting all of them is also pretty lame.
  16. Sir DangerM

    SNES Mini

    I picked one of these up at the Nintendo store in NYC on Friday. They had plenty in stock, but were only selling one per person. I would prefer if it was the European model, but it'll do..
  17. I finally got to 880 moons...is there anything else to do (other than buy more moons, which seems pointless)? I did the extra painting that opens up but that didn't seem to give me anything new. I just want to play as Luigi. The costume doesn't cut it.
  18. Only a couple made me do anything special to win, like the Wooded Kingdom one. The others were all just long jumping to win.
  19. I don't feel like many of the additional moons are adding anything new. A lot of them are just rehashed versions of previous moons and the challenges like free running that are repeated across every level get old fast, particularly as you need to do most of them twice. There's a lot of filler.
  20. I'm actually a bit disappointed with the post credits stuff in this. It's all a bit repetitive and doesn't really add anything worth while on top of the main game. I'm up to about 700 moons, but I'm slowly losing interest in going any further..
  21. I think 4:44 is pretty great. It feels a lot more mature than most other recent hip-hop (maybe because JAY-Z is old as fuck). More like What's Going On or something, but obviously way inferior.
  22. Sir DangerM

    SNES Mini

    Can't they just release all these games on Switch pleeeeease?
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