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  1. I don't understand why they don't just stop the clock when the ball is out of play / there's an injury / substitution rather than adding increments of time for the above things. Also, is today "upsets day"? First Japan, now Belgium.
  2. Bollocks!! Japan need to step it up this last 10 minutes.
  3. This game is already great - no Ally McCoist on punditry.
  4. I've managed to dodge taking the kids to their swimming lesson this morning... It's on!!! Bought the shirt in L.A when I was at E3 and the 2010 South Africa World Cup was on - those were some long days with the time difference for games. Hoping for another 3 points today - Costa Rica can't be a harder opponent then Germany, can they? Also, the beard is due for it's "monthly service" next weekend.
  5. Elevator Action Returns is up for pre-order for £12ish. I. Am. Excited!!!
  6. @Jamie John For me, Black Friday hasn't been bad. I've checked all the stores but nothing really jumped out at me. December has been made easier by deciding to go for the Switch version of Elevator Action Returns. £4.26 of eshop points to spend and MS Reward points to purchase the remaining credit from elsewhere.
  7. Yeah, Klonoa & SIFU from the kids for me at Chrimbo! Not my money spent, doesn't count... At this rate, 2023 is going to be lean as my aim is going to be to finish more of my backlog. I started so well the first quarter of the year and then my "gaming get up and go" sort of got up and left.
  8. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    "Across two spells" is stretching it a bit. "One and a smidge" would be more accurate. Ah, well. It's a shame, but, also good riddance.
  9. Yeah, we finished all of the Modern Family that's on D+ (for some reason the final season isn't on it which is infuriating!) and we saw this pop up and it's by one of the creators of MF. It's really rather great. Very funny. Keegan-Michael Key is very good and I've always had a "thing" for Jidy Greer so bonus points there. We also really liked Single Parents which, sadly, only ran for two seasons.
  10. Currently £19.99 for both PS5 & Switch @ Smyth's Toys Glad I waited. Missus has bought me this as an Xmas pressie.
  11. teddymeow


    Currently £19.99 in Smyth's Toys. Limited stock available for C&C.
  12. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Manchester United look to begin legal proceedings against Ronaldo
  13. Oh shit!! Looks so good. Also, robot voice near the start...is that Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime)?!
  14. Not much. Do the daily sets on there rewards website, use Edge, use Bing for searches on PC & mobile. Then there's the achievement challenges and weekly sets on the Xbox.
  15. Subbed via Gold conversion trick until next June. I earn enough MS Reward points that I won't have to pay for it using "real money" for a while. As others have said, if I had to pay full RRP for it, I'd subscribe for a month when a big AAA was released and then cancel afterwards. I started off the year finishing a fair few games through GP but as the Sony titles have been released I've spent less time on the Xbox and more on the PS5.
  16. I get a "Please wait" message in a grey box with a swooshing white line underneath when I boot most games now. It's bloody annoying and not sure why it's happening.
  17. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Ronaldo definitely a rabbit of negative euphoria Don't see him playing for United ever again.
  18. I had a similar conversation with my seven year old the other day.
  19. Anybody else having issues with the FPL app recently? Logged on earlier and saw my FPL points etc. 20 minutes later, checked again and everything is gone! No team, no leagues, nothing!!
  20. Well, this has certainly helped me stave off some "I'm going to miss a collectible" anxiety.
  21. This is fucking magnificent!! Cup of tea, headphones on, proper good!!
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