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  1. Well, well, well. I've just finished the main story in this. I was always looking forward to playing it since it was announced but I wasn't expecting to be so impressed and moved. A game hasn't made me this emotional since Rime. I can't believe that this is the first game Ember Labs have ever made. It just felt super polished all the way through (boss difficulty not included). If they make a sequel I'd like a little more interactivity with the world (like when you try and hit trees / buildings etc) and maybe a lock-on in combat. So far, this is my GotY. Metroid Dread is going to have to be really special to top it!! Brilliant!!
  2. "The whole thing stank but our noses had been out in the cold for too long!"
  3. Yeah, whenever I go to visit my parents my Dad is watching some insufferable, saccharine, Christmas bullshit!! My Mum hates them.
  4. I've wanted to try Godfall and my son will love LEGO Villains. Not a bad month.
  5. Been uhmm'ing and ahh'ing about whether to buy this on PS5 or not. Rarewaves for £26.37 with a further 10% off for signing up to their mailing list convinced me to pull the trigger.
  6. Epic have bought Harmonix to solely work on stuff in Fortnite?! Ugh.
  7. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Go Donny, go, go, go!!!
  8. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    #BringInPoch #SaveOurDonny
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