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  1. Has there been another wave of pre-orders since that first batch? Is there likely to be or is it now a case of heading to a retailer on launch day (lockdown permitting) and crossing fingers?
  2. Just done the first level of the demo on my Switch Lite and thought it was rather wonderful. It looks really nice and I didn't notice anything in the way of hideous frame drops.
  3. AstroBot. Gotta experience those adaptive triggers in a cutesy way!
  4. I wondered the same about Smyth's and any click and collect pre-orders. I'd hope they would move everything to a home delivery order but, certainly with Smyth's, each pre-order is separate so you'd hope they'd change their system and send everything in one shipment otherwise you could be waiting for more than one delivery driver.
  5. Yeah, so this unboxing, for some reason, makes me want to get a Series X as well as a PS5.
  6. Is Trailblazers any good for £4.99?
  7. Is this getting a PS5/ Series upgrade?
  8. I can practically smell the next-gen coming off those screenshots! My only gripe with it is how the character runs up stairs. It's a complaint I have with a lot of third person games where stairs are treated like a slope rather than walked up properly.
  9. Phew! Did they give any indication of wether or not you're in for launch?
  10. Saturday demo stealth drop confirmed!!
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