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  1. Can anybody with a PS5 and LEGO City Undercover tell me what framerate it runs at? I can't find a definite answer online.
  2. Doesn't the "Other" folder also contain location bookmarks for stuff stored on an external drive so it doesn't take ages to load games?
  3. Now I've got the 6 months free Apple TV on my account I can use the app built-in to my TV so not wasting unnecessary electricity.
  4. Smyth's have stock for click & collect. Just bagged a white version.
  5. Ferrari is valued at about $30 billion so it isn't outside the realms of (gamer wishing) possibility!!!
  6. Surprisingly, I've been playing quite a bit of BLOPS4 on PS. Mostly because the heat makes it difficult to concentrate on single-player, narrative driven stuff so a quick 20 minute blast on this scratches a gaming itch. Although, 20 minutes quickly becomes a couple of hours without realising!
  7. American Psycho I still think that Bateman's best film is The Machinist but, by golly, this is a close second. It was never going to be easy making a film from the original novel but some utterly mesmerising performances from a stellar cast, some jet black humour and a splashing of gore make this a phenomenal accomplishment. 5 dinner reservations / 5.
  8. Front Row tonight at 7pm on BBC Radio 4: "Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is a Hollywood veteran and it was the ending of Hollywood’s golden age that was the subject of his last film – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He’s now returned to the story of that film for his debut novel. In his only UK broadcast interview, he explains why he wanted to create a novelisation of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Will be on Baby Sea Clowns shortly after broadcast.
  9. Ooh, why did I think they gave it a 4?
  10. So, as good as Mario Kart: Double Dash then.
  11. Watching on BBC and, as much as I like Guy Mowbray, big games like this make me wish John Motson still commentated.
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