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  1. Having a stormer this week!! 15 points...erm...
  2. Me too. Very impressed by getting it this early. Won't be able to play until later on (bloomin' kids!) but will defo post some impressions once I have given it a go.
  3. Oh good. Ndombele injured and he's one of my starting 11. Glad I used bench boost this week.
  4. Biggest question I have is, what with the TK powers, will it be as good as Psi Ops?
  5. My copy is on the way from Simply Games. I'm a big Remedy fan so I'm all in for paying release day price even though it'll probably be half price before October. Trailers don't give much away so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and my head messed with.
  6. How many hours of J-gangster gameplay is that for £50?! Amazing stuff. I finished Y3 way back when but only played Y4 for 10 hours or so and totally missed Y5.
  7. Bond is going to a wedding but hasn't got the right colour shirt to go with his tie. He's going to have to wear it anyway as he has... No Time To Dye
  8. Also being filmed near Newbury. How showbiz!! https://www.newburytoday.co.uk/news/news/28009/fast-furious-9-being-filmed-at-greenham-common.html
  9. Implosion imminent. (I hope not!!)
  10. I got 68 points this week. In the league it's showing as 39. Is there a reason there's a difference?
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