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  1. Jesus, I need to lay down after watching that trailer! Typical Bay sheen and it'll be hideously obnoxious. I'm a sucker for Garret Dillahunt since Sarah Connor Chronicles though so will probably end up watching this.
  2. Hell yeah!! Half term next week and I've taken the week off so I'm hoping to be able to see it during the daytime.
  3. Right, fuck this. I'm going to watch Bake Off from last night.
  4. Watched it again and they are using music from both the series and the film. For some reason, when Vicious appeared all I could think of was the Australian chap who used to do bits on Videogame Nation - John Robertson.
  5. I had an email from them at the start of the year saying "we notice you're returning a lot of orders. Is there anything we can do?" To which I replied "stop selling really shit tempered glass screen protectors that don't adhere correctly". I'd returned 3 different ones because they didn't completely stick to the screen of my phone.
  6. The music still gives me the shivers like no other anime soundtrack I've ever heard. Yoko Kanno is a bona fide genius! The rest of it?! Erm, oof, yeah, not great! I hope the full series is better but the anime had an amazing way of jumping between genres with ease and I think the live action version will struggle to do it so smoothly.
  7. Steve Blum (VA of Spike) is brilliant! He gets bonus points for also being the voice of Wolverine and Grayson Hunt from BulletStorm.
  8. He's a bloody nice bloke!! Didn't laugh once at my shocking Vanquish skills at E3 2010.
  9. It's probably more because I like Jeremy Renner but the Hawkeye character is just so deadpan and a normal guy who just happens to have good aim.
  10. This really looks great. Hawkeye is one of my faves in the MCU so glad he's getting his own series!
  11. I thought there's b a lot more LCD Switch consoles in the trading thread by now...
  12. Well, safe to say that was an unbelievable crock of shit!!
  13. Oof!! Although, the trailer I saw before Bond the other day didn't fill me with a need to see this new film.
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