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  1. Anybody using the Pulse 3D headset? Argos have some stock and I'm wondering if it's worth the asking price? Would certainly help when gaming at night.
  2. Upon REflection I am still of the opinion that this "showcase" was REmarkably unREwarding. Sorry, seveRE lack of sleep last night.
  3. Just played the demo which is up on the Switch eShop. It's good fun. Bit tricky to see what's going on in handheld mode (I've got a Switch Lite) but easy to play and it sounds cool through headphones. Harmonix are the best at the music game genre but there's no way I'd pay more than about £25 for this.
  4. Yeah, with Argos. Despite saying it would take 5 days it turned out that the finance department hadn't actually released the funds back to me. I'll never buy from them again.
  5. Resi 4 REmake demo available to download after the presentation. Let me see that next-gen Merchant and I'll buy it for a high price, stranger!!
  6. I had this with a hard drive I bought from them. Order failed but money was ring-fenced. Should have released back to me after five days but it took almost a fortnight and two live chat sessions to resolve. Bit of a shambles.
  7. I like the PS5 as a machine. Had some issues at the beginning with crashing and DB rebuilds but nothing for weeks now. I still don't trust rest mode though so there's a patch to download for a game nearly every time I power it on. The pad is really comfy, the haptics (when utilised properly) are fantastic and the battery life seems okay. I've played the following PS5 games: AstroBot - The best launch game since Mario 64 Miles Morales - Completed, great stuff!! Spider-Man Remastered - Ongoing, still brilliant Bugsnax - Surreal and hysterical
  8. Crampton & Moore have charging docks in stock: https://www.cramptonandmoore.co.uk/playstation-5-dualsense-charging-station.html
  9. Yup. +£175 for a disc based machine.
  10. It seems the voice stuff hasn't been switched on yet.
  11. How strange. I just checked again.
  12. How do you use voice recognition on PS5? If I go to the search bar and highlight the microphone it tells me to connect to the PSN to use but I am connected to the PSN.
  13. Just wanted to check what the date is today as the eShop is still proudly shouting about the New Year sale which is scheduled to finish on 10th January...
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