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  1. Don't they need to have some "major exclusive titles" to whack that sticker price on, though... I jest. In reality it was only a matter of time.
  2. I wish the broadcast signal kept the crowd audio at a constant level. It sounds far too quiet in the stadium for the most part but then, all of a sudden, it gets loud and you get to hear the chanting and singing.
  3. It may not be what they're playing, but, thanks to the brass band, all I have in my head is fucking "Islands in the Stream"!!
  4. Has anybody else noticed there's some huge depth-of-field / portrait style focus stuff going on during games. Shots of the crowd and even players at times. Messing with my eyes!
  5. Maguire to score an exquisite hattrick of headers but Senegal to draw 3-3 due to some horrendous OG by, checks notes, also Maguire. Southgate to come on and score penalty in sudden death to redeem his howler of Euro '96.
  6. Oh. My. Absolute. Fucking. Yes!!
  7. But did it? Erm, yes, it did. Clearly.
  8. Here comes Graeme Sounds to piss his special brand of misery over the result.
  9. What. The. Fuck. Is. Happening?!?!!!?!!
  10. I loaded Spiderheck via Cloud and walked to the right of the level and into the lava. Blip! Two MS Rewards earned (the 500 pointer and the 50 pointer).
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