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  1. Stranger things have happened.
  2. I can see us not getting anybody else in the window. Not being negative, I'm just fully aware of Woodward's incompetence.
  3. Astra Chain. Tow increasingly longer loads with your Vauxhall.
  4. Fever Pith Soccer - halftime mini-game about peeling spicy oranges.
  5. @Meh Yeah the lack of FMTTM is weird in the UK version. Especially considering how many versions of it were produced for the show.
  7. Neon Genesis Evangelion is on Netflix?! In HD?! With 5.1 audio?! Fuck me!! I haven't seen the original series since I was in college and bought each English dubbed, two episode volume of the VHS (13 X £13.99!!) from HMV. Not even going to bother adding it to my list. Just going to watch it all tonight (well, except episodes 25 & 26 )
  8. That's good to know about the subtitles. Winds me up when they use "dubtitles". I don't know loads of Japanese but enough to know when certain stuff isn't being said but the subtitles say otherwise.
  9. I'd like it to be 4 hours long with more of the nature resetting from the first act (whales in the Hudson) and a hell of a lot of additional assembling in the third act.
  10. What rating is it? Can't quite make it out...
  11. How many of those third party games would MS have shown if Sony had been at E3?
  12. I think Sony won by staying away.
  13. My favourite game has been "where will they shoehorn in The Terminator next?". Good fun.
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