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  1. teddymeow

    Google Stadia

    That would certainly help me clear my backlog. I wouldn't need to be present to complete my games.
  2. teddymeow


    Doug Judy from NINE NINE!!! Awesome!!
  3. There were some shocking business decisions surrounding midnight launches BITD (back in the day). Call of Duty Black Ops midnight launch on 9th November 2010 - fair enough. 100 odd preorder a and most came to the midnight. Kinect midnight launch on 10th November 2010 - What?! Why?! About 5 people came. The 11th was a write-off as everybody was completely knackered.
  4. Okay. It's utterly gorgeous, utterly charming and the music is just Just wow!
  5. Elite firefighters pilot mechanical suits to save the world from flame-wielding mutants. Looks mega-bonkers. My local Vue has one subtitled showing on Tuesday 26th November so looks like a super limited release. Booked my tickets. Can't wait.
  6. My copy arrived today and I'm looking forward to giving it a go later. The trailers made it look interesting and the EG review properly sold it to me.
  7. It properly messed me up when I played it the other day. I actually stopped, went upstairs and gave both my kids massive hugs.
  8. Andrew House always gave good presentations. However, Sony should just hire this guy again... #BringBackButler
  9. "Drugs cost money". I'm so in for this.
  10. There's no threat. According to the BBC website we had 69% of the possession but it means fuck all if all that possession is consists of stupid sideways passing with the occasional pass back to the goalie.
  11. Watched the first half with my Dad after a nice pub lunch. We've not bothered to stay for the second.
  12. All is well until I see who is in the bottom right of that image.
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