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  1. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    I understood the point the image was making. I just think it's bobbins.
  2. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    The 3 games on the right of that image are all exceptional so who cares if they are all 3rd person and full of tress and foliage?!
  3. Tag

    Looks mildly amusing in a "rent it once it's released on Amazon" way.
  4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Aye, book is out of stock on Amazon UK but I've bought the audiobook.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Was Resident Evil Revelations any good on Switch?
  6. All things Yakuza!

    So Kiwami 2 is running on the Dragon engine?
  7. All things Yakuza!

  8. All things Yakuza!

    Oh God!! I'm only 20 hours in to 0. Haven't started Kiwami.. 6 is out next month. #LoveMeSomeYakuzaOverload
  9. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    Watched the first section and had to stop. The combat looks immense and I don't want to spoil anymore.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    I'd really like ports of Fallblox and Pullblox for Switch.
  11. Resident Evil 4 - Revisited

    Disc one on the cartridge and disc two as a download code. #CapcomGonnaCapcom
  12. Resident Evil 4 - Revisited

    Loved this on the Cube back when. I remember getting the US version from LikSang on a Saturday morning and not stopping playing it until completion on the Sunday afternoon. Just phenomenal!! I played the Wii version too and loved the remote to control aiming. I've got it on PS3 too but never got very far. Mostly because of the controls. I missed both gyro and the chunky A button of the Cube pad.
  13. Kirby Star Allies

    I folded and bought it.
  14. Oh shit!! I totally forgot about Dollhouse. Such a cool show.

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