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  1. Peter Stormare as the baddie? Awesome!
  2. Blimey Charlie!! That's obscene!! Just checked Amazon and they list one Coral Pink in stock at an eye-watering £285! Obviously a third party seller but still...
  3. Well then, that's the main story finished. Utterly superb stuff from Sucker Punch! A visually sumptuous title and a real first party tour de force at the end of the PS4 generation. Looking forward to spending the next couple of nights finishing the side quests and collectibles.
  4. That Animal Crossing figure would be higher if it were possible to buy a Switch or Switch Lite too. Stock everywhere is non-existent.
  5. I just wish the DualSense had rear bumpers like wot you can add to the PS4 with that peripheral.
  6. Because Microsoft have done it with the One to Series X so "obviously" Sony should follow suit. Despite the fact that Sony are treating PS5 as a new generation whereas Microsoft (to start with) are looking to bridge the gap between generations with back-cat and having certain future games playable on all Xboxes. I don't remember people kicking off because The Duke wasn't usable on the 360 or the SNES pad wouldn't plug into the N64.
  7. Ghost of Tsushima is better than Days Gone "out of the box". It took Bend a long time and numerous updates to get Days Gone to the point where it felt finished.
  8. Right at the start of Act III I've had to stop playing.
  9. Thirded. Kirby is good fun too.
  10. So after spending two hours digging what I can only describe as a Triffid out of my front garden Monday my back was (still is) in absolute agony last night so I pretty much sat / perched on the edge of the sofa doing random side missions last night. Don't know where the 4 hours went but I also did the main Yarikawa story mission so am now a lethal bad ass. Not sure if the above makes total sense, the painkillers I'm on are very strong!!
  11. Update 1.05 lets you change the subtitle colour and turn off the name of the person talking. Switched to yellow subs and it reminds me of my old skool anime watching days.
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