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  1. Read the comic instead it's well worth it tbh.
  2. It was as good as the first one which was meh. But Venom and Tom Hardy are amusing together. Oh and was not expecting Reese Shearsmirh to turn up. Credits spoiler
  3. Anyone else playing Ring of Pain. Jesus it's hard. 10hrs and only got close to a victory once.
  4. There's another one on Amazon for smaller TVs btw
  5. 47 next birthday. This year I'm on 24 games completed so far. I've never done that before. I think upgrading to the Series X this year, getting an OLED, wfh, Gamepass hitting it's stride, and not going out as much, have all contributed to me loving gaming as much, if not more now, than when I first saw Space Invaders or played top down cocktail cab Phoenix or Bomb Jack. Or spent many days of my youth in the arcades, and playing hrs of pitfall in B&W on my Atari and portable TV. I'm with @multi tbh, the best is yet to come and I cannot wait.
  6. Yeah he is. And whilst it's clear Yagami is a Mary Sue for most of the writers and producers, I can't help but like him. I think Greg Chun's amazing voice work contributes though. Which is probably not even a thing for those who don't play the English dub. But yeah I'm ready for more Ichiban soon. Cos LAD was that good.
  7. Welcome to the gang. The good news is. You may be able to play other games again now
  8. Cropped the video as well 58670877_MOV_02372.mp4
  9. This is what I got as a cheaper alternative especially if you have already got a decent OLED https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B093KD3T3B/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_dl_9TPF0T4BENMZKJFATE9C?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. cassidy

    Disco Elysium

    I'm gonna buy this as soon as I complete Lost Judgment.
  11. I just bought and installed the Govee immersion kit, on the weekend and have to say I'm rather impressed with the results. Would share a video but it's too large to upload.
  12. I'm on nearly 40hrs and only on chapter 8. Been loving the school side stories and the game and story. Enjoying it just as much as the first.
  13. Been waiting for both of these to be viewable and both didn't disappoint. Another Round - Mads is having a mid life crisis, as are his friends so they decide maintaining a blood alcohol level of 0.05% constantly, is the way to fix this. Made me laugh, well acted, and had a point. 4/5 Riders of Justice - Black as pitch comedy, I'm not spoiling this at all. Another well written and acted delight. All of the main cast were superb. 5/5
  14. Where is night house viewable? @yakumo
  15. Well that looked the right level of cheese to work and loved the mansion zombie bit. You know the bit. Intrigued.
  16. Just completed ch4. Loving this so far all the school side stories really add some cool new minigames and stories. But chapter 4 spoiler
  17. It's a comedy game I believe using the same type of animation style as Terry Gilliam did on Monty Python I believe. It got decent reviews.
  18. It was shit, I stopped paying attention after seeing the car chase that was filmed on Newport road in Cardiff.
  19. No 24 of the year Mighty Goose (Gamepass) Simple enough metal slug clone short and enjoyable to play in-between lost judgment sessions.
  20. Rumours are according to the deepest of dark pits that are the Xbox store reviews. That a full restart and trying again will fix your woes. Me though. Fuck that shit make your game work.
  21. If one more person moans about the blood or FX in DOTD I'm gonna lose it. It was 1978 this was doing shit that had never been done before. Savini wrote the book on this shit and it was the early days of his career. Give him a fucking break. Rant mode off. I'm away to the pub for some food
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