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  1. Don't think I've lost a single game with Lamentis appearing so regular. It helps having Thor and Jane Foster and Typhoid Mary and devil Dino in the deck mind. Shooting up the ranks cos of this.
  2. Heroic 3 they just do a bit too much damage and health at my level currently.
  3. I completed it earlier in the year and it took me just shy of 16hrs.
  4. Finished Act 1 yesterday with about 27hrs playtime. I may have gotten slightly addicted to the loop of completing ops and just chatting and upgrading in the Abbey. I did do it on Heroic 1 mind and then finally worked out where the Earth Rod was so unlocked the second power word and more of the Abbey grounds to explore. Did mean I was L18 for a challenge that was meant to be done at L8. Still I have now unlocked Heroic 3 but left it on Heroic 2 for a bit. As you tell I'm rather addicted to this frankly superb game. If it keeps up like this could be a GOTY contender for me.
  5. It's nowhere near as bad as that review made out. And the actual gameplay and combat is so good you are missing out imo.
  6. Level of depth in this game and the synergies yet to be discovered. Slay the spire crossed with X-Com and then stirring in some Fire Emblem shenanigans, but with delightful Marvel lore deep cuts. Oh it's also an RPG. I love it.
  7. Game is pretty great so far mind. I'm impressed.
  8. PSA for those with poor eyesight. Text size in game is tiny and not adjustable. Very annoyed at that tbh.
  9. Isn't watching other people play a game to understand the mechanics the exact same thing as a guide. I did it myself with Super Bagman, Bomb Jack and Bubble bobble.
  10. It's very expensive and appears to have Region blocked discs in there.
  11. And if it clicks for you say goodbye to your life. The first 3DS one did it for me and that saw me put in about 240 hrs by the time I was done. And I stuck with only one weapon. Great Sword for life.
  12. Looks brilliant. And fills me with confidence with whatever he's planning with DC. Cos be honest Peacemaker was fucking cracking telly.
  13. Username checks out
  14. Can't disagree but the odd thing is he's not consistently bad. When they want him to be sarcastic and talk normal it's all good. Then he has to spout the lines or foreboding and typical rote fantasy gubbins and it just sound and looks like he's reading to you and there's no acting at all going on. But yes it's sti good telly.
  15. Come on Pissmaster and the song were so good. And it went to places I never expected. So different to last week to.
  16. Lukes story has me crying. Fair play Firaxis. I thought I'm defo buying it now. Then I saw the review scores as well.
  17. I pinned a card yesterday and it wasn't there today. Not that I have the tokens.
  18. Very much looking forward to High on Life. I thought Trover saves the universe was a very funny game.
  19. I was there in May and would have said hello. But also coming back next year to visit again and head to the Arcade.
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