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  1. cassidy

    Swamp Thing

    Face looks spot on. Disappointed with the production news today.
  2. cassidy

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    First two are decent actors to be fair.
  3. cassidy

    A movie watchers blog

    I realised and edited just a millisecond before you replied.
  4. Seriously though it was special telly. Very very impressed
  5. cassidy

    A movie watchers blog

    Um, maybe in the thread? oh you did already. Apologies.
  6. cassidy

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Just how? Are you able to close doors? Cos no one in programme can.
  7. Ep3 of this was fucking powerful and guilt enducing. And I'm not American. Superb Imo
  8. Is that Dylan from Predator. Without a tie! Fucking in.
  9. cassidy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Absolute sandman 4 finished now so onto other things.Though I have to say Michael Zullis art is just wow. Started Gotham Central which I haven't revisited since reading it when it was running. And yup its another tale I think I'll keep returning to and Larks art is superb. Birthday today so just went on an amazon splurge rather than getting presents and got. Absolute sandman Overture Swamp thing bronze age omni House of secrets bronze age omni Trying to only buy stuff I haven't read so I'm excited to dig into the Swamp thing early years and it will lead nicely to Absolute Swamp Thing in Oct. House of secrets I just couldn't resist the Wrightson, Kirby and Aparo artwork. Anyone tried the Conan omni's tempted to dip my toe in but never read any Conan but that Barry Windsor-Smith art is also stunning.
  10. cassidy

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    So Black Summer, again a zombie programme screws the pooch at the start of the outbreak.(the most tense and interesting bit Imo) No one has a fucking clue, no one closes a door. Looks for a weapon. Can shoot anyone in the head. I'm just gonna stick to watching Romero on a loop. There's no point giving anything else a chance cos it's all shit. Bar the odd slice of Fried gold and Japan and Korea showing us how it should be done.
  11. cassidy

    Android games

    Heads up that Konami Pixel puzzle collection is available in the EU now. Been playing it all week and it's free and great. 15% of puzzles done and loads more left to do.
  12. I'm still gonna have to go see it tomorrow and make my own mind up.
  13. There’s a certain run of Hawkeye you need to read. Though Kate was cool in Young Avengers too.
  14. Well ill be going Friday avo so will post my impressions after that. My Ian Mcshane is a delight btw.

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