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  1. This is really good so far but utterly horrible to see the lovely racism of the 1970 writ large. With the understanding this mindset still exists 50 years later. Only 25 mins in and think this is just gonna make me more and more angry.
  2. Agree to think it’s the Joel Mchale that makes it that bit better than I expected..
  3. I just started this as well this morning and really enjoying the SP Campaign. They have gotten Kamala spot on. Loving it.
  4. Faceache as Cronenberg esq body horror.
  5. I'm not joining in on launch day fun but will upgrade to Series X at some point in the next 12 months. So have fun today new console owners.
  6. Yeah gonna have to just add to the praise for this. Very good television indeed. One of the best things Netflix has done.
  7. Think that's because they havent had the stock in at all. Not seen any copies on eBay either from the usual sellers like wordery and books etc. So think it's just a shipping delay.
  8. Turns out it's easy to do horror when it's real. Who knew!
  9. Well that's me watching everything Remi Weekes does from now on. His house was quite frankly one of the best ghost stories I've seen in years. Some really bloody creepy scenes I thought.
  10. Read a bit of Gideon Falls last week and by Jove the art is stunning.
  11. So ordered world of black hammer library edition today. Got the two Black Hammer library editions here ready to dive into it all once the latest order arrives. Jeff Lemires a bit good isn’t he. Consistent across a plethora of genres.
  12. Saw it in the cinema. Great movie.
  13. Calm with Horses - watched this on Netflix absolutely loved it. Wanted a smidge more from the ending. Though I see why it had the ending it had. 4.5/5 Probably one of the best films I've seen this year.
  14. Yeah they won't. Our IT is very tightly locked down.
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