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  1. Agree. Though the whole look and tone of the scenes with him felt off. Hmm....
  2. Handy link if anyone wants to do some post viewing world building catch up https://www.hbo.com/peteypedia That's my bedtime reading sorted. Oh and one question
  3. Well that was pretty epic Imo. Loved the world they have built and want to know more. Love the score. Pretty much loved it all.
  4. cassidy

    Best New Music 2019

    So how am I only now discovering The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Tis a dream come true for a Primus and Psychedelia era Beatles fan. South of Reality is the album and its superb Imo. Wasn't feeling the new Chromatic but need to give it another listen.
  5. How many Raw sharks out of 10? And in this version, its based on the comic yes so we have a world post squid and the psychic wave of terror and destruction yes?
  6. Sorry can’t choose one. So It’s a toss between Rez and in particular Area X in VR for the first time and Ouendan just for Over the Distance and using Blues wooden stylus. Or Rock band with 4 people and just killing it. Some of the most impactful and emotional experiences gaming.
  7. @K Elektra Assassin has Bill Sienkiewicz art doesn't it and it's bloody stunning. His Daredevil run is still pretty bloody awesome too.
  8. I'll be watching on Now TV and its top tier 720p stream. Ffs sky.
  9. First thing that came to my mind on hearing about the casting earlier.
  10. Well I'm 3/4 through watching Wounds and loving it's Burroughs, Cronenburgh, lovecraftian vibe. Book is getting ordered ASAP. Edit. Really liked that. Many will hate it.
  11. Best vpn to use with android phone and sky Internet please? And simple to set up? Cos I have zero vpn experience and need to watch S2.
  12. I just had an awesome ascension 1 run and was all set for the heart. Time twat fucked me again.
  13. And then I turned it off cos I'm a bit scared to play it tbh. Resi 7 broke horror games for me.
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