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  1. Top 3 for me this year and all deserve the top spot Watchmen Chernobyl Doom Patrol Then The Virtues, The Boys and Fleabag
  2. Saw down and consumed Absolute Swamp Thing in a 2hr binge last night. Good lord its so well written and easy to read. And the art in Absolute format just shines. And I adore the new colouring. Some panels look so much better now. Blasphemy I know but such a worthwhile purchase Imo.
  3. He was great in everything but Iove him in Jacobs Ladder.
  4. That batman scott snyder omni bargain I posted about last week. Lost in the fucking post and wasn't sent recorded. So gotta get a refund from Amazon and pay full whack anyway.
  5. Sort that out sharpish it's a great movie.
  6. My biggest question with Veidt now is How the hell did he know he needed a horseshoe
  7. Anyone who doesn't love the Jackie Wilson usage in GB2 is dead inside. Love the Liberty walks scene. And now I have Jackie Wilson in my head.
  8. Maybe that's to do with Lindelof not understanding Watchmen by referencing the Vietcongs reaction, where they will only surrender directly to Dr Manhattan and the panel states "with an almost religious awe" Which was the episodes title. Dunno though you clearly understand Watchmen more Excuse the snark but it amused me.
  9. @DeciderVT You are aware of nerds and fandom yes?
  10. Why are you focusing on this though. Any genre media has lore and canon and some people like this what's the issue
  11. The irony of @grindmouse in this thread in comparison to his posts in the Watchmen thread cannot be lost on him can it. Anyway as a fan more ghostbusters is a good thing. Though who gives a fuck about my opinion cos I enjoy the 2016 movie too and love Kate Mckinnon in particular in it. Neg away everyone
  12. My sister in law "a self confessed feminazi" made an excellent point. The main characters and most important characters are women. And it's not even a thing. It just is. @Matt Defis Then she went on a drunken rant about how let down she is by Jodie Whitakers Doctor which is for another thread.
  13. Token white woman surely Though I'd be on board 100% for the Atlanta cast including Zazie to be the ghostbusters.
  14. I get you but don't agree. It's deliberate use of the original tale to tell a new tale about new characters and old, Is just superb. It's like a really well done remix of the original. Whilst also saying something new overall. Anyway ep8 just sublime TV. A little elephant told me. Hmm
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