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  1. You are in for some of the best drama ever made. Dead mans shoes first, then This is england movie and then all of the this is england series.
  2. Yeah it seems slightly unlikely. In other news my Saga Vol3 hardcover arrived and I finished it this morning. Good god it was just nothing but death and death and more death. Its also bloody fantastic still. When does the series return is it August?
  3. Do i even watch the trailer? Why did I watch it. Why?
  4. I'm in for multiple reasons. Enjoyed the book Love the original book and film Mike Flanagan is pretty bloody good at horror
  5. Really that's my least favourite bit cos Bill Paterson is obviously shit with dogs and little guy gets flipped right over and looks super awkward. As an owner of a sausage dog that's had spinal surgery it really upset me.
  6. This now please cos Jodie ain’t managing it, so far. Jessica just has spark she’s missing imo. And if there was ever a body/face the Doctor would like. It 100% the woman he loved when he was human.
  7. It's Shane Meadows so there's only happy endings for a few.
  8. Dead mans shoes is probably top 5 all time for me. “Are you the devil?”
  9. That's why I liked it as well. Its no Hereditary.
  10. Jesus what am I chopped liver. Said this already in this bloody thread.
  11. There's nothing and I repeat nothing bad about this series. It's faultless.
  12. Well I can't accept that as the last episode. Utterly superb telly.
  13. Oh believe me i would be annoyed if my PS4 was my only method of media playback.
  14. If you do disable HDCP, then media won’t play. That’s been my experience anyway.
  15. So Black Magick book 1 arrived. Only on the second issue but the art alone by Nicola Scott is fantastic and worth a purchase for that alone. It’s has a slightly grey/sepia tone to the colouring and it’s really different and works imo. Fyi Amazon emailed me and the Saga Vol3 Hardcover I was expecting today has been delayed to June 18th. In case anyone else was looking forward to it’s arrival this week.
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