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  1. Yeah a chapter then the appendices is the way to do it imo. I bought the coloured hardback last year and it's still in my unread pile. Will get to it once I'm done with Providence and Starman Compendium 1. I've always though doing a Gull tour of London now would be a worthy use of my time tbh.
  2. It's a bloody marvel tbh. I read it first when I was rather young and so much I didn't really understand or appreciate. Alan sure does his research. Saying that I remember reading V for Vendetta when I was about 9 in Warrior and didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. I think I have a firmer grasp on it now I'm nearing 50 and can look back on the world I grew up in.
  3. Then I'm shit out of answers sorry Simmy. No need to apologise though.
  4. But it does Dolby Atmos so you are experiencing the exact same sound quality I believe. I can't comment from experience cos I have an Atmos amp and don't bother with multiplayer.
  5. Probably getting the official wireless headset tbh.
  6. @Arn X Treme You know Halloween is literally the first slasher film. It invented the genre (unless you consider peeping tom or psycho the first of course) Steadicam didn't even exist until that movie. Glad you recognised the brilliance of the music mind.
  7. Ok but I'm ain't forgetting you owe me a dry hump. Currently watching some Vampire shit on Netflix, Night Teeth. Don't bother 1 out of 5.
  8. Yup your wrong. What you gonna do nip my ankles? Roll over and make me scratch your belly? Though my better half agrees with you.
  9. Absolutes 100%. Glad you enjoyed Swamp thing as well. @ph0rce Its bloody special indeed.
  10. Picked this up today. Christ it's tough from the outset. Do not like those Emmi's at all. Need to get my metroid skills back to their prime (pun intended) I guess
  11. Genuinely just laughed out loud at a cutscene in chapter 10 50hrs now and 70% completion. Wish I knew how to play Shogi, Mahjong and koi-koi. Could even consider going for 100% then.
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