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  1. The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    It’s depressing that I love it when SC get involved and shit starts going down. I’m shallow and stupid.
  2. Amazon Prime Video

    I gave up after two I think. I’m still recommending This is Us to everyone cos it’s utterly superb TV.
  3. The Expanse - Syfy

    It’s been quite apparent in the series that the proto molecule wasn’t made by humanity you know. That’s the invasion.
  4. The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    Agree with sentence one and two but I’m probably one of the few who likes Matter as well.
  5. No wonder this is a decent trailer. I’d forgotten Marshall was involved. I am now hopeful.
  6. Rich man has good taste in Sci-fi. Don’t think he’s fully understanding some of his more socialist leanings mind. Share that wealth Elon. Then again he’s playing the long game I guess.
  7. Well to be fair I'd rather watch someone have a shit than sit though that bollocks again. So it can only be an improvement on that. I'm excited about this film considering what the reviews say so far. And Garland has done nothing wrong with his past two efforts.
  8. The Mummy Demastered - WayForward's Excellent Mummyvania

    Is the second boss that Alligator bastard? Died once on him and ain't gone back. Was OK until then?
  9. The books are so weird and so unsettling in their uncomprising weirdness, I'm surprised it even got greenlit to be honest. It's like if someone tried to make House of Leaves as a 90 minute movie.
  10. I think Elon is a fan as well. Which was news to me until today and does alter my perception of them slightly.
  11. This news has made my day. As long as it has the budget to do it justice.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Or samba de amigo

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