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  1. cassidy

    Doom Patrol

    I haven't revisited the comics for a good few years but Grant breaks the 4th all the time and wrote himself into Animal man. So I think their just taking that ball and running with it. It really bloody works though.
  2. cassidy

    Doom Patrol

    Just did ep 2. Praise the scissormen this is fantastic and unlike any other superhero telly you've ever seen. Wow
  3. cassidy

    Doom Patrol

    Well I cracked and sought this out. Holy goddamn shit. They nailed all of it(comparing to Morrison's run) It had heart, it had humour, a decent budget and I'm just sat here agog thinking "Holy shit it's Doom patrol on my telly" Fanboy hyperbole can be ignored btw. I want invisibles next please DC.
  4. cassidy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    So far I'm really rather impressed with it. Minutemen is the highlight as you say but that Ozymandias aint too bad either. Omnibus reading order means I ain't got to Rorschach yet.
  5. cassidy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Wish we had a U.K. broadcast of the show confirmed.
  6. cassidy

    Rocketman - Taron Egerton as Elton John

    "Cor blimey Mary Poppins, it's Draklah"
  7. cassidy


    You wanna hear that soundtrack on a good surround system. The sub bass is early 90's rave and so at odds with the movie once you notice it.
  8. cassidy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    What's the forums opinion on Deadly Class then? I think Wes Craig's art elevates it so much. Some of his panels and double page spreads are up there with peak Miller/Janson Rick Remenders writing is as solid as always and overall its one of Images better titles. I know as a huge fan of the original Watchmen and Alan Moores funny books in general, that my purchasing of Before Watchmen Omnibus must be at odds but have I justed wasted money? I can't have with writers like Cooke and Azarello. Can I? Haven't restarted reading it but my Sixth Gun hardcover arrived last month and I don't know its ever been discussed in this thread but again it's a cracking reading and who doesn't love pulpy horror western tales? Opinions sought.
  9. cassidy

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Yes I was being harsh there but I'm coming at it from my own experiences when by the age of 13 I'd made my mind up about faith God etc.
  10. cassidy

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Just watched it and my word, People are stupid.
  11. cassidy

    The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

    Finished last night feel like we could have had two or three less episodes and this would have been much better. Overall good and great ending.
  12. cassidy

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Thirded made me laugh out loud a few times
  13. cassidy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Yeah listen to gerbik and Charlie. Start where they did. I read through his entire run last year. Twas rather amazing indeed.
  14. cassidy

    A movie watchers blog

    Journeyman Paddy Considines second movie as director and he's the male lead. . Avoid any trailers and just watch it. Him and Jodie Whitaker are superb in this and its one of the best films I've seen in ages. Tis on Amazon prime too.
  15. cassidy

    Doom Patrol

    Weirdly toned sounds about right for what looks like a TV version of Grant "pretentious moi" Morrison's, Doom Patrol. So I'm pretty excited tbh. If we get the Invisibles I may shit my pants.

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