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  1. And that is what TV now looks like. Holy shit are those visuals impressive.
  2. Don’t you come in here with your voice of reason or sense. Finally though. Continue with the Smith hating.
  3. Watched this again tonight in prep for the prequal. The world building alone appears effortless and it really makes me think Henson was doing what Jim Cameron did with Avatar but decades earlier and just as well. Its a great bloody movie. Cannot wait for the 30th now.
  4. I'm gonna try Incident in a Ghostland later this eve. Same director as Martyrs. Heard it's a good film though. It wasn't bad 6/10, no way near as grim as Martyrs.
  5. Much better that was. Thought the fight was superb and not boring at all No one else spotted Garth Ennis as Cassidy’s dad then.
  6. Yeah I'm in to the end now, but cant argue that something is missing again with the first two Eps of the new series.
  7. Well let me be the first to disagree somewhat. I loved it for the love letter to a time long passed that it was. Thought the ranch scene was up there with the tenseness of many Tarantino scenes and I had no clue what batshit crazy was coming in those final 10 mins. Laughed like a loon I did. The fake Italian movies hilarious appealed to the amount of shit I watched in my formative years. It also made me realise just how many movies pre 1970 are just not available for easy viewing such a fucking shame.
  8. The first one recommended is pretty good Imo. Ibiza one is part watched.
  9. These are getting watched. Thanks for the thread.
  10. Snyder’s run? Cos that sounds batshit mental and I want in.
  11. I’m assuming this is a typo? If not, could you explain please?
  12. And I should add, I today finished reading Moonshadow for the first time. What a delight that was. Totally missed it in the 80's and 90's. Highly recommend the new Dark Horse HC reprint.
  13. As expected I crumbled and ordered the authority omni and both stormwatch hardcovers. Fuck my lack of willpower. But yay Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.
  14. Just a heads up to anyone who is still watching. The final season has started and episode 1 is up on Amazon Prime
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