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  1. Finished Yakuza last night so that's 8 in 2021. Onto Ass Creed Val now.
  2. Nope but you don't have to redeem the code included on the console. You could wait a year then redeem and that should be fine then.
  3. Yay more of us. Well done.
  4. Then he somehow found himself as part of the starship enterprise allowance scheme. Always happy for a Carter USM reference. Failing that some Cud or Kingmaker will work.
  5. Yup I forsee a lot of vagrant farming in my future.
  6. Oh I bought the disc for £14 sorry but I think it's 4k on apple TV.
  7. Right I had to do it tonight. I couldn't let it lie. So I skipped all the cutscenes and it took me 50mins to get back to the literal last scene of the game pre credits where it crashed. I also skipped two battles out of em all but I am op as hell at level 68. Great game now to mop up those last few trophies.
  8. Good film If I recall from watching it when it first came out. Will revisit it now you've brought it up. Tomorrow night though as watching Joker in 4K tonight.
  9. Ah that's the new one off DC Black Label series that I haven't read yet. I'm waiting for the hardcover. Any good?
  10. Issue 3 of Si Spurrier's run came out last year? What's the issue you are referring too? You know it's Spurrier's run cos it has amazing Campbell artwork and the first arc is all about a gang in a tower block in London collected in this https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/1779502893/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_0KEHCHDD9NFHHM23K5GG
  11. Spurrier's cancelled run. Yes it's amazing and I have tpb no 2 pre ordered to arrive next month.
  12. Oh there's another amazing summon to come. You'll know it. But yes even with my issue with the final dungeon and progress loss. It's probably up there with Yakuza Zero for me.
  13. Be careful with quick resume. It hasn't been perfect for me on this. Usually the quick save will save you but that won't be a thing for the final dungeon. Heed my warning Yakuza fans.
  14. I've had a few issues which prompted me to save before and after quick resume. Game just hangs entering a battle or menu and forces a quit and restart. Multiple pad disconnects (Xbox issue not game) But this was the first time it refused to unpause. I'll do it again Sat morning cos I can't face it today.
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