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  1. Well that video has my interest piqued.
  2. Oh no not again. I think I've rinsed all the easy ones myself. So think I'm out this time.
  3. I'm watching the history of Yakuza on YouTube at the moment. I'd say it's from the origin of the studio and those two complete opposites being merged and just pushing to do something fresh and different and not catering to our tastes. That's just my thought
  4. I would be in heaven. But don't know if I can face expert 7 again.
  5. Judgment remastered out now on PS5 / Series X and S? Judgment we know it's spelt wrong?
  6. They aren't that bad and take what 5-10 mins max. What's the beef?
  7. As someone who is on chapter 4 of his first playthrough of this. I too am VERY excited. Yagami has upgraded his office and has a playable version of Binary domain in there this time please Nagoshi-san.
  8. There's too many judgment threads. Can we merge the two and just have a new thread for the sequel please?
  9. I'm enjoying it but I also spent hours on the first DQB on Switch so knew what to expect. I'm gonna play through it slow to pick up the achievements until I finish judgment then dive into this properly.
  10. 20hrs in now and just started chapter 4. Twisted trio side case just the best. For the names alone which i won't spoil. This is close to Yakuza 0 goodness so far.
  11. Can't add anymore than this myself tbh. Agree with everything. It was a subtle beautiful moving piece of cinema.
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