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  1. Jesus Christ, Welcome to Chechnya Is some harrowing viewing and a really good documentary. You really do not want to be gay in that country and it’s heartbreaking viewing tbh. It’s on iPlayer if you want to watch it.
  2. S2 Ep4 exceptionally good television. Goddamit if Danny isn't just about one of my fave things ever realised from a comic book.
  3. Got the new carts preordered. So next month its the lynx carts?
  4. So it's probably around that time I was thoroughly addicted to Jack the Nipper 2 and Cauldron 2. Actually as @Mortis stated above Pretty much everything on this list as well. https://zxspectrumgames.com/tag/1987/
  5. I'm about 35hrs into CS1 and really enjoying it. It's a more traditional and turnbased Jrpg but it's just comfort gaming and pretty good all told. On chapter 5 and just completed the old schoolhouse for the 5th time now. Story and world building is as good as they say. Turns out all the main characters are growing on me as well. Looking forward to diving into CS2 soon as I'm done.
  6. This is mine as well. The evercade I mean.
  7. Good point. Really enjoyed this as well and liked the payoff. You do have to concentrate on the dialog at the start as its very quick but it's a good movie.
  8. There's a fair bit out there about Ellis btw and to say the least I am very disappointed in him.
  9. Well that's a cart I can't play until I can get onto a laptop. Work laptop blocks evercade website and use of USB to transfer.
  10. Mines arrived too. No way to update firmware yay. However that is a nice dpad and tried a bit of ninja golf.
  11. cassidy

    Dredd 3D

    Stick it in my veins now.
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