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  1. I've spent a lot of time on this today,to the point I'm just about to face the boss for my third giant soul. Away for a week after today though so probably won't finish it till next weekend now.
  2. This just gets better and better as do my skills at it. Managed to kill Grandma on second attempt. Now at the woods and just got into the dungeon. Also upgraded my fire spell. Love this game so far and about 31% done.
  3. James Gunn hadn't made a bad movie yet. It's a fair enough assumption tbh.
  4. I have a mismatch on my rewards App on series X is about 3000 points lower than what my account shows on bing.
  5. Vicious fun on Shudder is very poor. It's a good idea the serial killer meet up, it's why Gaiman wrote it in a issue of sandman in 1990. Needed a better script, better cast and better acting.
  6. @Mr. Gerbik Yes I was aware and can see why it didn't work as a Hulk comic. It's very very dark.
  7. I don't get why everyone in the thread isn't listening to us @Ste Pickford and reading Monsters tbh. I love Chris Weston artwork. Gutted my dogs chewed up my copies of The Twelve.
  8. Yes and it was actually pretty good. Very cosmic horror and told well. Finally saw Caveat last night. Really enjoyed that, had some proper creepy moments especially those scenes at the end.
  9. The hunt is superb. I can't wait to see Another round and Riders of Justice.
  10. I thought I was in a different thread. And the heat is making more dim than normal .
  11. It punishes you if you arent totally focused and on point with those dodges, died a few times and stuck on a particular bit in the garden and it's just a gated wave section. I'm blaming the heat and slippy hands.
  12. So had a lunchtime play on this. Did the first boss and also the Guardian of the door. Not too challenging so far but I did die a few times on the guardian but always down to me. Like it so far.
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