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  1. And it's coming to the UK next year. Finally.
  2. I was tempted by this. I don't have Facebook. So I'm out
  3. I thought the exact same thing. Cunt sense is tingling also made me laugh. Especially when the better half said "I have that"
  4. Nah you should seriously write a book just about Peter Davids run on the hulk.
  5. Thanks for the reminder about the 3rd Black science. Just nabbed it from Amazon for £37. I have the other two but my vol 1 is the original printing with stupid glued binding and huge gutter loss. Just accept your new hardcover life. I'm getting a second kallax soon for the spare room. As I have over 140 Absolutes, Omnis and Hardcovers. And got more on the way.
  6. Understatement it’s gotta be another consideration for album of the year.
  7. Nah you just gotta have a nice pillow on the lap and your sorted. As @Charliemouse says some of mine are massive. Looking at you Infinite Crisis and The Invisibles.
  8. Heads up Amazon UK still have some stock of The Hulk Omni 1. Think it's about £70 odd. But they have a few copies left.
  9. @Mr. Gerbik This may interest you https://youtu.be/KFXeGZjgNCs
  10. Yeah the ads annoy but this was still a fantastic hour of telly last night. I recommend it.
  11. I was gonna point that out myself. Character does not exist. Nice twist I thought and whilst it got obvious last week what was going on. How they tied it into Ruby’s story was nicely done.
  12. We don't need to talk about new comics, happy to discuss any old stuff I am.
  13. So I'm waiting for a fair bit to arrive from Amazon Awaiting Batman by Grant Morrison vol 3 Joker bronze age Omni Doomsday clock 1&2 hardcovers (didn't fancy the paperback collecting it all) Absolute dark knight Reading or just finished Berserk deluxe vol 2 (v good) Invisibles Omni about 2/3rds through. Superman man of steel vol1
  14. Thirded, but not finished yet only on ep4 but it's kept me and the better half engaged viewing it this week.
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