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  1. We're all pretty clear that the guy talking with Jacob at the start of 'The Incident' is the monster, and can take the form of anybody that is dead on the Island right? So all of the dead characters that have appeared on and off the Island are him? For some reason he couldn't kill Jacob and needed a loophole, which he got when he took Locke's form and convinced Ben to do it (by appearing as Alex and telling him to do as Locke says). Why did Jacob seemingly want to die and let Ben kill him? I am unsure about this proposed alternate universe thing, seems a bit far fetched even for Lost. Then again, when they first hinted at time travel everybody thought it would be shit and they did a great job with that- it really enhanced the show and the Island's mythology. I can imagine them flashing into a reality where 815 never crashed but with their current memories, which would explain how old characters make a return. Problem is that would create another 'we have to go back' scenario which would be boring considering so much screentime has focused on that already, with 18 episodes left can they afford to waste so much time on that again? The Hurley/Kate/Oceanic trailers from Comic-Con could easily just be to throw everyone off the scent of what is going on, it's happened with Lost before. Boring as it may sound I'd like Juliet smashing Jughead to propel them back to the same timeline as Ben, Sun, Frank etc (hence Jacob telling fake Locke "They're coming" before being killed) but it seems too simple. It would be great to see old characters back but remember they have always said that dead is dead- this isn't Heroes! Nobody in Lost has ever come back from the grave so if we get confirmation of actors returning it is either going to be the monster taking their form, flashbacks or a reset. What is going to be amazing is the promised Richard Alpert Flashback, hopefully showing him arriving on the Black Rock and explaining why he never ages What unexplained questions are still remaining?
  2. ChuChu

    Toy Story 3

    I disliked Toy Story 2 but understood why others liked it, with these re-releases and Toy Story 3 coming up it does seem like the series is just being milked dry
  3. Same with the Lidlifter, as Duncan said I can't see many people picking that up from Tesco. Manufacturers of Bins however would fucking love to offer it as an 'extra'.
  4. Typical Heroes, taking itself so seriously. Claire's mate is played by Madeline Zima, who is a a great (sometimes topless) bitch in Californication. I bet they Lez it up. Because they are saving that as an excuse to bring him back at the start of season 5 after traditionally 'Nathan' dies again in the season finale.
  5. It's identical apart from having a Blu Box.
  6. Oh dear. If the myriad of usual panel show whores are staying away it doesn't look to good for this show's future.
  7. My friend bought this on Blu Ray today and brought it round for us to watch. As someone who enjoyed Spirits Within but has never played a Final Fantasy game before I was baffled and found it confusing, pretentious, boring and oh so long. Looks very pretty though(except for characters very rigid head and arm movements).
  8. Bastard. I've been trying to get that for a year with no luck! Is anybody having trouble with the icons on the XMB taking ages to load up? Mine is really pissing me off tonight (similar to how the Guide locks up on the 360). I've never seen this before and I'm stumped if I can find out why it's happening. In other news let me bring attention to this post for anybody interested in account sharing with me, I have some good stuff!
  9. Is anybody still up for some UK PSN account sharing? I have one slot left with the following to share on my account: Noby Noby Boy Flower Wipeout HD Prince of Persia classic Super Stardust HD Call of Duty 4 variety map pack Kratos + Nariko LittleBigPlanet costumes LittleBigPlanet metal gear solid level kit 25 Rock band songs The Rock Band AC/DC track pack Rock Band bonus track pack Rock Band export key .. in addition to a load of other random bits and bobs. I'm mostly looking for PixelJunk Eden, Lumines, Shatter, Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island expansion, Rock Band songs and Wipeout HD Fury expansion. Let me know if anybody is interested!
  10. So this is no longer a PSN release?
  11. ChuChu

    Wipeout HD

    The update last week has made the standard Wipeout HD much smoother and more 'solid' in races, while Zone mode appears to have been toned down somewhat.
  12. I don't like the way this is going, I don't want what we've seen to be written off or alternate realies even if it brings back some great characters. I'm concerned
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