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  1. Well the passing on this fifa is horrible, lastnite just could not get a pass to go where I wanted it Anyone else having issues with the passing??
  2. Wonder how much that squad cost him, utter filth Did do the Lewandowski sbc lastnite he better be worth it
  3. Wish I had a messi to sell Show off git
  4. That's the norm for me my pack luck sucks
  5. I am the same as I need to get my points up for the weekend league, but have a problem keeping packs I should really begin doing that so I have a better chance of getting better players in packs.
  6. Sorry if I am being lazy and not looking to find what this is, but what is it??
  7. I thought it was just me felt like button lag sometimes and passes going abit stray not going where I wanted them to go
  8. yeh squad battles, didnt play much this week to get higher up, so done not to bad for a couple of days playing. dont get rewards for rivals till Thursday and I wish I could get to elite 2 in rivals with this squad Not done the fut champions yet and I usually suck at that, only get like 14 to 17 wins. Hows everyone finding the defending/tackling on this one??
  9. Well...........finished elite 2 lastnite aaaaaand got Jack in me packs but did make 100k out of them. kept some players just incase and managed to get 2 swap players so far. Bought some players for my bench and first team, getting there
  10. Super punch out Play alot of retro games on my phone through an app called game base, then just use my xbox controller connected to my phone through bluetooth, then use wireless display on the xbox to screen mirror my phone, jobs a good one
  11. Keane is a beast, had him on the last one and had him as a sitting cdm, scooped up everything, but I thought gattuso was better
  12. This is my CSL team to get these swap players, gonna try and get as many swap players as I can, then decide what icon I want. Did the born legends sbc and got Jack shit
  13. Just played against dembele and he is a massive cock
  14. William's is a ballache to play against
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