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  1. yeah as mentioned I think 40% is okay when you consider how much effort it takes to arrange these things normally. if we were to do it as a LS we'd need to do it with a proper party of 6 level 75s (and would need to splash out on potions, food, ethers etc) as we don't have that many black mages, or we could do it with randoms but there's huge risks involved and no one can ever agree whether you should sell everything and split, or do your orb your loot. plus I don't think anyone uses paladin tanks for these things anyway
  2. I used the service here http://kaboomgaruda.proboards34.com/index.cgi I was fairly unlucky with my drops (only made about 300k and the person after me apparently made 7 mil ) but the service itself is great. and it's certainly better than letting your seals collect dust in your mog house. I also garden on and off (missed this month due to the july update and I have a short holiday coming up) and I find it's the best way to make money for me. it's also perfect for people who have access to FFXI every day, but don't have as much time to play. Crafting can also be great, but I'm still working out how to make the most of it, and I haven't quite figured out how to get a steady income from it yet. both of these methods require some capital to start you off but you almost certainly come out with nice profits.
  3. I much prefer In the nightside eclipse over Anthems, but its a pretty close call. it was the first black metal album I ever heard so that's probably why. I don't really like Emperors newer stuff, for me, it just doesn't have the charm and mystery that the first 3 have (Emperor/Wrath of the tyrant, In the nightside eclipse and Anthems). Sirius is a good band that sounds like a mixture Arcturus, Limbonic Art and Emperor. their last album was produced by Samoth in his studio I think (they split up a while back though). not too original but still a great band. Weakling are another awesome band I can recommend. the only thing that might let the album down are the Varg Vikernes-esque vocals but if you don't mind that sort of thing (I like them but I know some people think bad vocals can ruin an album) then its well worth a listen.
  4. well the 2 aren't really comparable. what you see in the video is 1 out of 3 bosses that when defeated, grants you access to a whole new area in the game (if that makes sense). it's not the greatest example of FFXIs party dynamics, as the fight is capped at level 30, and many of the jobs in FFXI don't get their redeeming features until level 40+, in some cases a lot higher. but I still thought it was a pretty good video. FFXI has epic fights and battles (such as Dynamis Lord who requires 60+ level 75 people to even have a chance at winning, and is still undefeated on some servers), but the catch is you don't really get to do all that stuff until you're level 70+, which takes months to do.
  5. hey Noniro! the address is http://rllmuklinkshell.bounceme.net/ we have a new linkshell now (back with the name AlbionJr), with a new furry overlord, Rayah.
  6. yeah I'm in a similar situation. I finally got round on tuesday night to planting the tree saplings I grew (from farmed Tree cuttings) months ago. I last checked them at 1:30am on wednesday morning I haven't been able to get on since. usually these update problems don't bother me but now I'm annoyed as I will probably lose something which I spent quite a lot of time farming for.
  7. I should think it's something like 10% of every level, max. so I'd have 3.2k less exp to get to reach level 65. this seems fair, and it's quite a lot of exp reduced overall. loads of people on the Allakhazam main forum are thinking everyone will go from 51-75 in a week, but I honestly don't think we'll see too much difference. SE (probably) know what they're doing. if they reduce it by too much they will upset a lot of people, so I think they'll reduce it just enough to make the grind that little bit easier.
  8. wait, what is PDT? I was thinking PST
  9. Noon - 4pm our time, I think.
  10. I wouldnt pay too much attention to the level recommendations on Alla. level 45 is way too low for 5-1 (especially for the tank), and the tank will want to be at least 57 for the Shadow lord fight (I did it at 58 I think). one thing about playing a tank class is we need to be as high as possible. other jobs (mainly mages it seems) can have rank 10, sky access, invites to dynamis once they reach 65+, but for tanks we need to be 70+ before we have all that. it's a little frustrating but thats just the way it works I guess!
  11. will you ever make a return to FFXI Bojangle?
  12. Grimnir

    Wow Vs Ffxi

    well, many of the LS have level 50+ jobs now, and there's 7 or 8 (possibly more) people with level 60+ jobs. I agree, our LS just didn't have enough high level people to make AF easy a few months ago, but it's different now. the last few coffer parties have been mainly LS people with maybe one or two pickups who also need a key. For Sarish's Castle Zvhal coffer key it was just people from this LS, and we got a key for Rayah too, all in about 2 hours. the rings are brilliant, thank you again. sometimes people say "nice rings" and I feel a little embarrassed, and they always call me lucky when I tell them they were given to me by a friend who left :/ by the way, only a couple of us have gone further with the Promothia missions so far, and most of the linkshell is still on Zilart mission 4 so you haven't missed out on too much there. the Promyvions themselves aren't that big a deal now. we have about a billion level 30+ rangers in the LS now so that makes things even easier
  13. yeah this months fees have been billed so it'll be that. phoning your bank should do it. Emailing SE/POL will probably be useless.
  14. Summoner looks like it was intended to be a job for people who already have high level jobs. the level 20 Battles are a fairly recent thing as far as I know, and you'll notice most Summoners are fairly high ranks. I've left my Summoner at level 11 for the time being, it will be the next job I take to level 50+ after I've hit 70+ with Paladin.
  15. yeah this is the thread that made me buy the game in the first place. I still haven't seen some of the zones in this thread, such as Ifrit's Cauldron. I should go there some time, it looks great!
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